BreathYoga Releases Free Online Breathing Course to Support Post-COVID Infection

The 75-minute breath-strengthening course can hep improve blood oxygen levels, clear the lungs, and relieve stress and anxiety.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2020 / — Popular breathing program, BreathYoga, is pleased to announce the release of its brand new course, the COVID-19 Breathing Recovery Course, to help support individuals recovering from COVID-19.

BreathYoga uses four principles which directly impact breathing and energy flow. Various breathwork practices are used to help open the body from the inside out and can easily be adapted to the individual’s unique level of fitness. The practice of BreathYoga can have a dramatic and positive impact in supporting lung health, making it a popular option for those who prefer not to take pharmaceuticals.

In the company’s most recent news, BreathYoga is excited to announce it is releasing a free, 75-minute course to help people recover their breathing from COVID-19 affliction. The course, entitled the COVID-19 Breathing Recovery Course, focuses on three specific breathing practices, which can help improve blood oxygen levels, clear out and strengthen lungs, and relieve states of anxiety and depression.

“When recovering from COVID-19, recovery can be improved by simply focusing on your breath,” says founder of BreathYoga, Adrian Cox. “Since COVID attacks the lungs, it can be difficult to sustain sufficient oxygen levels, which can lead to organ damage, fatigue, and other side effects. Through conscious breathing practices, however, you can help improve your blood oxygen levels, restore lung function, lower inflammation, and reduce anxiety.”

According to Cox, the three accessible breathing practices with proven efficacy include:

Breathing and humming
Breathing deeper
Breathing rhythmically

The 75-minute course covers these breathing practices in five modules, which can be completed at the participant’s own pace.

Accompanying BreathYoga are seven days of downloadable hypnotherapy recordings by Karsten Kustener. These recordings are specifically designed to help participants get on a path of sustained healing and to nurture a more positive outlook on life and realistic hope for the future.

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About the Company

Adrian Cox is a certified master NLP trainer, coach, and hypnotherapist who created BreathYoga, one of the most up-and-coming, pharmaceutical-free COVID-19 treatment techniques in the world. The program is completely free and can help heal the breath and raise energy levels, resulting in overall improved well-being.

Cox is also the founder of Yoga Elements, one of the most popular yoga studios in Thailand. Yoga Elements is described as “Easily Bangkok’s Most Inspiring Place to Study Yoga” by the Bangkok Post and as “Bangkok’s Best Studio” by Travel and Leisure.

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