Introducing kybun

Advanced technology for natural movement therapy and recovery now available in the US

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — Scottsdale, Arizona, April 20th, 2021 — We’ve all heard that sitting is the new smoking, but standing and walking on hard, flat surfaces is also contributing to the increase in aches and pains in the back, hips, knees and feet. A cutting-edge Swiss company, kybun, offers an integrated movement solution that is now available in the US for the first time. The system features shoes and mats that foster a more natural way to walk and stand, with springy support that mimics a soft cushion of moss rather than hard concrete.

For spas, wellness centers and fitness facilities looking for new ways to support their guests’, members’ and staffs’ overall wellbeing, kybun’s mats, shoes, and holistic exercises offer an innovative concept that can be used both indoors and outdoors, for engaging natural movement therapy. Based on cutting-edge biomechanical research, kybun is designed for anyone who wants to take their exercise performance and everyday movement to the next level or to recover more quickly from an injury. By encouraging the body to make small movements that exercise the tiny stabilizing muscles around the joints and spine, kybun helps to improve balance, coordination, endurance and fitness.

“kybun products are a perfect fit for any wellness-focused business,” says Carolin Gey, Managing Director of kybun USA. “I’m thrilled to be bringing these innovative shoes and mats to the US market, and I can’t wait to share the many benefits of kybun and to help people increase their physical activity while at home, work and in their everyday life.”

At the Park Igls hotel in Austria, one of Europe’s leading medi-spas, kybun is an integral part of the resort’s movement concept, with several group classes offered each week. “We use kybun to promote the interaction between the brain, nervous system and muscular system in prevention, recovery and rehabilitation,” says Andrea Gnägi, Managing Director of Park Igls. “It’s amazing how our guests learn to walk and move naturally with kybun.” Guests at the hotel, which uses the famed Mayr Method, can try out kybun products in the hotel’s fitness studio, and then purchase them in the retail shop to continue their wellness journey at home.

Now that kybun is available in the US, American spas and wellness centers can create kybun exercise programs and one-on-one fitness sessions offered on the mats, or offer outdoor interval walking programs and hikes with rented kybun shoes, providing a unique complementary therapy that also offers an entry-point for retail sales – the floating feeling of kybun shoes is hard to resist once experienced.

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