Meet Lavleen Kaur, a dietitian and lifestyle coach who is offering the best diet consultation programs

Lavleen Kaur

Lavleen Kaur

Lavleen Kaur helps people to switch to a healthy lifestyle with her diet programs for particular health conditions like PCOD, thyroid, obesity, diabetes etc.

CHANDIGARH, INDIA, January 13, 2021 / — Lavleen Kaur is a renowned dietitian and lifestyle coach in Chandigarh, India offering the best in-clinic and online diet consultation programs for maintaining weight and health. She is one of the most trusted and youngest dietitians in North India helps people to stay healthy and manage various medical health situations including PCOD, thyroid, weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, and more. She is the founder of Diet Insight, a diet clinic located in Chandigarh with the purpose to provide real insight and guide people about healthy eating and lifestyle practices.

Lavleen Kaur works with a small and well-connected team of qualified dietitians and nutritionists. She is serving with a personalized diet and lifestyle plans to various people and patients worldwide through the Diet Insight mobile app to manage obesity, thyroid, PCOD/PCOS, diabetes, hypertension and all other lifestyle troubles. Here is a quick summary of Lavleen Kaur’s in-clinic and online diet consultation programs.

Weight loss program

Our weight loss program is ideal for people who are looking for <a href="">healthy weight loss and lifestyle modification</a>. This diet program is perfect for you if you want to lose weight or maintain common health conditions like diabetes, thyroid, PCOD/PCOS or any other health concern. This program is also ideal for post-pregnancy weight loss. If you have any of these health concerns, medical problems or lifestyle disorders, then we will concentrate on that particular concern. We encourage a balanced healthy diet and nutrition and believe in formulating a healthy lifestyle rather than supporting quick weight loss diets, tablets or the use of diet supplements.

Weight gain with balanced diet & nutrition

We help people to gain weight with balanced food and nutrition in a healthy way. This weight gain program is suitable if you have digestion problems, general weakness and food intolerance problems. If you need to put on some weight to create a sports team, improve your health, or simply to bulk up, this program can help you. You can adjust some essential dieting principles to gain a few kilos. Nevertheless, many people do not understand that weight gain can be challenging. We help you obtain this with our specially designed weight gain diet plan.

Therapeutic (medical issues)

This program is suitable for the prevention and management of lifestyle diseases with nutrition. This is designed for medical issues such as thyroid, PCOD/PCOS, BP, diabetes, cholesterol, renal issues, food intolerance, and skin disorders. If your weight is normal but you have a specific condition or a medical condition that needs special nutrients in your diet, this diet plan is the best to meet these requirements.

Maintenance (healthy diet)

If you are simply looking to switch to healthy eating or want to maintain your weight, but need proper guidance for what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat, this assistance is for you. Besides, if you are experiencing common problems like acidity, constipation or digestion-related issues, then this assistance can help you.

Kids nourish

If you are a parent, you probably understand the struggle of feeding, nourishing or encouraging your kids. You have to ensure they have sufficient water in a day to keep their body movements strong. We decode your kids' dietary requirements.

Besides the above programs, our service involves some other programs such as skin/hair care, pregnancy care, pre-wedding, bodybuilding and abs plus.
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