TraffiCosmetic Issues Marketing Recommendations for Medical Practices During COVID-19

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2020 / — Six months ago, the world was an entirely different place. With the arrival of the coronavirus, everything changed. This pandemic is still affecting the entire world, and medical practices are struggling to manage the situation .

If you run a medical practice, you are likely struggling as well. As patients also deal with this difficult situation, medical practices must respond with empathy and sensitivity.

In spite of the times, there are a number of communications and marketing strategies that you and your staff can put into place to assist you as you ride out this crisis.

Camilo Burgos, co-founder of Trafficosmetic, Miami medical marketing agency, is issuing recommendations for medical practices during the COVID-19 pandemic so that patients can be not only treated but remain informed and prepared for any health -related problems that may lie ahead.

The Challenge of COVID-19

Since many medical offices are closed, and patients are reluctant to visit for non-medical emergencies due to COVID-19, medical practices are faced with difficult choices about whether they should maintain their marketing investments, or put a halt to this spending to shepherd their resources. This information is being provided to assist doctors, dentists, surgeons, and others to take appropriate measures to ensure that their business is not harmed once the crisis eventually passes.

Some Tips

Since retaining your patients is vital to the success of your healthcare practice, you need to remain proactive in developing procedures to ensure that you retain your patient base during these times of disruption and stress. Here are some recommended activities that can help you retain most of your patients:

* Regularly communicate with your patients regarding the pandemic and how they should behave. Use any available media to communicate regularly with them, like email, text messages and voicemail. When it comes to medical situations, your patients trust their doctor for needed health advice more than anyone. Your patients are looking to you for timely information regarding COVID-19 and its effects on your medical practice and their lives.

* Be available to your patients to answer any questions that they may have. Whenever possible, provide telemedicine treatment options for those who may be apprehensive about visiting your practice.

* Consider adding a message board to your website so that you can answer questions from your patients. You can schedule a regular time to answer questions in a timely manner. Just a few minutes of your time will assure your patients that you are looking out for them and being attentive to their concerns.

One of the advantages of maintaining this type of discussion board is that it allows you to more efficiently spend your time, since you will not always need to address each patient individually.

Strategies for Acquiring New Patients

Medical practitioners often cut their marketing budgets severely during down times since it is the easy thing to do, particularly when faced with laying off staff. Although it is normal to cut back on marketing during downtimes, slashing the budget indiscriminately is not necessary. Here are some recommendations for smartly deploying your marketing resources during this crisis:

* Take a look at ongoing marketing activities centered around acquiring new patients, like print advertising, coupons, social media and TV and radio advertisements. The pool of prospective patients will have shrunk during this time, leading to higher costs per new patient. Make sure that your returns are a net positive.

* Maintain online reputation management. This is a vital part of your marketing, along with a robust online presence and improving patient satisfaction. Zealously guard your reputation during this difficult time.

* Digital marketing like blogging, SEO and social media help ensure that you are found on popular search engines like Google when prospective patients are looking for the healthcare services that your practice provides. Done correctly, digital marketing for medical practices offers the highest rate of return on your marketing dollars over time.

As practitioners certainly realize, the idea that healthcare practices are "recession-proof" is a myth. Instead of indiscriminately slashing marketing investments, Trafficosmetic recommends that practices focus on retaining patients, enhancing their online reputation, and increase patient satisfaction so that your healthcare practice hits the ground running when the pandemic eventually ends.

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