NYC Gum / Dental Implant Surgeon Dr. Bernard Fialkoff Organizes Dec. 9th " NYC Dentists Give Back Day " to Help NYC Vets

BAYSIDE, NY, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2019 / — Queens, NY – Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, a New York City Dental Implant, Periodontal and Laser Surgeon of 39 years organized and formed the NYC Dentists Give Back Group at the September meeting of the Fialkoff Dental Study Club. The group of dentists decided to offer no charge dental exams and cleanings to veterans and those in need of dental care as a Holiday Hanukkah and Christmas gift. They did so to acknowledge the Veterans’ selfless dedication to protect the freedoms we all enjoy in the United States of America.

Dr. Fialkoff states, “US Veterans risked their lives to safeguard our nation. But many go without dental care and are living with pain and suffering from infections caused by the lack of proper dental care.” Only 8% of all US Veterans get care from the VA and worse yet, US veterans account for 12% of the homeless population in the US. Many Veterans are unable to receive dental treatment from the Veterans Administration because of strict inclusion criteria. To help, the NYC Dentists Give Back Group members have organized and will be delivering these no charge services at their respective dental offices throughout all five Boroughs on December 9.

Harlem Globetrotter Robert Hunter, Metro Area Veteran Directors Johnnie Williams and Manuel Rodriguez, Developer Manager of the Queens Chamber of Commerce Brendan Leavy, Hispanic Dental Association President Dr. Hanette Gomez, Past Presidents of Queens County Dental Society Dr. Robert Trager, Dr. Robert Shpuntoff and Dr. Maria Torres, both club members, and Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, all pledged themselves to make December 9 NYC Dentists Holiday Gift Give Back Day, a day to remember. The group has a new Facebook site: “New York City Dentists Give Back Group”.

Commissioner James Hendon, NYC Department of Veterans’ Services says, “NYC Department of Veterans Services' Engagement and Community Service team will soon begin to actively spread the word about your event. Also, we will begin to promote the Holiday Humanitarian Day dental services that you are offering on social media. We truly appreciate your generosity in offering one day of free dental services to Veterans and vulnerable members of our society.”

Dr. Fialkoff states, “Each New Yorker is very important to the well being of our city. Life is a group effort and the success of any program begins with the individuals in those groups. Any worthwhile activity begins with individuals and then spreads to family, local groups, the city, the state and then nationally. As community members, we can feel proud of helping our community and improving our city. What better way is there to do this, than help to help the very people who fought for our country’s freedom – our own Veterans.”

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff was Valedictorian of the SUNY at Stony Brook Dental School Class of 1980. He trained and graduated from the Memphis Veterans Administration Hospital Periodontal and Implant Surgical Specialty program in Memphis, Tennessee in 1982, is a distinguished honoree of Pierre Fauchard, as well as a Member of the New York State Dental Association Chemical Dependency Committee.

Dr. Fialkoff’s practice welcomes new patients. The office dedicates itself to helping patients with periodontal, dental implant and cosmetic laser treatments that regain confidence and healthy smiles. For 39 years, at 56-03 214th Street, Bayside, NY, the practice has gained a reputation for honesty, integrity and providing excellent, high quality care in a calm and friendly environment. You can contact the office at (718) 229-3838 or

For further information, the office web site and blog is Dr. Fialkoff also has a web page devoted to his non-profit drug education program at:

Oswaldo Uzcategui
Bernard Fialkoff DDS
+1 7182293838
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Rich McLean Releases Human Rights Awarded Audiobook On Recovery From Schizophrenia For FREE

Recovered Not Cured AudioBook Cover Rich McLean

Recovered Not Cured AudioBook Cover Rich McLean

Rich McLean Generously Releases His Hopeful Human Rights Awarded Autobiography 'Recovered Not Cured, A Journey Through Schizophrenia' as an Audiobook for FREE

'This is a powerful, important book. Powerful because it goes straight to the heart of battling a psychotic illness. McLean writes with a bold simplicity and deftly avoids melodrama and bathos.'”

— Anne Deveson


'Recovered, Not Cured, a journey through schizophrenia', the hopeful, triumphant take of alternate realities, is available from audible as a free five-part abridged audiobook, read by artist author and academic Rich Mclean himself.

The book won a Human Rights Award from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and was awarded SANE Australia's 'Book of the year'

It was recorded by Australia's ABC National for the 'Life Matters' program and broadcast internationally to great acclaim.

Download it free to listen to now! Share this story of hope and recovery.

He has just submitted his PhD.


A compelling visual and verbal journey exploring the author's experience of schizophrenia: the first signs, reactions from friends and family, how he sought help, the challenges of recovery.



Edinburgh, 1994 I am crouching in an alleyway. They can t see me here, so for the moment, I am safe. There must be hundreds of loudspeakers projecting secret messages at me, and umpteen video cameras tracking every move I make…They will tie me up, soak my feet in water and have goats lick my feet down to the bone…

Melbourne, 2003 'Nowadays I say that I am recovered, not cured. I have a job, I have my band, I have my friends and my family. I pay my taxes and do the dishes; I'm independent. A couple of pills a day keep me slightly lethargic yet sane. I can live with that.'

Mental illness is common and often devastating. In this day and age, it is a treatable condition, yet many are left untreated, misunderstood. Richard McLean is one of the lucky ones. His words and pictures give us a unique and poignant insight into a hidden, internal world.

'This is a powerful, quirky and important book. Powerful because it goes straight to the heart of battling a psychotic illness. Quirky because of the author s abundant creativity and the delight of his illustrations. Important because it outstrips anything else I have read about schizophrenia for its insight into the nature of psychotic thinking and behaviour. McLean writes with a bold simplicity and deftly avoids melodrama and bathos'. Anne Deveson

Rich Mclean
+61 400 639 248
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VapeOnly vPipe Mini Kit Brings Classic Back

VapeOnly vPipe Mini Kit Unboxing

VapeOnly vPipe Mini Kit Unboxing

Vpipe Mini Four Colors

Vpipe Mini Four Colors

VapeOnly often comes up with quality classical vaping products and the VapeOnly vPipe Mini kit is one of them.

DUBAI, DUBAI, UAE, November 17, 2019 / — VapeOnly often comes up with original products and the VapeOnly vPipe Mini kit is one of them. After the excellent VapeOnly Aura AIO Starter Kit and the VapeOnly vPipe III Ebony E-Pipe, the new model has all the ingredients to become a new vape hit: it is affordable, well-constructed, and user-friendly.

VapeOnly vPipe Mini Kit
The vPipe Mini Kit by VapeOnly can be purchased in most popular vaping stores for about $25. The box contains the following:

• Battery
• Atomizer
• USB Cable
• User Manual
• Warranty Card
• Extra o-rings

Build Quality and Specs
The VapeOnly vPipe Mini is draw-activated, suitable for both beginners and advanced vapers. Materials used are zinc alloy, PCTG, and chrome-plated Brass and the device hosts a 360mAh battery that can be fully charged in just 45 minutes. There is an LED light and every time you use the vPipe Mini, the LED lights up and you can see the word “only” pulsating. The LED also flashes when it detects low voltage, short-circuit or if you puff for more than 10 seconds. Good safety measures to have.

The vPipe is well-crafted with a size of 129 x 22 x 21.5 mm and the design is actually very similar to a regular vape pen but mimicking the pipe bowl at one end of the device.

On top of the battery, there is a 510 connector. The atomizer that comes with the vPipe has a built-in coil reading at 1.0 ohm. Also, there is a small non-adjustable bottom airflow designed for a mouth-to-lung vape, but it is not too tight. Of course, the device is refillable; Just unscrew the mouthpiece and fill it up. The capacity of the atomizer can hold up to 1.5ml of e-liquid which is enough to keep you vaping for a long time. A basic and comfortable refill system with just one problem: losing the mouthpiece accidentally while refilling. Please don’t because the whole vPipe will be useless!

I have reviewed several pod mods and some of them didn’t deliver a good flavor. However, the VapeOnly vPipe Mini does. Considering that there are no settings, buttons or adjustments possible, this E-Pipe is able to blow some decent clouds and let you enjoy some complex flavors. Several types of e-liquids were tested. I started with a blueberry popcorn flavor with 70VG/30PG. Despite the density, the atomizer was able to drain it with no issues. Nonetheless, I would recommend to use 50VG/50PG and salt nicotine e-liquids. I also tried CBD e-liquid in this device, and the flavor and throat hit were very satisfying.

Pros & Cons
• Stylish design
• Portable and compact
• User-friendly
• Good value for money
• Good flavor
• Decent vapor production

• Occasional gurgles
• The LED light can be a bit annoying

I don’t see any good reason why you shouldn’t pick a VapeOnly vPipe Mini Kit if you fancy the look. As I previously said, it is classy, affordable, user-friendly and it comes from a known brand. If you are a novice user, it would suit you perfectly and if you are an experienced vaper with a craving for something new, then here you have an original backup device to vape a stealth vape with salt nic e-liquid.

Abby Cao
Vape Only
134 8233 1184
email us here

vPipe Mini Review by Onz Vape

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CRA & IRS Change Tax Rules As It Pertains To Cellphone Expenses For Employers & Employees

Forbes Technology Council Features mobilityView – Four Tips To Help Businesses Keep Effective Mobile Use Records Before Tax Time (CRA & IRS)

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 16, 2019 / — Four Tips To Help Businesses Keep Effective Mobile Use Records Before Tax Time
Forbes Technology Council

The tax landscape in the business sector frequently changes in North America, and many companies are completely oblivious to the announced changes and the impact of these changes. Changes may be prompted in part because governments at all levels (including municipalities and counties and federal governments) are struggling with massive budget deficits and debts. As an example of important tax regulations, in the United States and in Canada, businesses need to be aware of the tax code as it pertains to the tax treatment and deductibility of a cellphone, from corporate taxes in the U.S. and from the employee taxable benefit perspective in Canada.

The IRS in the U.S. is taking a slightly different approach from Canada in that it is focusing on companies rather than individuals and emphasizes that the company must be tax compliant. This could result in a more efficient tax collection process. In general, you can deduct only the business portion of any business expense, including business use of your home or car and anything else you may use for business. Therefore, it's helpful to require employees to maintain a "mileage book" for the car and cellphone, as well as details about your wireless subscription plan, so that you can present it to the IRS. To remain compliant with the IRS's cellphone policy, you should document business and personal usage for every call, text message and packet of data. A company can't deduct 100% of the cellphone from corporate taxes. Only the documented and substantiated business portion of the cellphone may be deducted.

For many companies in Canada and the U.S., the first inkling of a problem is when a company is audited or employees are suddenly faced with a surprisingly large tax demand. Ultimately an employee is responsible for the accuracy of their tax filing, but all typically trust their employers to ensure that their tax forms are properly filled out. It turns out many Canadian and U.S. corporations I've worked with are unaware of the tax code around cellphones. This could open the door to lawsuits like the BYOD one in California. Employees may demand that their employers reimburse them for their phone use.

Like the IRS's policy, the Canada Revenue Association's (CRA) policy for employers doesn't say not to worry about cellphones, either: The onus is on employers to provide documentation about the percentage of the device usage attributed to work, as well as the fair market value (FMV) of the device. The CRA states explicitly that "if part of the use of the cell phone or Internet service is personal, you have to include the value of the personal use in your employee's income as a taxable benefit. The value of the benefit is based on the FMV of the service, minus any amounts your employee reimburses you." The CRA is being unambiguously clear: At a minimum, the CRA expects employers to calculate the personal usage of cellphones and the associated FMV.

The CRA also says, “You, as the employer, are responsible for determining the percentage of employment use and the FMV. You have to be prepared to justify your position if we ask you to do so.”

The Canadian government is also focusing on the HST (the Canadian national sales tax) portion of operating expenses. HST is relevant for employers and their HST input tax credit (ITC). Only the percentage use of the HST that is associated with commercial (business) purposes may be claimed.

As the CEO of a company that offers a mobile cost management solution, I'm familiar with what it takes to navigate these requirements. Here are some tips for keeping your records up to date:

• Ask your employees to keep a log of business usage (calls, text messages and data). Think of smartphone usage like car mileage for a car that is used for business purposes; you need to keep a log.

• Start to keep historical records. In the U.S., authorities can ask to go back several years in an audit situation.

• Because a significant portion of smartphone expenses can come from data, find a way to indicate what usage is business versus personal. This cannot typically be done manually from your wireless bill for data, as many wireless service providers do not provide this level of detail, but you can use your wireless bill to track voice calls and text messages. To track your data usage, either use a data tracker app or use the app that comes with iOS or Android to view your data consumption per app. Just remember to note the consumption of the app before you use it for work purposes and then note your consumption after use. The difference will give you your business use.

• Find a mobile cost management solution for individual devices or corporate device fleets that can automatically work out the business portion of all your calls, text messages, wireless data and Wi-Fi usage. Today, many businesses use Telephony Expense Management (TEM) solutions such as vCom's and Valicom's and mobile cost management solutions such as my company's.

I know many businesses that have been speaking to wireless service providers for a solution to this problem, but no solution has been forthcoming.

T Damstra
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mobilityView Demo

Source: EIN Presswire Launches New Course on Delaware Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Laws

Delaware Drug and Alcohol Workplace Testing Laws Now Available at

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2019 / —, an online training provider operated by Easler Education Inc., announced today that it has launched a new state law course designed to educate individuals and private employers on the relevant workplace drug and alcohol testing laws in the State of Delaware.

The course, which is entitled “Delaware Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing Laws Training," is available for enrollment on and all of its e-commerce affiliate reselling partner sites immediately.

Andrew Easler, the co-founder of Easler Education Inc, indicates that “particular changes to society’s attitudes regarding Medical Marijuana have led to a massive increase in legislative changes to workplace testing laws across the country. We decided to become a source of reliable information about these changes as they approach on the horizon so that employers can make informed decisions about changes to their policy and so that employees can avoid unwittingly violating their employer’s policies.”

The new course provides private employers and interested employees in Delaware a summary of the current state law as it relates to drug and alcohol testing. The course has been designed for the benefit of both legal and non-legal professionals. In an effort to make this kind of information accessible to non-lawyers, the course is designed to avoid legalese whenever possible and to explain legal terminology when the use of the term is unavoidable.

This course will cover essential topics such as: which type of testing is allowed in Delaware, the benefits and drawbacks of implementing a testing policy including relevant insurance discounts, if applicable, and how to qualify, some of the observed dangers and pitfalls other employers have encountered through relevant case law, and the current status of state marijuana laws and their effects on the implementation of workplace testing programs.

Medical Marijuana became legal in Delaware in 2016, and many employers and employees have found themselves on the wrong side of the statute. Employers have been sued for wrongful termination, and employees have been fired for what they believed to be lawful activity under the Delaware Medical Marijuana Act. The course is expected to benefit a wide range of employers and employees, including, but not limited to:

-Business Owners
-Human Resource Professionals
-Substance Abuse Professionals
-Addiction Counselors
-Safety Officers
-Fleet Supervisors
-Site Supervisors
-Compliance Officers
-Employees of Private Businesses
-Corporate Counsel
-Employment Attorneys
-Compliance Consultants
-Other Workplace Testing Stakeholders

For more information on our drug and alcohol testing courses or to become a reseller, visit, or give us a call at 1-888-390-5574.

James Timothy White
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Drug & Alcohol Testing Laws

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Government Must Step Up to End Diaper Need in US Says New Study in January Issue of American Journal of Public Health

The capacity of diaper banks to meet diaper need varies widely across the nation, and is largely dependent upon the philanthropic support of local communities.

Diaper need is every community’s problem…the country’s problem. As this study demonstrates, even the best efforts of the nonprofit sector cannot solve that problem without public sector involvement.”

— Sanjeev Sriram, M.D., MPH

NEW HAVEN, CT, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2019 / — With nearly half the infants and toddlers in the US living in poor and low-wage families—who may struggle to access material basic necessities—federal, state and municipal support is essential to augment nonprofit efforts to combat diaper need, according to a study in the American Journal of Public Health.

Diaper need is the struggle to provide an adequate supply of diapers to keep children clean, dry, and healthy. Previous research has associated diaper need with maternal depression; diaper rash and urinary tract infections; and decreased work hours for parents, because they are turned away by child cares that require them to supply diapers.

The authors documented the impact of hundreds of nonprofits belonging to the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN), which distributed more than 52 million diapers in 2016, and devoted more than a million volunteer hours to the effort. While the diaper distribution programs successfully helped nearly 280,000 children during the time period, collectively, the NDBN diaper distribution programs reached just 4% of the 7 million young children living in families at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.

“Given the harms that we know children and families face from diaper need, this points to a serious public health problem with long lasting impact,” said lead author Kelley E.C. Massengale, Ph.D., MPH.

Previous research conducted by Massengale has demonstrated significant benefits when children receive diapers, including positive changes in parental mental health; improved child health and happiness; increased opportunities to access child care, go to work, and attend school; and the ability to divert household finances toward other material basic needs, including utilities and medical care.

“Diapers have an enormous impact on families,” said Joanne S. Goldblum, CEO of the National Diaper Bank Network and one of the study’s authors. Goldblum also co-authored a 2013 study in the journal Pediatrics that linked diaper need to maternal depression.

“We found that diaper need is a stronger predictor of depressive symptoms than food insecurity,” Goldblum said. “That’s not surprising. There are at least some public programs to help families with food, such as the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). But in most of the country, families with diaper need must rely upon the charity of nonprofits with limited resources.”

Sanjeev Sriram, M.D., MPH, said the American Journal of Public Health study is the latest research pointing out the need for public policy around diaper need. “Past research has shown providing diapers keeps kids healthier and helps parents attend school and work, which of course benefits the family and the community economically,” he said. “Diaper need is every community’s problem, every state’s problem, and the country’s problem. As this study demonstrates, even the best efforts of the nonprofit sector cannot solve that problem without public sector involvement.”

The authors propose a number of policy solutions to end diaper need, including: repeal of sales tax on diapers, the allocation of government resources to establish and expand diaper bank programs, and government assistance directly to families living in poverty.

The capacity of diaper banks to meet diaper need varies widely across the nation, and is largely dependent upon the philanthropic support of local communities. The study found that in more than 14 US states, less than 1% of the diaper need was met by nonprofits. States with the highest percentages of coverage included Rhode Island, Texas and Alabama at 16%, 15%, and 10%, respectively.

The authors cited past studies of diaper bank outcomes that showed significant benefits of providing families with diapers: “Having an adequate diaper supply can have a positive impact on early childhood education participation, parents’ work attendance, the ability to keep scheduled appointments, and opportunities to participate in community events outside the home.”

Anna E. Austin and Lynn H. Comer were also authors.

The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) is a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to eliminating diaper need in America, by leading a national movement to help meet the basic needs of all babies and their families, including access to clean, dry diapers and other material goods. Founded in 2011 with the support of Huggies®, the network raises national awareness of diaper need (#DiaperNeed) and supports the development and expansion of diaper banks in communities throughout the country. Its active membership includes more than 200 diaper banks, diaper pantries, and food banks located in 50 US states and the District of Columbia. More information on NDBN and diaper need is available at, and on Twitter (@DiaperNetwork), Instagram (@DiaperNetwork) and Facebook (

Troy Moore
National Diaper Bank Network
+1 203-821-7348
email us here

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Andrew David Easler Awarded Arcadier, Biggie & Wood Law Firm's $1,000 Scholarship

Andrew Easler

Andrew David Easler

Andrew David Easler, entrepreneur and law student at Florida A&M University College of Law, selected for competitive scholarship from among over 50 applicants.

It is an honor to be selected from such a respected group of applicants and I truly appreciate the opportunity this scholarship represents.”

— Andrew David Easler

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2019 / — Andrew David Easler, a local resident of Melbourne, Florida has been named the recipient of the $1,000 scholarship offered by the ABW Law firm from among over fifty applicants nationwide.

Maurice Arcadier, Partner of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood says, “We are proud to see the emergence of high-quality law students who are devoted to the furtherance of ethical and diligent legal work. We received numerous quality applications and it was difficult to make a selection. We wish all applicants great success in their legal and life endeavors and once again congratulate Mr. Easler for his passion and efforts.”

The Arcadier, Bigger & Wood Law Firm believes that one of the main tenets that make our democratic society great is the ability to share and debate opposing philosophies, to challenge one another to consider alternative ideas, and to use this discourse to develop a compromise that allows a community to thrive.

The scholarship is given to an individual who exemplifies a strong understanding of the value of civil discourse and who has used this ability to share and communicate ideas in the face of adversity to help better their community. Their community is not limited to just their town or place of residence; it can be their town, their school, a club, or any other community they help to improve.

While at Florida A&M University College of Law, Andrew Easler has been active in all aspects of his law school experience including as a junior editor of The Florida A & M University (FAMU) Law Review, a leader in the nationwide award-winning FAMU Chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF), a founding member and Vice President of the FAMU Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS), a class representative in the FAMU Student Bar Association (SBA), and a student member on both the College of Law Curriculum Committee and Committee on Part-Time Students. Easler manages to maintain a 3.48 GPA while training hundreds of individuals across the nation on a monthly basis through his education company, He has published three textbooks while in law school and plans on publishing several more before earning his Juris Doctorate.

About Arcadier, Biggie & Wood Law Firm

The eight lawyers of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC are dedicated and experienced attorneys representing clients in Brevard County, Florida with diverse legal needs including personal injury, car accidents, bankruptcies, foreclosures, commercial litigation, business law, sexual harassment, wills, and employment law. In addition, the firm helps a wide range of individual and commercial clients through its proprietary legal marketplace.

Our firm's team of attorneys and staff have extensive expertise in just about every field of law including personal injury, bankruptcy, business law, immigration, whistle-blower protections, and mediation. As evidenced by our AV rating pursuant to Martindale-Hubble, our lawyers and attorneys are respected by court officials, judges, legal peers and opposing counsel for their professionalism and efficiency. As experienced Lawyers covering Melbourne, Palm Bay and surrounding areas in Brevard County, Florida, our lawyers will always be responsive to questions and concerns.

With over 75 years of combined legal experience representing individuals, companies, and organizations, we are able to see many sides of a legal problem and legal issues. Indeed, we have an attorney that is perfectly right for your legal needs.

For more information contact:

For Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC

Maurice Arcadier
2815 W. New Haven, Suite 304
Melbourne, FL 32904

James Timothy White
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Lisa Goldenthal, Weight Loss Expert and Author, Explains the Phenomenon Between Walking Patterns and Sleep Quality

Lisa Goldenthal, Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Expert

“The struggle is real,” states Lisa Goldenthal, “insomnia affects tens of millions of Americans each year to varying degrees.”

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2019 / — Taking more steps during the day may be related to better sleep at night, according to an encouraging new study of lifestyle and sleep patterns. The study, which delved into the links between walking and snoozing, suggests that being active can influence how well we sleep, whether we actually exercise or not. Now, Lisa Goldenthal, a Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Expert, and recent winner of the Best of Los Angeles Award for “Best Diet Book – 2019”, shares her thoughts on this interesting phenomenon.

“The struggle is real,” states Lisa Goldenthal, “insomnia affects tens of millions of Americans each year to varying degrees. Studies show that walking as little as three miles a day can promote better sleep. It is best to avoid being active too close to bedtime, however. Exercise reduces stress, and is good for physical well-being, both of which are good for sleep, but it also increases your body’s core temperature, making it tough to drift off.”

A woman of many talents, Lisa Goldenthal is the owner and founder of Lisa G Fitness, which is known as the results-driven wellness retreat, corporate wellness leader, weight loss expert, and fitness expert of choice for people wishing to live a healthier and happier life.

Scientists have long been intrigued and befuddled by the ties between physical activity and somnolence. To most of us, it might seem as if that relationship should be uncomplicated, advantageous and one-way. You work out, grow tired and sleep better that night.

However, the time of day a work-out occurs is equally important. “A recent study found that 7 a.m. workouts improve sleep quality more than late-day exercise,” continues Lisa Goldenthal, “additionally, spending time outside every day might be helpful. Being exposed to natural light by walking outside in the morning helps you develop a strong circadian rhythm, which promotes healthy sleep.”

No matter what, it’s clear that those struggling with recent insomnia symptoms should attempt an exercise routine to see if there any benefits. “The added social benefits of walking with another person could offer an additional boost for your mood, thereby improving sleep,” concludes Lisa Goldenthal, “all the studies show that if you move more you sleep better.”


Utilizing a truly holistic approach to good health, Lisa Goldenthal has now produced real results in her business for more than 20 years. She strongly encourages lowering stress levels to improve overall health, and she relies on nutritional education plus personal training knowledge to help her clients achieve and maintain optimal health. She graduated from UCLA’s renowned Personal Training Program and her proudest accomplishment is her popular fitness DVD entitled “Skinny Jeans Workout.”

Her book, “The Boss Weight Loss: Permanent Weight Loss in Six Easy Steps,” is for those who are tired of starting out each summer trying a new diet trend, only to lose the weight and gain it right back again. The book starts with an education about nutrition, exercise and physical and spiritual health, and ultimately leads to a lifestyle that echoes all these principles.

As a bonus this book also comes with downloadable links to workouts, a cookbook, worksheets and a weight loss meditation.

Aurora DeRose
Michael Levine Media
+1 310-396-6090
email us here

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Hawaiian Eye Foundation Travels to Indonesia for Educational Eye Meeting

Professionals from around Indonesia join in the this first conference.

Dr. Manchima and staff/residents during a patient consult.

Dr. Subramanian is also a dedicated member of the HEF Advisory Board.

Dr. Subramanian gives a lecture at the Inaugural IEM to an engaged crowd of Ophthalmologists and residents.

The Inaugural Indonesia Eye Meeting is held in Bali

“We are thrilled to have this relationship with Udayana University, Sanglah General Hospital, and the IOA/PERDAMI. We've been so welcomed and embraced by this incredible team of professionals!”

— Darrah Kauhane, ED, HEF

HONOLULU, HAWAII, USA, November 15, 2019 / — Highly trained and valuably skilled ophthalmologists from across the United States joined together to form a team of 6 volunteers that traveled to Bali, Indonesia, this past month. The three-day Indonesia Eye Meeting (IEM) was held at the Sanglah General Hospital, in coordination with the Faculty of Medicine of Udayana University, conducted by the Hawaiian Eye Foundation, and sponsored by Allergan and CorneaGen. IEM was attended by over 100 Indonesian ophthalmology students and practicing ophthalmologists.

This year’s Meeting marked the country’s first IEM eye surgical training program! A wide range of didactic topics were again included: glaucoma, cataracts, neuro-ophthalmology, corneal and retinal disorders were covered in lectures and patient consultations, and a live wet lab to perform corneal implant surgery demonstrations. Case examinations were given by residents and patients were seen to allow the highly-skilled surgeons a first-hand look at the most difficult cases. Our world-renowned specialists provided valuable education to the Indonesian ophthalmologists. We sincerely thank Drs. Allen Eghrari, Manchima Makornwattana, Dhanu Meleth, and Prem Subramanian, for sharing their vast knowledge and years of skill in the specialties of Cornea, Glaucoma, Retina and Neuro-Ophthalmology, respectively.

HEF has been invited to return in 2020, to provide additional subspecialties, along with hands-on basic skills training workshops for local residents. Topics will include retinoscopy, refraction, keratometry, lensometry, tonometry, indirect ophthalmology, gonioscopy, visual fields, pediatric exams, neurologic exams, optical coherence tomography, and a suture lab.

The HEF faculty members traveled to Indonesia at their own expense to donate their time. “We are thrilled to begin this long-term relationship with the Udayana University, Sanglah General Hospital, and the Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association (IOA) also known as PERDAMI, under the umbrella of the Indonesian Medical Association. We have been so welcomed and embraced by this incredible team and their enthusiasm gives us such hope about the future of this partnership! We feel blessed to bring together such amazing professionals to share our mutual goals of education and compassionate, quality eye care,” said Darrah Kauhane, Executive Director of Hawaiian Eye Foundation. “The people of Indonesia inspire us to continue to reach out to other SE Asian countries and share this truly valuable program.”

Indonesia has 1668 ophthalmologists for all 257 million people. This represents a ratio of one ophthalmologist for 100,000 people, which is one-quarter of the World Health Organization’s target. Thus, the urgent need for ophthalmic training. Because of the event’s success, Hawaiian Eye Foundation will return for IEM-II in 2020. The Foundation’s efforts in Indonesia are amplified by its scholarship programs for SE Asian ophthalmologists and ongoing Vietnamese, Cambodian and Myanmar symposiums. Coming soon to Laos!

The 501(c)(3) non-profit, Hawaiian Eye Foundation (HEF), for 35 years, has worked to ensure that all people have access to eye care.

Darrah Kauhane
Hawaiian Eye Foundation
+1 808-536-3961
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Baby Oil with Natural Ingredients Earns Praise from Happy Amazon UK Users

Mori of Norway Baby Massage Oil

Mori – Nappy Cream

Mori Baby Oil

AURLAND, NORWAY, November 15, 2019 / — Mori of Norway reports that its recently launched baby oil is now making steady progress on Amazon UK. The eco-friendly brand remarks that many satisfied users have recommended this product for newborns to date. According to the company, the fragrance-free baby product is perfectly suited for babies’ tender skin and helps clean, moisturize and protect delicate skin naturally. Mori of Norway is also proud that its baby oil, like all its other products, carries certifications from AllergyCertified, Nordic Swan Ecolabel and COSMOS.

“Babies' skin is so soft and gentle that rashes can be a common occurrence, especially while they're still in diapers. That's why supporting proper skin health is essential to keeping them calm and comfortable,” said Sissel Skjerdal, the spokesperson for Mori of Norway. “Our new baby cream is perfect for babies of all ages; our smooth, soothing, hydrating moisturizer is free of perfumes or dyes and helps fortify and protect your little girl or boy's skin from dryness and irritation.”

Mori’s organic baby oil includes canola oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, brassica campestris seed oil, brassica napus seed oil, and simmondsia chinensis seed oil. Mori of Norway informs that 20% of all ingredients in this product are derived from organic farming. It can be added to bathwater or applied directly to moist skin. The product also works very well as massage oil. When used together with essential oils, it becomes a useful carrier oil.

“Love this product, I have a 6-month old who I wouldn’t dream of using cheap products on, and this is great. It may cost more than usual brands, but why wouldn’t you?! It’s organic, brilliant for newborn/ sensitive skin. Lightly fragranced so no harsh smells, and very relaxing for baby when you’re massaging this into their skin, (wet or dry). I would buy again and will be recommending to my mummy friends,” an impressed reviewer mentioned in her Amazon review.

Mori of Norway is a family-owned-and-operated company dedicated to creating natural skin care products and maintaining exemplary focus on safety and quality. The company’s baby oil massage is manufactured in a cosmetic factory in Denmark.

Those interested in learning more about Mori’s line of products should visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.


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Baby Oil with Natural Ingredients Earns Praise from Happy Amazon UK Users

Source: EIN Presswire