Aviva Systems Biology and Synaptic Systems join YCharOS Industry Advisory Committee

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YCharOS expands key Industry Advisory Committee and releases new open data

TORONTO AND MONTREAL, CANADA, November 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — YCharOS Inc., an open science company with the mission of characterizing commercially available antibody reagents for all human proteins, is pleased to announce the expansion of its Industry Advisory Committee (IAC).

Further supporting YCharOS’s purpose, leading antibody manufacturers Synaptic Systems and Aviva Systems Biology have joined the IAC, alongside antibody and cell line providers: Abcam, Bio-Techne, GeneTex, Horizon Discovery (a PerkinElmer Company), Institute for Protein Innovation (IPI), Proteintech, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The role of the IAC is to support YCharOS in enabling users of antibodies, grant funders and the broader scientific community to better evaluate commercially available antibody reagents and associated knockout cell lines. The IAC will help guide the YCharOS team to become the world’s premier source for independent, open-source antibody characterization data.

In addition, YCharOS is announcing the release of new open science data. The current results, covering antibodies targeting 28 proteins of relevance to neurology and pharmacology have been posted to Zenodo, the open science platform run by CERN. Antibodies have been tested for Western blot (WB), immunoprecipitation (IP) and immunofluorescence (IF) applications.

“We are excited to add Aviva Systems Biology and Synaptic Systems to the IAC,” said YCharOS Board Chair, Dr. Aled Edwards. “The addition of their products and insight to YCharOS’ testing process will enhance the quality of the data we generate.”

“It’s gratifying to see companies approach us to become IAC members” said YCharOS CEO Chetan Raina. “It’s a strong signal to the marketplace and the research community of their commitment to generate and sell the highest quality products.”

Inconsistent antibody performance is a significant challenge for researchers and sits at the heart of the reproducibility crisis biomedical research. To address this unmet need, YCharOS is performing head-to-head comparisons of commercially available antibodies to the same target protein and publishing the results in a transparent and open access way.

Companies or researchers interested in supporting our work are encouraged to contact YCharOS.

Synaptic Systems: www.sysy.com
Aviva Systems Biology: www.avivasysbio.com
Abcam: www.abcamplc.com
Bio-Techne: www.bio-techne.com
GeneTex: www.genetex.com
Horizon Discovery: www.horizondiscovery.com
Institute for Protein Innovation (IPI): www.proteininnovation.org
Proteintech: www.ptglab.com
Thermo Fisher Scientific: www.thermofisher.com


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