How to take care of the unborn baby during COVID 19?

COVID 19 pandemic has engulfed the entire world in its grasp. The disease is continuously spreading with each passing day.

DELHI, NEW DELHI, INDIA, August 13, 2020 / — India now has the third most number of COVID cases in the world. In these tough times, if you are pregnant, you must have a lot of queries about whether COVID 19 poses a threat to you and your baby.

Considering the present scenario where there is a lot left to discover about this disease, it will be too early to reach a conclusion. Our Gynecologist in Delhi will try to give you the best possible solution or steps you should follow to take care of your unborn baby during COVID 19.

We have compiled the best possible solutions by working under the technical guidance of top Gynecologist in Delhi.

Steps taken by Pregnant Women Protect Themselves from COVID-19
To begin, we would like to state that research on the pandemic is still underway in different parts of the world and the available data are very limited. As per our analysis, we can say that there is no concrete evidence that shows that pregnant women are at higher risk of COVID 19 than the normal population.

However, due to changes in body immunity during pregnancy, pregnant women can capture respiratory problems and other diseases quickly. It is therefore very important that they take the utmost precautions and try to stay indoors as much as possible. Avoiding visits to a congested place is a must.

Any minor symptoms like fever, cough, or breathing difficulty should be immediately discussed with consulting specialists. Our Gynecologist in Delhi, Dr. Anita Gupta is readily available for her patients as per the needs.

Some of the other WHO backed precautions that a pregnant woman should follow are stated below.

– Wash your hands periodically with soap or an alcohol based hand sanitizer which is approved by your doctor.

– Maintaining safe proximity between you and others if traveling outside. In all other cases, avoid visiting outside or crowded places. Try not to attend any gatherings where there are lots of people.

– Strictly avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth without cleaning your hands.

– Keep a tissue paper handy with you and cough or sneeze in it and then dispose of it immediately. If tissue paper is not available then cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow when you cough or sneeze.

– If someone is sick, then stay away from them for you and your child’s good.

Lastly, stay home and stay healthy. If you need to go out, stay at least 6 feet away (2 meters) from other people and wear a mask or other face covering. Don’t touch any unwanted things with bare hands. Keep a pair of gloves with you while traveling outside and dispose of them after using them safely.

Our Gynecologist in Delhi also recommends the family members to clean and disinfect things that are frequently touched like phones, doorknobs, and counters.

What should I do if I have any respiratory illness?
If you have any respiratory ailments like fever, cough or difficulty breathing, seek medical care at the earliest. Most importantly call before going to a health facility, and strictly follow the regulation given by your medical professional.

Pregnant women need to attend their routine care appointments. In case of any queries feel free to visit or contact Gynecologist in Delhi for all health-related advice.

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