Was Your Washington, D.C. Meeting or Vacation Canceled? New DC Picture Book is Here to Your Rescue

New DC Picture Book Launched for Those Who Can’t Make it to Washington– Even Rolling Thunder Bikers!

Another eye-opening example is a photo McGuire took at dawn of a kid climbing up the Lincoln statue and sitting on his head. “Boys and girls, don’t do this,” he says, biting back a grin, “You’ll get in trouble.”

One of McGuire’s more decidedly unusual DC photos includes an unworldly, “Two-Legged Alien Rhino at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo.”

Good News… for a Change! A New, Safe, Easy-to-download Photo Book Now Allows You to Enjoy DC's Monumental Beauty While Being Corralled Back at the Ranch.

If your family, kids, meeting attendees, board of directors, or school group can't come to DC this year, I'll bring Washington to them!”

— Jake McGuire

ARLINGTON, VA, USA, May 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — "If your family, meeting attendees, board of directors, or school group can't come to DC this year," says DC photographer Jake McGuire, "I'll bring Washington to them!"

McGuire, an-award winning photographer and book publisher, currently has 10 coffee-table books in print, but with the virus keeping travelers at home, he has just published a stunning new book entitled, "Washington, D.C. Beyond Monumental," specifically as downloadable gift on Amazon so the book can come to you. The book is available as both a paperback and importantly, in our era of corona dangers, as a safe and easily downloadable E–BOOK available in quantities as a low-cost 'thank you' or 'welcome gift' for virtual meeting attendees, speakers, panelists, and sponsors. Virtual meetings have rapidly become the new way for large audiences to conduct business from widely scattered locations. Perfect for associations, medical societies, and corporations.

"In the past, I've provided stately DC photo books as welcome gifts primarily for conferences, conventions, and trade groups coming to DC," says McGuire, "But with the virus wreaking havoc with the the hospitality industry here, I've spun off in a new direction. My newest book, of course, still captures the traditional beauty, grace, and charm of the city, but it also include some fun, zany and crazy pictures too, he says, "which appeals to everyone in need of a little 'corona-stir-crazy-relief" and, particularly to the millions of school kids disappointed they are unable to enjoy the sights of our Nation's Capital."

Millions indeed!

"More than 19 million people visit DC each year," says McGuire, "and many groups are kids from small town America." McGuire started his career at a small weekly newspaper, The Arlington News, so he knows that little newspapers often look for stories that are of interest to local families and kids, so he feels the story of his new book, featuring the likes of Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington will appeal nicely to rural American Newspapers. "I'm happy to give them permission to run any of my fun or stately pictures." He says.

One of McGuire's decidedly more distinctive DC photos is an eye-popping, "Two-Legged Alien Rhino at the Smithsonian's National Zoo," (really!) which illustrates a classic photo technique of how a picture taken at 'just the precise angle' can make readers take a double-take.

"Or a triple take," he says with a laugh, "see Page 15! It is a head-turning, knee-slapper for all school children who had to cancel their trip."

Another eye-opening photo example is a picture McGuire took at dawn one morning of a kid climbing up the Lincoln statue and sitting on Abe's head. "Boys and girls, don't do this," he says, biting back a grin, "You'll get in trouble."

This photo's caption tells the whole story in McGuire's charming writing style: A HEADACHE FOR ABRAHAM LINCOLN? I was out taking photos at dawn one summer morning when I spotted this young man climbing up the statue and finally sitting on the President’s head. There were no tourists or park rangers in sight, so it was just the two of us. I was a distance away, shooting with a long telephoto lens, so the lad didn’t know I was capturing his morning mischief. Judging by the look on our 16th President’s face stone-cold face, he wasn’t particularly happy with this annoying rock climber.

PBS says of McGuire's style: "…love it! Lots of fun and you’re a great writer – as well as photographer."

In addition to the many families, international visitors, and meeting attendees who will miss DC for now, McGuire says his book is a great gift for college students who were bound for, but may have to miss, a Fall semester in one of the dozen DC area colleges. And, he adds, it would make a great memento for the thousands of Harley riders who will miss their annual, "Rolling Thunder" motorcycle extravaganza, as the event is an impressive homage to American war veterans as the bikers come roaring in and take over of the city for a day.

As June approaches, McGuire points out this book also makes an ideal Father's Day gift (June 21st) rounding out some joyful gift-giving for the whole family.

"But wait," someone asked him, "What about moms?"

McGuire has that covered, too, as he recently published another on-line gift book, "Every Day is Mother's Day," a book honoring the sacrifices moms make all year long, so it makes a great birthday item, or a touching, "I love you Mom," appreciation gift, at any time of the year.

For more see: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0874JXVLR

The only family member left out appears to be the dog.

"Maybe I'll do a dog-lovers book," he says with a grin, 'Scruffy Spot Bites Gruffy Mitch' It might set the Kentucky internet ablaze!"

McGuire's book marketing techniques includes a recent, over-the-top, nothing-to-lose, press release where he offers the movie rights to his "Out of Line" memoirs to George Clooney, entitled, "I Had to Hang Up the Phone on George Clooney!" The press release details the zany aftermath of his Hollywood efforts. See: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/517392937/i-had-to-hang-up-the-phone-on-george-clooney-says-author?n=2

McGuire's memoirs are about his wild adventures around the world, and even includes how he talked his way into to the Royal Palace in Bahrain, drank tea with the Amir, and left with gifts with of diamonds and gold. McGuire doesn't expect to hear from the Clooney but he is hopeful. "Clooney would make a better me, than me," he says with a chuckle.

For more on McGuire's various books visit his website: www.dcjakemcguire.com

or go Directly to Amazon books at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0874JXVLR

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