Crescent Womb™ – The World’s Only Safety Bed that Enables Parents and Newborns to Both Get Some Sleep

The Crescent Womb™ is the most remarkable game-changing product for newborns to hit the market in years.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Developers of the most innovative product for infants are pleased to announce the launch of the Crescent Womb™.

The Crescent Womb™ is the world’s first and only infant safety bed that provides a secure alternative for co-sleeping and bed-sharing. Ideal for babies aged 0-6 months, the Crescent Womb™ offers a safe and comfy newborn sleep alternative that enables baby to rest or lounge safely – outside of a parent’s arms. The product is lightweight and portable, making it the ultimate resource for easy travel.

The developers’ journey to create the Crescent came from a belief that all baby brands have a shared responsibility to educate the world on the importance of sleep safety. As such, this is exactly the reason why Crescent was created, and the company’s mission is to always give consumers the knowledge and resources they need to properly care for their little humans in the safest way possible.

“While difficult to hear, parents must understand the critical importance of ensuring their child has a safe place to sleep at all times,” says James W. Spencer, founder and CEO of Crescent Womb™. “Every year, for example, over 3,500 sleep-related infant deaths occur in the United States alone. As a solution-based company, we recognized the desperate need for an infant sleep product that could safely ease a baby’s transition from the womb to the world. That’s what led us to create Crescent Womb™ — a completely breathable, CPSC compliant infant safety bed that promotes safe sleep for your baby and peace of mind for you.”

The Crescent Womb™ boasts many convenient and thoughtful features and benefits to provide the ultimate safety and enjoyment for co-sleeping and bed-sharing, including:

• Bassinet-style, patented ergonomic design that mimics the womb
• 100% breathable to maintain temperature and prevent suffocation
• Made from non-toxic materials
• Suitable for all crib makes and models
• CPSC compliant and 100% safe to use
• Eco-friendly, machine washable, and flame resistant
• Holds up to 50lbs
• Easy set up
• 30-day money-back guarantee
• Available in Midnight Black color
• Approved by a comprehensive medical advisory board
• And much more!

The Crescent Womb™ can be purchased on the company’s website or on Amazon.

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About Crescent Womb™

Designed with love in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Crescent Womb™ is an ergonomic sleep system which comfortably supports babies, enabling them to self-soothe while outside of a parent’s arms. With a laundry list of family benefits and the highest level of safety certifications, Crescent is truly the only sleep system of its kind.

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Crescent Womb™
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Source: EIN Presswire