Revolutionary Self-Cleaning FFP2 Mask Enriched With Fashionable Design Just Launched

är FFP2 face mask, viral protection

är FFP2 face mask, viral protection

är FFP2 face mask, viral protection

är FFP2 face mask, viral protection 3

är Style is the 1st FFP2 mask with luxury textile covering, ViralOff® Self-cleaning treatment and an Anti-fog system. Made in the EU.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 22, 2021 / — When it comes to COVID-19 protection, FFP2 masks are commonly recommended as one of the safest options. However, masks with this level of protection are very uncomfortable for everyday wearing and ugly in most cases.

That's why är, which specializes in personal protective equipment production, comes up with är Style FFP2 Mask. Är goes to great lengths to create the most up to date FFP2 mask with added values. The main goal was to combine maximum protection and the most modern technologies with fashionable designs.

What are the technologies inside?
är respirator holds an official certification proving their FFP2 filtration efficiency. But, unlike the common FFP2 masks, it is supplemented with self-cleaning antiviral technology ViralOff, nanomembrane filtration and hydrophobic treatment. Moreover, är was able to solve common face mask problems encountered by many people, such as fogging glasses or short mask lifespan.

ViralOff®️ – What is it and how does it work?
Basically, ViralOff is a Self-cleaning technology that reduces 99% of viruses. The surface of är Respirator is made of premium textile protected by certified antiviral treatment ViralOff®️. This self-cleaning treatment from Sweden can reduce 99% of viruses on its surface and within two hours. ViralOff®️ is durable, always-on, and also it does not interfere with the natural bacterial flora of the skin.

Reusability and Sustainability is a big thing
The är Style FFP2 can be used up to 5 times longer. Special spray disinfection (ideally based on alcohol or isopropyl alcohol) and the antiviral treatment sterilises the mask so that it can be worn repeatedly. All these technologies together create a more durable respirator, which is economical and more sustainable.

Nanomembrane: Small pores, high porosity
är Respirator uses nanomembrane filtration technology with multi-layered hypoallergenic composition without adhesives. The filtration efficiency was tested by microbiology testing laboratory Nelson Lab, which proved the ability of the filter to block 99,8% of common pollutants and contaminants such as viruses, bacterias, pollen or smog. This membrane provides maximum comfort, as its pores are small enough to block contaminants but still highly porous to remain comfortably breathable.

Water-repellent surface:
The outer surface is covered in the water-repellent treatment. This prevents outside aerosols from absorbing, which keeps one protected from small droplets of water released, for example, during rain or during communicating, coughing and sneezing. This hydrophobic technology is fluorine and PFOA free and has a low impact on the face mask’s breathability. It also helps to reduce excessive humidity from the inside of the respirator.

Beating stereotypes with fashionable design
är mask is the first FFP2 mask of its kind enriched with an upscale design. A premium textile of black colour with minimalistic logo print create a fresh style suitable for any occasion. är goes to great lengths to develop first-class protective equipment with remarkable features. For this reason, every detail is highly developed.

är Style dispels the myth that FFP2 masks must be uncomfortable and gives personal protection a new dimension.

Jakub Travnicek
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Source: EIN Presswire