NeuroCoach Rachel Kozy’s Book “You’re Welcome” a Must-Read for Mental Health in the Wake of COVID

Front cover of the book You’re Welcome by Rachel Kozy

Back cover of the book You’re Welcome by Rachel Kozy

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You’re Welcome capitalizes on Rachel’s own mental breakdown to help improve every aspect of her readers’ wellbeing.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2021 / — NeuroCoach, Rachel Kozy, MPH, MBA, is calling out to individuals who feel they can no longer sustain their stress-filled lives: there are life hacks and creative ways to decrease daily stress and improve cognitive performance – and they can be found in her new book, You’re Welcome.

Rachel is a NeuroCoach, humanitarian, and author from Los Angeles, California. After decades of suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and depression, Rachel devoted her life to studying human physiology, cognitive neuroscience, bioenergetics, and public health in search of answers. Rachel’s passion is helping her clients improve every aspect of their physical, cognitive and emotional well-being through her NeuroCoaching practice.

In recent news, Rachel has released her first book, You’re Welcome. You’re Welcome capitalizes on Rachel’s own mental breakdown to help improve every aspect of her readers’ well-being through her own stirring and heartfelt journey. While the book briefly discusses the traditional, yet misinformed, one-size-fits-all approach to mental health, Rachel goes deeper by explaining that individuals are all infinitely different, divine, and unique. According to Rachel, each one of our bodies and minds respond differently to different interventions, meaning we all must assume personal responsibility to understand our own body, mind, and goals.

"It took me a paralyzing mental breakdown, thousands of dollars in experimental therapy, and a decade of intense trial and error for me to master cognitive performance and emotional well-being,” says Rachel. “I certainly don’t want this to be the case for any of my readers, which is why I am sharing my story. I’d like to suggest that you listen to your intuition when reading this book. You don’t have to read this book – or any book – from front to back. Think of this book as a toolkit. I want you to read and apply tools and resources that speak to you and your needs, so you can be inspired to achieve optimal happiness in your life.”

You’re Welcome takes readers through Rachel’s personal journey from breakdown to breakthrough, reflecting, dissecting, and providing solutions for each factor that played a role in her mental breakdown. The book is divided into three main sections: self-care, emotional health, and alternative methods of healing, and is aimed at supporting readers who struggle with their own burnout, exhaustion, brain fog, lack of motivation, and who are looking for ways to simplify their lives.

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About Rachel Kozy

Prior to starting her coaching business, Rachel served the US Navy as a Healthcare Administrator and she also has extensive teaching, medical research, startup, and consulting experience. Additionally, she was selected as a Veterans in Global Leadership and Focus Forward fellow, and an Aspen Institute Socrates Scholar.

Rachel is the founder of the Empowered Women Brunch, which connects and inspires individuals who are investing in enhancing their personal and professional lives. Rachel also volunteers with Veterati and American Corporate Partners to provide one-on-one mentoring and guidance to military members who are either transitioning or struggling to find meaningful work. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Lyrica Classic, a global non-profit that allows undiscovered music to find the recognition it deserves.

Rachel is committed to a lifetime of learning and will be joining the Neuroimaging and Informatics program at USC's Keck School of Medicine in the Fall of 2021, and future plans include a PhD in Neuroscience.

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