Holland Healthcare Partners with The TeleDentists for TelScope Care 24/7

Connect an intraoral health concern to a dentist instantly.

KANSAS CITY, MO, USA, January 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Holland Healthcare is partnering with The TeleDentists to provide on-demand teledentistry options for patients using TelScope Telehealth System, which captures superior-quality images inside the mouth. Now you can connect those images to our TeleDentists instantly using the TeleDentists platform.
How does it work? Take a picture of the dental or medical concern using the TelScope Telehealth System and save the image to your phone. Then, you can connect to a Dentist or Doctor and share your photo(s) with one of our healthcare professionals.

This collaboration is the result of two female founders, Jennifer Holland of Holland Healthcare and Dr. Maria Kunstadter of The TeleDentists, joining forces with the goal of making dental and oral care accessible for everyone.

“With the TelScope Telehealth System, and The TeleDentists’ platform, this partnership is the perfect marriage for bringing dental care to patients, parents who just don’t have the time, and vulnerable patients who shouldn’t be visiting a clinic” says Holland about the partnership.

"TelScope Care 24/7 puts TeleDentistry in the hands of anyone who needs it, no matter where they are. Taking pictures of their oral health concern, and directly connecting them with a dentist allows patients immediate care and comfort" states Dr. Kunstadter, Co-Founder and President of The TeleDentists.

Holland Healthcare is an innovative medtech company whose mission is to streamline medical processes with world-class, affordable, multifunctional medical solutions. After introducing their first product, Throat Scope, in various medical settings around the world, they have moved into the world of telehealth with their new product, TelScope Telehealth System. Holland Healthcare is passionate about oral health, especially in relation to Head & Neck Cancer.

The TeleDentists is a revolutionary new way for people to treat urgent oral and dental problems. The TeleDentists™ proprietary national network of experienced Board Licensed dentists are on-call and available round-the-clock to provide virtual dental consults via laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

For more information about The TeleDentists please visit: www.theteledentists.com
For more information on Holland Healthcare please visit: https://hollandhealthcareinc.com/products/telscope-oral-telehealth-system/

Connect an intraoral health concern to a dentist instantly.

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