Audrey Herrick of Awaken with Audrey to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

GREAT BARRINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2019 / — We must know who we are to realize our gifts and contribute to the world, but in order to truly know ourselves we must transform; we must bring ourselves from unconscious to conscious; we must awaken.

Audrey Herrick is the founder of Awaken with Audrey, where she is dedicated to deep healing on multiple levels: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, lineage and karmic. Audrey offers energy healing and spiritual healing through private sessions and workshops.

“Our body holds our life story: every emotion, situation and experience,” says Audrey, “but we don't really want that for optimal health; we want clarity and purity. We want our own energies contained in our field and our body without holding on to our past experiences or the emotions and energies of others.

“We're only empowered when we know who we are. My job is to help my clients return to themselves, to help them release and remove what they’re holding on to that no longer serves them and awaken to who they are.”

Audrey says it all starts with self-awareness and clarity at the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, familial, karmic levels.

“We’re so full of other people's belief systems,” says Audrey. “It's about clearing their past and clearing what they've been told, clearing what's causing dis-ease within themselves. I love the process of being with people as they are discarding the pain of their parents and the pain of their past. It's beautiful and their lives change with it.”

Audrey has always been able to see people at their deepest essence, their soul level. She works empathically and intuitively, fluent in frequencies of energy, to help her clients understand their pain.

Her workshop “Embodying the Divine Feminine" focuses on using our divine feminine energies to heal the wounded feminine aspects of who we are and begin creating each moment of our life.

“Physical pain is usually the last pain that we feel. It starts in our energy field and it begins with an emotion,” says Audrey. “Too many us live in pain. That's why we have to awaken to the fact that we have the power to heal ourselves.”

“I'm an advocate for energy medicine because I practice it and I've seen the good it brings every day. I’m fighting for its rightful place. I don't think we can just look at the physical level. I believe energy medicine heals.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Audrey Herrick in an interview with Jim Masters on November 11th at 3pm EST

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