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OfficeFLO® Healthcare Premium Subscription Service

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OfficeFLO® Workflow Management Portal and EntreUpload® secure online portal for uploading patient records on a mobile device

OfficeFLO® Workflow Management Portal and EntreUpload® secure online portal for uploading patient records on a mobile device

OfficeFLO® helps simplify internal workflow management, telephony, tracking of voicemails, text messages, patient forms, patient notes and records

Healthcare practices choose OfficeFLO® not only to achieve savings of 30% or more on their telecom expenses, but to gain new capabilities to simplify their interactions with patients and providers”

— Ruth Karchov, Managing Partner of the OfficeFLO Division at Entrespace

FARMINGTON, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2020 / — Entrespace, LLC has made it much easier for healthcare practices with cloud-based EHR systems to operate remotely in a simple, secure and reliable way, thanks to a brand new version of its flagship OfficeFLO® product that keeps staff in sync with each other, while enabling them to provide robust support to their patients and other healthcare providers.

A number of healthcare practices close their offices during extreme weather events, natural disasters or pandemics (like the one we’re experiencing now with the COVID-19 coronavirus) in order to keep their patients and staff safe. However, even during office closures healthcare providers and their teams can continue to provide support and work from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Using the latest version of OfficeFLO® gives front desk and clinical staff the ability to keep their same office phone numbers even though they aren’t working in the office. OfficeFLO® also keeps team members in touch with each other by tracking each issue to completion regardless of how it comes into the system.

Practice managers and partners/owners appreciate that office processes don’t need to change during office closures with OfficeFLO®. Staff members can work remotely while being able to coordinate their activities with little or no overhead, ensuring that no external communications or input received from external parties get overlooked without duplication of efforts.

Patients and other healthcare providers like that they can continue to use the same phone numbers and the same mechanisms to interact with the healthcare practice, such as instant messaging, online forms, and the upload portal they normally use.

OfficeFLO® does not displace any existing EHR systems or impact existing IT providers. It can coexist with the existing patient portal and systems that are currently used by the organization. It can be configured to work with the current Internet domain and website, and if none exists, Entrespace can set up a new Internet domain and create a new website at no additional cost.

“The primary reason why healthcare practices choose OfficeFLO® is that after switching they not only achieve significant savings of 30% or more on their telecommunications and answering service expenses and are able to operate remotely (from home), but they also gain new valuable capabilities that help simplify and improve their interactions with patients and other healthcare providers, such as secure video conferencing. What’s more important, OfficeFLO® helps simplify telephony and tracking of office voicemails and text messages, as well as tracking of patient forms, patient notes and records,” says Ruth Karchov, Managing Partner of the OfficeFLO Division at Entrespace. “OfficeFLO® provides better and more convenient options than relying on fax, paper forms, voicemails or playing phone tag.”

The OfficeFLO® Healthcare Premium Subscription Service comes with the following capabilities:
1) EntreCom® – Telecommunications service (voice, texting, HIPAA-compliant transcribed voicemails, auto-attendant)
2) HIPAA-compliant email
3) HIPAA-compliant secure online file backup and sharing, online internal-use shared team disk drives
4) Personalized internet domain and public website (e.g., – if needed
5) EntreForms® – Secure online forms for patients
6) EntreUpload® – Secure online portal for uploading patient records (can be used by patients or their providers)
7) Workflow management for patient records received through the website
8) Secure private internal-use websites
9) Secure video- and audio-conferencing with screen sharing, which can be used internally, as well as with patients and other healthcare providers
10) Unlimited training and support, and other capabilities

“To minimize security and privacy risks,” Jeff Miller, CompTIA Security+ Certified Professional and Fellow, Technology & Development at Entrespace, says, “OfficeFLO® components that touch Protected Health Information (PHI) such as patient files, records and forms, voicemails, email, text and instant messages are protected with multi-factor authentication devices. Each staff member, in addition to a user ID and password, must have a physical device – a security key to be able to access the system.”

A free 30-day limited trial of the OfficeFLO® Healthcare Premium Subscription Service is currently offered to qualified healthcare organizations. To sign up, please visit

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