Andrew Gyorda Featured in Two Interviews

In two recent exclusive interviews, Andrew Gyorda spoke out on his career as a pharmacist.

HAMPTON FALLS, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 / — Andrew Gyorda was recently featured in two exclusive interviews with Thrive Global and Kivo Daily. He shared insights he has garnered during the three decades that he has enjoyed practicing as a pharmacist. Mr. Gyorda operates Hollis Pharmacy in Hollis, New Hampshire.

In his interview with Thrive Global, Andrew shared how he became intrigued with becoming a pharmacist through his early interest in the health sciences. His mother was a Registered Dietitian who conveyed the concordance of good nutrition and good health, which stirred in him a curiosity about how natural and synthetic compounds can alter body functions.

Mr. Gyorda also shared what he finds most challenging about his career:

“Keeping up with the pace of new drugs discoveries is challenging,” states Mr. Gyorda.

“There is a ton of research being done and there are a lot of novel products and medicines being brought forth. Keeping up with the mechanisms of action, what diseases they are intended to treat, and at what doses, is demanding, but necessary.”

In the interview with Kivo Daily, Andrew explained what excites him about his industry is the realization that most modern illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome are caused by the chronic consumption of processed foods. He noted how processed foods are typically cheaper than natural foods, and most of the food available for us to eat in westernized nations is processed, regardless of how much we try to avoid it.

He also shared a piece of advice that he has never forgotten.

“The more you give of yourself, the more that shall be given to you.”

About Andrew Gyorda

As a youth, Mr. Gyorda was interested in human physiology and optimum physical, mental and spiritual performance. His mother, a Registered Dietitian for 50 years, encouraged him to pursue a career in one of the health sciences. He attended the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy and graduated in 1991. Andrew began his career practicing in a small-town hospital on the coast of Maine, where he gained valuable knowledge and experience. He then worked for Brooks Pharmacy for 25 years before moving to a manager and pharmacist position with Hollis Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy serving the greater Hollis area.

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