IND Consulting Undergoes Soft Rebranding to Accomplish a More Modern and Futuristic Look

IND Consulting's core priorities have always been value, innovation, and efficiency, which is now visualized by the three triangles that are interconnected in this beautiful new logo.

IND Consulting Rebranded Logo


The new logo and colors bring a sharp new visual identity, characterizing the brand as people-focused, innovative, forward-thinking, and trustworthy experts.

IND is always looking for new innovative ways to service our customers. Our brand mirrors that evolution. Like the services we offer, our brand signifies value, innovation and efficiency.”

— Amber Murray

SUNRISE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2020 / — IND Consulting brings Fortune 500 resources to any sized organization, providing top of the line solutions tailored to your business. Their mission remains to provide their clients with data entry, consulting, and technology solutions that increase quality, lower costs and allow them to grow by focusing on their core business activities. With a vision to be the first choice business process partner for companies worldwide, and provide a significant contribution to their quality, efficiency, and growth, IND Consulting has accomplished great success. For instance, they have been performing at a 98% rate of perfection for services to the healthcare industry including data entry solutions, adjudication and billing support, data conversions, pharmacist order verification, and more.

As the world changes dramatically across all industries, but especially healthcare, IND Consulting has been rapidly evolving and therefore realized an opportunity to reimagine its brand. Their core priorities have always been value, innovation, and efficiency, which is now visualized by the three triangles that are interconnected in their brand new logo. The company’s CIO, Brian Mosher stated, "IND stays on the cutting edge. We pride ourselves on always evolving. Our new logo signifies that." Essentially, the bigger purpose of their soft rebranding is to demonstrate how they are still the same customer-driven company while the new look mirrors their simultaneous evolution.

For over 60 years IND Consulting has successfully helped organizations analyze their operations, create personalized business expansion plans, and assist them in making big decisions on management, strategy, operations, and technology. No matter the amount of time and expertise a business owner has under their belt, planning to expand/consolidate a company and taking the proper implementation steps so that everything transitions smoothly is daunting. That is why it is crucial to partner with the experts at IND Consulting as they have navigated any and all of the technical and human challenges that growth and consolidation tend to present.

Hundreds of companies have counted on IND Consulting to help them succeed in creating management, strategy, operations, and technology efficiencies. With an incredibly wide range of services including adjudication support, conversion, customer acquisition & onboarding, data entry, durable medical equipment, IT help desk & hosting, operational consulting, recruitment, web design, PODS, and PODS On-call, IND consulting is your one-stop shop when you’re seeking added value.

If your company is looking to consult with a firm with a track record of success, will treat your data with the utmost care, and is ultimately cost-effective, IND Consulting would proudly make your growth their business.

When you do business with IND Consulting, they make their qualified employees available to you 24/7, 365 days a year, all around the world. With these kinds of benefits, the opportunities and possibilities for your company are endless. That's Innovation. That's IND.

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Source: EIN Presswire