(Stepping Stone Medical Statesville NC) Stepping Stone Medical certified by North Carolina Community College System

Statesville, NC, Stepping Stone Medical Center CEO, Janecia Sanders

Statesville, NC, Stepping Stone Medical Center, CEO Janecia Sanders

The North Carolina Community College System has granted a Proprietary School License to Statesville-based Stepping Stone Medical.

STATESVILLE, , NC, USA, June 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Based in Statesville, NC, Stepping Stone Medical is proud to be certified by the North Carolina Community College System. The North Carolina Community College System is a statewide network of almost 60 public community colleges. The governing body is headquartered in the state's capital city of Raleigh.

The North Carolina Community College System currently enrolls over 600,000 students annually, making it the nation's third-largest community college system. Its mission is to open the door to high-quality, accessible educational opportunities that minimize barriers to post-secondary education.

Courtesy of the governing body, Stepping Stone Medical now holds what's known as a Proprietary School License. The organization received its license having met the requirements of Article 8 of Chapter 115D of the General Statutes of North Carolina governing the licensing of Proprietary Schools conducted in the so-called Tar Heel State.

With that, the college is granted authorization to operate in Statesville, NC, while its license remains valid. Proprietary School Licenses are given in accordance with the law authorizing the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges. Individual organizations are licensed upon the recommendation of the North Carolina State Board of Proprietary Schools.

Stepping Stone Medical in Statesville, NC, is honored to be the area's number one source for medical training. With a vision for the future, the college is committed to producing medical professionals with an understanding of safety and correct techniques that's unparalleled.

"This kind of excellence results from highly qualified instruction along with an outstanding curriculum," explains a representative, "to aid students with the confidence they need to succeed in a rapidly growing field."

Stepping Stone Medical introduces IV therapy training

As part of Stepping Stone Medical's ever-growing roster of courses, the college has now brought IV therapy training classes to Statesville, NC. The medical training institution's team is poised and ready for an influx of new students. This comes as the healthcare field continues to flourish, with IV therapy in exceptionally high demand.

Delivered via an intravenous drip, the process is an extremely effective way of administering not just medication but also crucial vitamins and minerals. IV therapy can also be used to treat dehydration, address malnutrition, facilitate nutrient replacement, as part of the standard procedure following surgery, and in a variety of emergency situations.

From its campus in Statesville, NC, Stepping Stone Medical already offers a range of courses, including classes for phlebotomy technicians, medical assistants, and basic life support training. Students aspiring to enter the medical field can even enroll to study medical billing and coding.

The college's IV therapy training course is marketed as an ideal option for current phlebotomists and certified nursing assistants. However, training is open to anyone looking to add to their current certifications within medicine.

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