Northwestern University Honors Prominent Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Superspecialist

Robert Kotler

Dr. Robert Kotler Recognized for Lifetime Contributions to Medicine

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2021 / — Dr. Robert Kotler, Beverly Hills rhinoplasty superspecialist, was recently inducted into the Northwestern University Medical School’s Half Century Club.

Members are recognized for their "contributions to the field of Medicine” and are noted as those who "are gifted with a unique historical perspective and education only available to those who have experienced a lifetime of learning."

Dr. Kotler continues to practice "a lifetime of learning." His best-selling medical text, which teaches chemical wrinkle removal, sits in the library of over 5000 MDs. His two Amazon category best-sellers on cosmetic surgery for the public received international attention in print and electronic media.

Two significant medical devices used in nasal and sinus surgery were invented by Dr. Kotler. One, the remarkably simple KOTLER NASAL AIRWAY, fulfills a long-unmet need: improving patient comfort and safety for all nasal and sinus surgeries. “Designing, testing, obtaining FDA-clearance, and acquiring two patents was a major but gratifying project,” notes Dr. Kotler.

A UCLA volunteer faculty member, Dr. Kotler teaches practitioners, medical students, and specialty trainees. Dr. Kotler's commitment to “giving back.” By doing so, thereby fulfilling the directive of one of his favorite and most important teachers, Professor Francis Lederer, of the University of Illinois: "Share your experience."

"Regardless of sparkling technology, such as computerized learning systems and virtual anatomic dissections, Medicine should be taught one-on-one. Seasoned practitioners should be the ones to pass the baton of knowledge and teach skills to the profession's young," notes Dr. Kotler. "Wisdom and technical expertise cannot be acquired exclusively from books or videos. You can build a chair or fix appliances from a manual or YouTube video, but caring for patients passes best from MD to MD."

"In my teaching, I always quote powerhouse advice from a 1929 Harvard Medical School lecture: 'The secret of the care of the patient is caring for the patient.' That one sentence utters the essence of a gratifying and productive practice.”

Dr. Kotler's experience and counsel are valued by his colleagues. Likewise, patients count on sound advice from Dr. Kotler, whose highest level of super-specialization, long experience, and keen communication skills are rare.

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