The Sleepless Mine Society Launches First NFT Offering Healthcare Services for Members

Members of The Sleepless Mine Society can seek professional medical advice for free

UNITED STATES, November 4, 2021 / — Sleepless Workshop has announced the release of The Sleepless Mine Society (TSMS), an NFT project that offers a Healthcare Hub, Learning Hub and Auction Hall. The project is the first NFT to offer members healthcare services. All TSMS members will have access to medical advice from certified professionals at no cost.

The team at Sleepless Mine is a multinational group with members from Malaysia, Taiwan and the United States. The team will be doxxed and their identities revealed before The Sleepless Mine Society mint launch.

NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, are digital representations of a real-world object or artwork. There is data included with each NFT that indicates the uniqueness of each item. It is a unique asset that cannot be replaced and is often used for digital collectibles. A utility NFT has an underlying utility or application.

Each NFT within The Sleepless Mine Society has a perk or use to benefit members. Sleepless Mine Gold NFTs are the second set of NFTs that can be minted for free by holders of the first Sleepless Mine NFTs for a limited time. The Gold NFTs will play a crucial role in the development of the story and possess multi-utilities to be announced soon. Utilities of the NFTs will be revealed in chronological sequence as the road map progresses.

The team at TSMS has put a priority on the wellbeing of members. “The TSMS NFTs will be the first-ever NFT in the world to offer HEALTHCARE HUB benefits,” said founder Gray Fung. “Sleepless Mine Society will hire private Sleepless Medical Professionals (Therapists/Doctors) for online therapeutic sessions so that TSMS holders will be able to seek medical advice from certified professionals for free in the event that they suffer from any chronic emotional distress.”

TSMS will also be shifting to a learning hub that incorporates DAO concepts, allowing investors of similar mindsets and interests to exchange vital information with each other and learn from professional financial advisors within the crypto space.

Auction hall bidding for TSMS NFTs will be held twice a month. Only TSMS Miners are eligible to bid. TSMS’ creator will search OpenSeas, the most popular platform for NFT buying and trading, for potentially valuable NFTs and purchase them for members to bid on. Once the bidding process is complete, there will be 10 minted NFTs that will be raffled off for members who attend the auction.

Sleepless Mine Society NFTs sold will be divided into two portions. Fifty percent will be paid back to the company to pay existing workers and team developers. The other portion will be used as community funds to develop the game or to introduce more utilities and benefits to existing NFT holders. Ten percent of the public sales will be sent into miner funds where TSMS NFT holders can vote on how to use the funds.

“Currently, The Sleepless Mine Society team is drafting the tokenomics with certified professionals within the crypto space to ensure all our holders will be given maximum benefits when our Play-To-Earn TSMS game officially launches,” Gray said. “The game itself will be a mining game with customized selections. From the original comic created on our website to the launch of the Play-To-Earn game, the NFT will slowly traverse beyond that as we are rich in utilities and more.”

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Source: EIN Presswire