Houston Docs Taking Athletes to the Next Level Without Surgery

Dr. Jeff Pruski (left) and Light Heavyweight World Championship Boxer Alfonso “El Tigre” Lopez

Clinic's Innovative Combination of Non-Invasive Therapies Helps Speed Recovery and Rehab Injuries Without Surgery

Our combination of Regenerative Medicine and non-invasive therapies has become a game-changer for athletes facing serious injuries and chronic pain”

— Dr. Jeffrey Pruski – 3R Regenerative Repair and Relief

HOUSTON, TEXAS, US, November 7, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Houston doctors Edward Nash, M.D., and Jeff Pruski, D.C., are building a winning combination of non-invasive therapies to help athletes control pain, speed recovery, and rehabilitate injuries without surgery.

Dr. Pruski and Dr. Nash combined their individual practices in 2018 to create the 3R Regenerative Repair & Relief Clinic (3R) in The Woodlands, a suburb of Houston, to incorporate chiropractic care with physical therapy, regenerative medicine, and biological therapies for the best possible integrated outcomes for athletes and patients.

The innovative approach has proven to be extremely successful for athletes, resulting in a more natural healing and quicker recoveries than invasive treatments and procedures.

“We are treating more and more athletes facing serious injuries and chronic pain using the combined modalities,” said Dr. Jeff Pruski. “The regenerative therapy reduces inflammation while regenerating damaged tissue to make tendons stronger and cartilage thicker to lubricate joints on their own. We had good success with therapies in the past, but what we’re seeing now with this approach is amazing!”

The doctors at 3R have treated hundreds of athletes and professionals from former NFL pros like Eric Hill, CJ Fiedorowicz, and Mike Barber to Pro Rodeo World Champion Marcos Costa and Country Music Singer-Songwriter Cody Johnson. Recently, they helped professional boxer Alfonso “El Tigre” Lopez rehabilitate tendinosis and muscle weakness within his left shoulder; an area critical to his career and his left jab.

Lopez underwent a series of three amniotic tissue injections, along with physical and chiropractic therapy at 3R. His shoulder has improved 85-90% and has won all his professional bouts since initiating therapy, including the National Boxing Association Light Heavyweight World Championship and the WBO-NABO Light Heavyweight Championship, both by knockout!

The success of patients like Lopez stems from the combined non-invasive approach at 3R to address the root cause of an injury or condition, rather than treating symptoms with traditional drugs, or using surgical procedures.
In addition to injuries, Dr.’s Pruski and Nash also treat patients with musculoskeletal problems, neck and back injuries, carpal tunnel, arthritis and degenerative conditions.

For more information on the doctors and services at 3R please visit https://www.3RRegenerativeMedicine.com.

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About 3R Regenerative Repair & Relief

Founded by Dr. Edward Nash, an M.D. and Physiatrist, and Dr. Jeffrey Pruski, a D.C. and Certified MDT with 29 years of experience, 3R Regenerative Repair and Relief provides an innovative approach to Pain Management by using combined non-invasive modalities approved by FDA, including regenerative medicine and biological therapy to help control pain, speed recovery, and restore the quality of life for patients and athletes with degenerative conditions, peripheral neuropathy, and injuries.

Located in The Woodlands, a suburb of Houston, Texas, the 3R Clinic only uses Regenerative Medicine from the American Academy of Tissue Bank and accredited labs to provide safe and proven outcomes for patients. For more information visit https://www.3RRegenerativeMedicine.com.

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