Two Houston Board-Certified Anesthesiologists partnered to launch Wellness Infusion Specialists PLLC

New Ketamine Therapy Center Opens in Pearland, Texas

A new treatment called Ketamine has recently made waves all over the internet…Ketamine has improved the lives of many patients whose depression had dominated their lives for years”

— Jenny Chen

PEARLAND, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — Dr. Kistreia Robinson and Dr. Tameka Broussard have partnered to become co-owners of Wellness Infusion Specialists, a Ketamine based intravenous infusion clinic. Robinson and Broussard, who are both Board- Certified Anesthesiologist that completed their residency at Baylor College of Medicine, started Wellness Infusion Specialists with an aim of restoring relief and hope for patients and their families, who have failed traditional therapies using individualized Ketamine Treatment Plans.

Ketamine was primarily used as anesthesia in the 1970s to treat injuries and perform surgeries. Ketamine is shown to be effective with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), post-partum depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) as well as chronic pain syndrome. It has shown little to zero side-effects when administered under the supervision of a trained medical professional.

"A new treatment called Ketamine has recently made waves all over the internet. Hailed as a 'miracle drug' and the first major antidepressant breakthrough in three decades, Ketamine has improved the lives of many patients whose depression had dominated their lives for years," says Jenny Chen in an article ( published by Yale Medicine.

The doctors at Wellness Infusion Specialists, PLLC have an extensive track record in intravenous infusion. Dr. Robinson focuses on safe ambulatory peri-operative patient experiences. She is an active member of the Houston Medical Forum; branch of National Medical Association and American Society of Anesthesiology. Dr. Broussard is a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and Texas Society of Anesthesiologists; has been an American Board of Anesthesiology certified Anesthesiologists for over 10 years.

Robinson states, "We started Wellness Infusion Specialists to help patients and their families regain control of their lives and happiness. In a time of a worldwide pandemic that has led to depression and anxiety in millions. Wellness Infusion Specialists offers a glimmer of hope in regaining some normalcy."

Wellness Infusion Specialists offers intravenous infusion therapy, allowing you to alleviate the effects of chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, post-partum depression chronic pain, and suicidal ideation quickly and effectively without side effects.

Wellness Infusion Specialist will officially open its doors on September 11, 2021 and offer a variety of services for patients, including:

Chronic Pain Infusion
Mental Health Infusion
Anti-inflammation Infusion
Immune Boost Infusion
Energy and Metabolism Infusion
Hydration Infusion
Migraine Reduction Infusion
Hangover Infusion

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About Wellness Infusion Specialists
Wellness Infusion Specialists is comprised of a compassionate professional dynamic duo who provide personalized comprehensive care. Our mission in our intricate individualized Ketamine Treatment Plans is restoring relief and hope for patients and their families, who have failed traditional therapies.


Kistreia Robinson, M.D.
Wellness Infusion Specialists, PLLC
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Celebrity Dentist, Dr. Jay Grossman, Examines How Medicare Might Cover Dental Care for the First Time in 50 Years

Dr. Jay Grossman

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — Democrats are maneuvering to add dental benefits to Medicare for the first time in its history, a proposal that is part of the large budget bill moving through Congress. The impact would be enormous: Nearly half of Americans 65 and over didn't visit a dentist in the past year, and nearly one in five have lost all their natural teeth.

Acclaimed celebrity dentist, Dr. Jay Grossman, believes dental care is crucial to everyone's needs thought it often goes overlooked. "Dental care has been long neglected as a benefit in most insurance plans. We get a job and expect medical care, rarely is dental care offered, and if offered, has a maximum allowable cap that has not changed in decades, affording very little coverage to the patient."

But first, lawmakers must overcome resistance from a key group: dentists themselves, who want the dental benefits to be offered only to poorer patients and face a potential hit to their income. So far, no Republicans have endorsed the plan.

Grossman continues, "It is interesting to note that about 50% of the population has dental insurance and 50% of the population sees the dentist each year. One can conclude that this is the same group of people, meaning that without dental insurance, teeth are often neglected. This leads to pain, loss of work, loss of teeth, inability to eat, esthetic issues that decrease the opportunity to seek work and Mal-nourishment as the number of teeth in one's mouth decreases."

Poor adults in other states have even fewer resources. Medicaid is not required to cover adult dental services, and many states do not pay for any services at all, while others cover only emergency treatments, like tooth extractions. Vermont’s program is among the most generous in the nation. On Capitol Hill, the proposal to add a Medicare dental benefit has near-universal support among Democrats, and many health industry and consumer groups back it, too. With the Democrats’ large policy ambitions but narrow majority, its passage is not assured.

"Offering dental insurance would help those with minimal resources gain basic care, which will enhance one's ability to eat, nourish themself, maintain a job where a smile is important, and decrease health issues overall," concludes Grossman.


Dr. Jay Grossman ( has a concierge dental practice in the Brentwood neighborhood of West Los Angeles since 1991 with several specialists offering "continuity of care", all specialties under one roof. He is a graduate of NYU College of Dentistry as well as a former Lieutenant in the United States Navy Dental Corps. He is a current Professor at UCLA College of Dentistry and Professor at NYU College of Dentistry and a former Professor at Western University College of Dental Medicine. Dr. Grossman is a speaker on the national stage, and the founder of Homeless Not Toothless, an organization that has donated over $7.7 million in free dental care to over 100,000 homeless Veterans and foster children.

Dr. Jay Grossman and his Concierge Dentistry team’s goal has always been simple: to deliver the finest dental care available. Using state-of-the-art dental technology, they have provided modern imaging capabilities that allow their patients to clearly see the reasons for procedures and the intended results. They recognize that patients are individuals with different goals and needs, and they strive to provide a soothing and educational environment where extraordinary results are realized.
Concierge Dentistry
11980 San Vicente Blvd #507
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 820-0123

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Global IP Networks Listed on INC 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies Nationwide

Global IP Networks | 24/7 Managed IT Services and Data Center

Global IP Networks

Global IP Networks, an IT management services and colocation company has earned a spot in INC 5000’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies Nationwide list.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — Inc. 5000 reports that Global IP Networks, an IT management services and enterprise cloud solutions company, has earned a spot in INC 5000’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies Nationwide list. This prestigious list highlights successful small businesses and privately-held companies that have achieved noteworthy growth over the past year.

“Making this list is a signal that you can do business the right way by letting wisdom prevail, doing the right thing, being honest, and being a good steward,” says Chris Martin, Executive Vice President at Global IP. “You can do those things and still be on a list like this. You don’t have to cut corners. You don’t have to be ruthless. It signals that you can run a business as the bottle prescribes and be successful at the top.”

The Plano, Texas-based firm serves businesses across the state along with select clients throughout the Southeast region. Since launching in 2000, Global IP has supported over 1,200 clients across multiple industries, including healthcare, energy, banking, insurance & financial services, and manufacturing & distribution.

While their core KPIs are centered on delivering IT transformation–thanks to their two interconnected data centers in Dallas and Plano–the firm also provides IT managed services, monitoring, and 24×7 support for their client in IT infrastructure, enterprise cloud solutions, cross-platform access, and security. Their emphasis on seamless IT integrations and commitment to their clients further substantiates why Global IP continues to be a trusted IT provider to so many clients.

About Global IP Networks
Founded in 2000, Global IP Networks prides itself on providing end-to-end data services support that seamlessly integrates into a client’s existing team. When a client outsources their IT Department to Global IP, it alleviates the burden of IT operation and management by reducing expenses associated with these tasks and allowing them to free up labor and other resources towards pursuing key business roles. More importantly, clients have access to a robust and diversified team of IT professionals that are each specialized in a specific niche relevant to the IT environment.

Chris Martin
Global IP Networks
+1 (469) 899-1212
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A-LabInsider expands and accelerates its life science software with two new products

UNTERFöHRING, BAVARIA, GERMANY, August 31, 2021 / — After launching their app in August 2020 to help connect businesses with all academic life science labs in Europe that need them and vice versa, A-LabInsider continues to make it easier for biotech companies and labs to share specialized scientific information with two new products, saving both parties time and money while also offering a catalyst for breakthroughs.

Formerly known for its software with deep analytics and founder's insight, including multiple parallel literature screening and live monitoring of website content specifically focused in the European continent, A-LabInsider has now expanded with A-Lab North America and A-Lab Companies. 

A-LabInsider has deduced that there is a demand for this type of platform based on their ongoing investigation of relevant, up-to-date information about the medical and SME market. People are more than willing to spend an adequate amount of money to achieve the outcomes they desire. Designed specifically to fit the needs and budgets of companies of various sizes, the company provides coverage for all life science needs. 

A-LabInsider has already licensed several biotech firms through their app and hopes to license more in the future. Both biotech SMEs and academic life science labs will benefit from this software in a variety of ways.

Their software makes it easy for companies and researchers to produce comprehensive factsheets from 5+ sources, use DeepLearning to have an automated and engaging conversation, and get an edge over the competition and stay ahead. Users can see all their data in one place with intelligent visual analytics combined in a comprehensive and user-friendly factsheet based on more than five sources to ensure it's as complete as possible. They can also get an offline version that includes detailed response data ready to display right away. They will be able to do up to 150,000 parallel searches from there, allowing them to swiftly and efficiently identify the ideal candidate for their situation. Additionally, once surveys and research have been done, there are no restrictions on companies' tools to export their survey findings. 

A-LabInsider’s advanced AI also generates the perfect conversation starter depending on the recipient's current research, guaranteeing that they receive a personalized message tailored to them specifically. Due to their research and time in the industry, the team behind A-LabInsider understands that a unique pre-written initial outreach can significantly boost conversion rates and reduce the chance of failed connections due to client disinterest. Streamlining their customer approach can save clients time and effort. Their software also gives companies the opportunity always to stay ahead of the competition. Its smart notifications will provide businesses an advantage over the competition by keeping them informed about any newcomers, whether they be potential partners or competitors. They'll be the first to know when a research group receives a new leader or project, and they'll be able to stay up to date on what's going on at facilities all around the world, allowing them to stay on top of global tech trends.

As mentioned previously, companies are not the only group that can benefit from A-LabInsider's software, and researchers can also help by getting data from thousands of labs in multiple countries to connect with leading experts in various fields to identify and tackle gaps together. Like companies, the software can help researchers find exciting new early adopters and fellow researchers who share similar values.

While their services and software continue to be unrivaled, A-LabInsider shows no sign of stopping when it comes to advancing its platform. To participate in their existing services and check out their future possibilities, click here for more information.

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Dr. William Harrell, Wins Best of Los Angeles Award – “Best Internist – 2021”

Dr. William Harrell

“We're honored to include Dr. William Harrell of Providence St. John’s Health Center into our BoLAA family.” ~Aurora DeRose

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — Dr. William Harrell, acclaimed internist, wins Best of Los Angeles Award- "Best Internist (Santa Monica) – 2021", according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community.

The "Best of Los Angeles Award" community was formed four years ago and consists of over 7,600 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places, and things in Los Angeles with the slogan "No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best."

"The mission of the community is to celebrate the best of Los Angeles and allow its community members to connect with other members who share the highest standards of quality and integrity," expresses DeRose. "We're honored to include Dr. William Harrell into our BoLAA family."

Dr. William Harrell specializes in internal medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. The breadth and depth of internal medicine draw in only the brightest doctors, and Harrell has proven himself to be one of the best. According to the U.S. News, Harrell won the Patients' Top Choice Award.

He performs physical exams and treats a broad spectrum of illnesses found in men and women. Harrell's clients have consistently referred to him as a scholarly and kind doctor.

In 1987, Harrell graduated from the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. He then completed his residency at the LAC+USC Medical Center.

Aurora DeRose
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Advocate Aurora Research Institute joins aiberry’s AI study to analyze audiovisual signs to detect mental illness

aiberry’s multi-modal AI platform integrates with telehealth to screen mental health conditions

aiberry’s AI platform analyzes a patient’s words, voice and facial expressions to detect mental health conditions and integrates with telehealth services

The aiberry platform is the result of more than a decade of research by our Chief Scientist Dr. Newton Howard, one of today’s foremost experts in computational and cognitive neurosciences”

— Sangit Rawlley, aiberry’s President and Cofounder

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — Advocate Aurora Research Institute is one of just three sites to initially join a clinical trial studying an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered telehealth platform designed to analyze a patient’s words, voice and facial expressions to detect signs of mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Declining mental health is a deepening crisis in the U.S. Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, one in five adult Americans reported mental illness. Episodes of anxiety and depression have increased up to four-fold during the pandemic, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The mental health crisis is particularly acute here in Wisconsin, with a well-documented shortage of practicing psychiatrists and mental health services,” said Mindy Waite, PhD, Research Scientist with Advocate Aurora Research Institute’s Ed Howe Center for Health Care Transformation and Aurora Behavioral Health Services and principal investigator for the study. “And in Milwaukee the crisis disproportionately affects Black and Brown communities.”

Black residents in Milwaukee County account for 47.5% of users of mental health services, despite making up just 27.2% of the population, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the U.S. Census Bureau.

"Scientists are researching whether new technologies can help screen for depression symptoms that may then lead to more accessible and timely mental health services,” said Michelle Simpson, PhD, RN, Director of the Howe Center.

The patent-pending technology that’s being evaluated in the study was developed by AI company aiberry, the study sponsor. The AI system takes a video of a patient during their interview with a mental health professional and analyzes multiple data channels – video, audio and speech content – both separately and in combination, to extract patterns specific to a particular mental health disorder. The system then assigns a score showing the likelihood the patient has a particular mental disorder.

“The aiberry platform is the result of more than a decade of research by our Chief Scientist Dr. Newton Howard, one of today’s foremost experts in computational and cognitive neurosciences, and his collaborators,” said Sangit Rawlley, aiberry’s President and Cofounder.

The clinical trial aims to train and validate the aiberry platform’s ability to detect depression in a diverse patient population. People who participate in the study will complete depression screenings and record a video interview. Researchers plan to enroll 1,000 participants ages 13 to 79 in the study.

“We are thrilled to have Advocate Aurora Health and Advocate Aurora Research Institute as one of our strategic partners in this multisite study,” Rawlley said. “Advocate Aurora’s focus on increasing effectiveness and access to mental health solutions by integrating mental health in a primary care setting is well aligned with aiberry’s vision.”

Researchers also aim to study the technology’s capability of assisting with the diagnosis of other mental health conditions.

About Aurora Health Care
Advocate Aurora Health is one of the 12 largest not-for-profit, integrated health systems in the United States and a leading employer in the Midwest with 75,000 employees, including more than 22,000 nurses and the region’s largest employed medical staff and home health organization. A national leader in clinical innovation, health outcomes, consumer experience and value-based care, the system serves nearly 3 million patients annually in Illinois and Wisconsin across more than 500 sites of care. Advocate Aurora is engaged in hundreds of clinical trials and research studies and is nationally recognized for its expertise in cardiology, neurosciences, oncology and pediatrics. The organization contributed $2.2 billion in charitable care and services to its communities in 2019. We help people live well.

About Advocate Aurora Research Institute
Advocate Aurora Research Institute is a not-for-profit, limited liability company of Advocate Aurora Health. Advocate Aurora has emerged as a national destination for patient-centered bench, translational and clinical research, and the Research Institute unifies the innovative research efforts throughout the health system. Advocate Aurora researchers focus on rapidly translating new discoveries from the scientist’s bench to the patient’s bedside and into the community we serve to improve options and outcomes that change not only the lives of individuals, but transform the health of populations.

About aiberry
aiberry’s vision is harness the power of deep tech and artificial intelligence to promote mental wellbeing. aiberry’s patent-pending multimodal AI platform analyzes conversations to screen for mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. aiberry’s platform offers providers and care managers rapid, objective, and evidence-based mental health assessments virtually (in telehealth scenarios) and at the point of care, offering unique outreach and scale opportunities. For more information visit

Sangit Rawlley
Aiberry Inc
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Studies Show Semen cuscutae Extract Offers Significant Neuroprotective Benefits

Semen cuscutae - Tu Si Zi - Health Benefits - Linden Botanicals

Studies suggest Semen cuscutae extract supports sexual and reproductive health, brain health, and central nervous system health

Semen cuscutae - Tu Si Zi - HURRAH Hormonal Balance Support - Linden Botanicals

Semen cuscutae extract may invigorate the male reproductive system and endocrine function.

Semen cuscutae - Tu Si Zi - Linden Botanicals

Semen cuscutae is the seed of a vine used in traditional Chinese medicine to invigorate the kidneys, nourish the liver, and improve eyesight

HURRAH! Hormonal Balance Support (Semen cuscutae extract) from Linden Botanicals

HURRAH! Hormonal Balance Support (Semen cuscutae extract) from Linden Botanicals

Semen cuscutae - Tu Si Zi from Linden Botanicals

Semen cuscutae – Tu Si Zi – Linden Botanicals

Semen cuscutae neuroprotective benefits include helping to protect nerve cells against damage, degeneration, or impairment of function.

Semen cuscutae is a powerful antioxidant. We selected it as one of the global extracts we sell because it supports sexual, reproductive, brain, and central nervous system health.”

— Michael Van der Linden, Owner of Linden Botanicals

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — Recent scientific studies published in more than a dozen peer-reviewed journals suggest that the Semen cuscutae plant may provide substantial support for brain health, central nervous system health, sexual health, and a healthy reproductive system. The studies appear in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, and Oncotarget, among several others.

Also called Tu Si Zi and Dodder Seed, Semen cuscutae is the seed of a vine used in traditional Chinese medicine to invigorate the kidneys, nourish the liver, and improve eyesight. The Semen cuscutae plant is a nootropic, and it has a high flavonoid content and strong antioxidant properties. The plant exhibits an immunosuppressive effect on dendritic cells and attenuates dendritic cell function, which also suggests it has the potential to support the treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Some highlights of the neuroprotective benefits and other health benefits Semen cuscutae extract has shown:
• It shows neuroprotective effects and has shown potential to protect brain health.
• It may protect against oxidative damage and neuroinflammation.
• It may support treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.
• It may help rescue damaged brain synapses.
• It may help alleviate memory loss by rescuing caspase-3-mediated synaptic damage in Alzheimer’s disease treatment.
• It has shown protective activity against induced memory deficit, cholinergic dysfunction, and oxidative damage.
• It shows immune support and anti-fatigue effects.
• It may improve the ability to tolerate cellular oxygen depletion.
• It may suppress allograft rejection via distinct immune mechanisms.
• It may invigorate the reproductive endocrine function.
• It may support treatment for male sterility and raise the success rate in artificial insemination.

"Semen cuscutae is a powerful antioxidant," says Linden Botanicals owner Michael Van der Linden. "We selected it as one of the global extracts we sell because it supports sexual, reproductive, brain, and central nervous system health."

Statistically significant properties found in Semen cuscutae include adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-senescence, cardio-protective, neuroprotective, immunomodulatory, neurotrophic, nootropic, and osteogenic.

Due to its broad-spectrum activity, Semen cuscutae has the potential to be a highly beneficial supplement to health protocols for individuals seeking to support nervous system health, hormonal balance, and sexual health or to improve optimize overall health. Numerous scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals highlight the bioactive properties of Semen cuscutae extract.

About Linden Botanicals: Linden Botanicals sell the world’s healthiest teas and extracts, including Semen cuscutae, Cistus incanus, and Phyllanthus niruri (Chanca Piedra). The company’s teas and extracts provide science-based support for immune health, stress relief, energy, memory, mood, kidney health, joint health, digestive health, inflammation, hormonal balance, and detox/cleanse. Visit to learn about these teas and extracts, get hundreds of valuable health tips and resources, and download the free Lessons from the Darkness e-book, which chronicles Michael Van der Linden's four-year battle with Lyme disease.

Carolyn Daughters
Linden Botanicals
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Gideon Informatics Partners With Flysheet Med-Informatics to Bring Advanced Epidemiology Data to China and Taiwan

Partnering with Flysheet Med-Informatics is an important step towards delivering quality data on infectious diseases to Taiwan and the Greater China healthcare systems.”

— Uri Blackman, CEO of GIDEON

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — GIDEON Informatics (Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network) is proud to announce a new partnership with FlySheet Med-Informatics. This exciting collaboration empowers hospitals, universities, and public health agencies all over Greater China with access to GIDEON's comprehensive epidemiological database.

GIDEON Informatics is a one-stop reference shop for data on infectious diseases. The GIDEON platform provides detailed interactive maps of 25,000+ current and historical infectious disease outbreaks since the 1900s. Updated daily, the database offers epidemiological and clinical insights on over 360 infectious diseases, 2000+ pathogens, and 30,000 drugs and vaccines. There are 23,600 country-specific notes on zoonotic diseases and details on events leading to the cross-country spread of infections. The GIDEON platform also allows frontline clinicians to perform differential diagnoses and review treatment options. The company recently released an efficient way to retrieve data from the GIDEON database using a free R wrapper.

FlySheet Med-Informatics offers medical information systems consultancy and development services, library resources integration and space planning, comprehensive electronic medical resources, and ERM technology. Their network includes over 500 universities, hospitals, government agencies, and pharmaceutical companies in the Greater China market. FlySheet's user-friendly information platform contains a wealth of information, including medical references, medical education tools like advanced 3D anatomy tutorials, research matrices, research networking, institutional repositories, and drug check and management resources. The company also represents 50+ international biomedical-related publishers in the market.

About the partnership, Uri Blackman, CEO and Co-Founder of GIDEON Informatics, said, "In the past two years, we have observed a heightened interest in infectious diseases, especially from researchers focusing on Southeast Asia. Partnering with Flysheet Med-Informatics is an important step towards delivering quality data on infectious diseases to Taiwan and the Greater China healthcare systems."

Daniel Su, Product Manager at FlySheet, stated, "This partnership brings together GIDEON Informatics' global leadership in infectious diseases with FlySheet's extensive sales network to enable mass distribution of GIDEON's valuable data and platform to the local healthcare community."

The way we diagnose, treat, and research infectious diseases, is changing. In our hyper-connected world, a small outbreak can turn into a pandemic in the blink of an eye, like COVID-19. Incorporating comprehensive epidemiological data into frontline clinician diagnoses and research helps us understand zoonotic transmissions, improve cross-border knowledge transfers, and train future global experts on infectious disease management.

For more information, contact

About GIDEON Informatics

GIDEON Informatics exists to advance the global effort against Infectious Disease. The company was founded in 1992 and produces the GIDEON web application and an ebook series for health professionals and educators.

GIDEON toolkit helps protect society by providing reliable, timely epidemiological data. The application saves doctors precious time in diagnosing and treating infectious diseases and provides state-of-the-art tools to train the healthcare workers of tomorrow.

Hundreds of customers from around the world, including educational institutions, hospitals, public health departments, and microbiology laboratories, have chosen GIDEON as their diagnosis-and-reference tool for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology. GIDEON Informatics is managed by an experienced executive team and maintains a distinguished medical advisory board.

Kristina Symes
GIDEON Informatics
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Gifthealth and SHARE Mobility

Gifthealth announced today it will provide SHARE Mobility employees with COVID and flu vaccines, as well as free prescription deliveries.

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — Gifthealth announced today it will provide SHARE Mobility employees with a range of healthcare and pharmacy services.

SHARE Mobility, based in Columbus, Ohio, is an employer sponsored transportation solution for employees who want safe and convenient transit to and from work. The partnership with Columbus-based Gifthealth will provide SHARE’s employees with much needed COVID and flu vaccines, as well as free prescription deliveries.

“The entire team at Gifthealth is thrilled to kick off this partnership with SHARE,” says Nick Potts, Gifthealth co-founder and CEO. “Not only will we provide onsite vaccine clinics for all SHARE employees, but we’ll be their pharmacy partner, providing their team with more convenient and affordable access to prescription meds through our platform. We’re looking forward to partnering with more employers in this capacity.”

“SHARE Mobility employees face potentially greater risk of exposure to flu and COVID viruses due to their high-touch customer service model. This new employee benefit will be great for our growing employee population and the hundreds of drivers on our platform,” says Ryan McManus, founder and CEO of SHARE. “Partnering with Nick and the team at Gifthealth extends our mission to keep our team members safe. This has been crucial to our continuous operation throughout the pandemic. We’re pleased to be able to provide our employees with a benefit that is usually reserved for much bigger companies.”

About SHARE Mobility
SHARE Mobility was founded with the belief that one day everyone will be a passenger. The company serves those who are always passengers by working with companies to create sponsored transportation services. At the core of SHARE’s mission is to be the safest and most sustainable transportation solution for companies to get their employees to work.

About GiftHealth Pharmacy
Gifthealth began operations in late 2020 to provide a scalable solution for the high cost and complexity of prescription drugs. Founded by two healthcare technology startup veterans, Nicholas Potts and John Romano, the company launched a pilot program in Ohio and quickly expanded nationally on an initial investment exceeding $5m. Gifthealth is purpose-built to make prescription drugs easier to access and more affordable to buy for patients across the country by eliminating barriers to care through technology and innovative human-guided processes. The company embraces the belief that no one should have to forgo medications or skip doses. Healthcare is a priority, not a privilege. Working side by side with pharmacists and providers, technologies and processes are continuously optimized to deliver the future of healthcare now.

Mallory Knight
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Curis Functional Health Acquires Rejuvenate in Lee’s Summit, MO

Rejuvenate is now Curis Functional Health

Dallas-based Curis Functional Health acquires wellness leader, Rejuvenate to expand Chiropractic, Counseling, and Nutritional services.

LEE'S SUMMIT, MISSOURI, USA, August 31, 2021 / — Curis Functional Health has acquired Rejuvenate, based in Lee’s Summit, MO. Rejuvenate has been focused on providing mental health, chiropractic, and nutritional care to patients in the Kansas City, MO area. This is the second Curis location in the KC metroplex. The first Curis location is in Independence, MO (formerly Rickman Chiropractic). Rejuvenate was started by Dr. Scott Symes, Dr. Joe Symes, Dr. Adam Fellows, Dr. Tiffany Fellows, and Ms. Natashia Symes.

“Curis offers a mind-body approach to ultimate wellness and as a former elite athlete I have grown with the same mindset that for individuals to reach their best self, a healthy balance between body and mind need to be present,” said Dr. Joe Symes. Symes continued with, “I believe at Curis I will be part of a team with the common goal to better every individual that comes through our doors, mentally, emotionally, and physically.”

This is the first Curis acquisition of a location that provides the three-core service offerings of their model. Curis plans to expand more throughout the Kansas City area and around the state of Missouri with future locations in the coming months.

About Curis
Founded in 2018 in Dallas, TX, Curis is vested in optimizing the wellbeing of our patients. We take a holistic, client-centered, results-driven approach to addressing the underlying causes of health issues. Our wellness centers treat physical, mental, and emotional stress using chiropractic, mental health, functional nutrition, and other complementary methods. To learn more, visit

Nicholas Marino
Curis Functional Health
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