MEDIX, World Happiness Awards 2021 Laureate for the Happiness @ Work Category

World Happiness Awards

World Happiness Awards

Medix World Happiness Awards 2021 Laureate

Medix World Happiness Awards 2021 Laureate

We want to recognize leaders within institutions and organizations that are creating conditions for employees and staff to feel good at work.

We want to recognize leaders within institutions and organizations that are creating conditions for employees and staff to maximize their potential at work and in life. ”

— Luis Gallardo, Founder & President – World Happiness Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — The 2021 World Happiness Awards is upon us! Like every year, the objective is to recognize individuals and communities which are realizing a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness for all. Anyone from anywhere can nominate an individual or community in one of twelve existing categories. This year, we focus on the new World Happiness Award Laureate in the category of Happiness at Work (community) – Medix.

Medix is a provider of innovative global comprehensive medical case management services tailored to customers’ needs. Since its establishment in 2006, Medix has been a global and leading provider of innovative, high-quality medical management solutions. With offices in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Melbourne, Mumbai, and Tel Aviv, Medix’s client base exceeds 6 million members, spread over 90 countries.

Medix’ medical management solutions consistently bring socially responsible and financially beneficial outcomes to their customers, including:

-Accessibility of quality medical care;
-Proven improved clinical outcomes;
-Flattening of the Inequality of Care Curve;
-Globalization of medical knowledge and expertise;
-Strengthening local healthcare landscapes;
-Medical cost inflation control;
-Keeping personal medical insurance affordable, accessible, sustainable, and profitable.

Believing that the accessibility, quality, and sustainability of medical care are some of the most critical components of social rights, Medix is very passionate about these issues and is globally fully dedicated to these activities. They provide to their patients proven better medical outcomes while controlling medical cost inflation. They have changed the initial diagnosis in 20% of the cases and improved treatment in 43% of cases yearly!

Just in the last year, they have gathered corporates and individuals and together donated funds to globally strengthen healthcare workers through their ‘Mask of Solidarity’ initiative. They launched COVID-19 Rehabilitation Services for patients in over 15 different countries. It strengthens their commitment to gender equality and diversity, with 70% of their workforce being women and 55% of senior management roles being held by women. They were awarded the 24th Asia Insurance Industry Award for Best Service Provider of the Year. They’ve also developed two new digital health solutions – ‘The Medix Life,’ their medical risk assessment platform, and ‘The Medix App,’ an end-to-end medical management solution.

They’ve also held virtual health talks and seminars reaching over 100,000 people, driving global health literacy, remotely managed, and supported thousands of cancer patients across the world. They brought their international teams together to enjoy digital monthly inspirational talks by world-leading speakers offering new perspectives on various topics, including Positive Psychology. They’ve launched a new Medix leadership and training program, ‘Medix PRO,’ which stands for Passion, Resilience, and Optimism.

That is why we couldn’t be happier to have them as our laureates for the 2021 World Happiness Awards! All of our laureates will receive recognition by the World Happiness Fest, highlighting and showcasing them in the individual or community category on the World Happiness Awards website and the World Happiness Fest communications channels. Special recognition will be granted to individuals and communities that showcase “broad and/or deep outreach” and “positive impact” within the boundaries of their communities of influence. These relate to cities, companies, countries, hospitals, schools, etc., which, at the same time, showcases the core values of Compassion, Gratitude, Discovery, and Connection embedded in their projects and activities. Join us in our celebration of people and communities, making this planet a better place for all!

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World Happiness Awards

Source: EIN Presswire