Hexis PureZone Antimicrobial Laminate Now Available From Scorpion Window Film to Help in the Fight Against COVID-19

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In today's COVID-19 landscape, protection from microbes and biohazards is far more of a priority in the minds of consumers and businesses more than ever before.

UNITED STATES, July 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — In today's COVID-19 environment, safety is now more critical than ever. Protection from microbes and biohazards is far more of a priority in the minds of consumers and businesses more than ever before.

The world needs answers, it needs a vaccine, but until that day, we must look at other options to keep us safer. One way to do that is by utilizing innovative minds, such as those at Hexis, a partner of Scorpion Window Film, who have developed the next best thing, PureZone.

PureZone is an antimicrobial laminate that provides an invisible layer of safety and peace of mind. By applying PureZone, you eliminate the potential for bacteria to spread and proliferate.

Originally designed to be laminated to a print media substrate, PureZone can also be utilized as a standalone application. Given that PureZone is a laminate, it is a great added layer of protection for printed marketing information or safety information that may be applied to a variety of surfaces.

PureZone has many health benefits from an aspect of safety, but it also allows marketing opportunities. Aside from the mitigation of bacterial spread, the marketing opportunities to promote your business are endless.

Elevators are a great example of this application. Many lifts and elevators sell their wall spaces to be used as a billboard. With PureZone, you get the added layer of protection in high touch or crowded areas. This same concept can be applied at registration and cashier areas in almost any type of business that needs to relay information to customers as they arrive on the premises before they would have contact with a human.

Other suitable applications for PureZone antimicrobial film would be countertops, and check-in desks at the local fitness center or doctor's office, conference room table, public welcome areas, refrigerator handles, sinks, desktops, doorknobs, etc.

The more surfaces that are coated with PureZone, the safer the world will be. Here are some other potential use cases for the PureZone protection film:

● Amusement parks and entertainment venues – handles of the rides – thousands of hands touch those handles and spread germs to others.
● Public transportation such as subways and buses – these systems are typically overcrowded and are hotbeds for germs and hostile microbes.
● Gymnasiums – check-in tables, work out benches
● Restaurants – tables, countertops restroom door handles
● Schools – desks, lunch tables, restroom sinks, stall doors, and water fountains

Out of these use cases, the most common places that need the protection of antimicrobial coatings like PureZone include schools, hospitals, restaurants, and offices. If our schools are not protected, it could be months or years before they open again as usual and let kids go back to school. The pandemic has changed our way of life, but with PureZone, we can start taking it back.

The office is another institution that is central to our normal way of life. While many savvy adjustments have been made to facilitate increased remote work, many businesses still depend on the productivity and security of the office environment. PureZone can help protect offices, keeping them clean and free of harmful microbes.

When it comes to restaurants, you would have to put a lot of faith in the staff to believe that they are cleaning everything thoroughly. With PureZone, you don't have to worry as much because its antimicrobial applications are continuous and easy to apply.

Finally, above all, it is the hospitals that will ultimately need PureZone antimicrobial coating the most. Every hospital is on the frontline, and they need all the help they can get right now, that help can come from PureZone.

We are living in interesting modern times; however, it is essential to remember that we can overcome the challenges that have been thrust upon us. By taking these steps now, we are not only combating the current health situation, but we are also taking preventative measures moving forward.

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