Veritec (OTC: VRTC) Implores its Technology to assist Travelers with a PANDEMIC Passport & Digital PANDEMIC ID


Veritec Inc. (OTC: VRTC) Announces its Covid Passport, Rebranding, Restructuring and New Marketing Strategies to Reintroduce the Technology Driven Company

Veritec Inc. (OTCQB:VRTC)

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, March 3, 2021 / — The U.S. based technology giant Veritec Inc. announces its plans for future growth. The company who once licensed its technology to fortune 500 companies with its 2D Barcode technology, including NASA & Unilever, rebrands the company and introduces new growth strategies to advance the company in 2021. As the country learns to live with COVID 19, Veritec Inc. releases its “Pandemic Passport” and “Pandemic ID” and this is only the beginning.

Passport Advance by Veritec Inc. will provide travelers with worldwide digital documentation screening and countries are gathering to learn more.

Veritec Inc. will offer the U.S & Governments around the globe its “Sophisticated Technology” which will allow travelers to prove they have been vaccinated and or cleared of Covid 19. Veritec Inc. has also developed a verification process for non-vaccinated travelers to confirm travel permissions. Veritec begins by partnering Passport ID, ID – 19 with Passport Advance and is interested in partnering with other similar apps to document those who have been tested negative to share the clearance with COVID 19’s latest technology.

Unlike any other app or technology, Veritec’s Matrix Code provides an enhanced encoding system more sophisticated than any other coding system on the market.

“It’s simple”, states Dr. Van Tran, CEO of Veritec Inc., “once you download Passport Advance and ID-19, you download our Privacy Protected technology that will advise Airports, Boarders & Checkpoints of your current clearance to travel”. Additionally, ID 19 can assist our Education System, Schools, Hospitals, Grocery Stores, Immigration and Law Enforcement and any public entity utilizing the same technology needed on a local basis to keep people safe and slow the spread. The technology giant explains that the “Matrix Coding” system provides much more benefits to the industry of technology and will announce several other benefits in the weeks to come.

Coming with its rebranding, Veritec Inc. takes a bite out of the Cryptocurrency offering, and is poised to deliver, this technology giant has developed its Blockchain for an additional Cryptocurrency launch of V-Coin that will be introduced to the world soon.

Additional products set to re-launch are Blinx Pay and Blinx It Prepaid Debit Cards with unique financial incentives catered to millennials, a new accounting software program “Batch It” which includes Payroll Services, Invoicing, Digital Banking Services, Bill Pay Matrix, Merchant Services, Personalized Company Debit Cards, and more. New company products set to launch include “CANN Redeem”, a Cannabis customized merchant service which will allow the Cannabis, Cultivation, CBD, & Hemp Industry to finally be provided with Friendly Merchant Services tailored to their specific industry.


Veritec is the home of the patented VeriCode® and VSCode™ secure 2D barcodes. The VeriCode® and VSCode™ are the most secure 2D barcodes on the market, due to their proprietary nature. They have the largest data capacity of the 2D barcodes (VSCode™ has over 4,000 bytes). They are the most robust of the 2D barcodes on the market and have more data capacity in a smaller space. VeriCode® and VSCode™ symbols can be encoded and marked on approximately 98% of all materials including metal, glass & plastic. There are over 35 different methods of marking the VeriCode® symbol including thermal printing, dot peen, laser etching and micro-abrasive blasting. VeriCode® symbols can be configured for re-construability with Error Detection And Correction (EDAC), so that 100% of the data in the code is returned even if up to 35% of the symbol becomes damaged or is missing. The VeriCode® and VSCode™ can be used in many applications including product marking and tracking, LCDs, pharmaceuticals, solar panels, PhoneCodes™ and biometric ID cards.

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Source: EIN Presswire