Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market 2019 Global Trends, Share, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast To 2024

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, October 16, 2019 / — Summary:
A new market study, titled “Discover Global Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on WiseGuyReports.
Global Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market
Period panties (menstrual underwear) are comfortable inventions that are designed to provide women with an innocuous period experience during their time of the month. It showcases a leak-proof design that is durable, easy, and comfortable to wear throughout the day. The design, shape, size, colors, and material used for period panties (menstrual underwear) vary from one company to another. Period panties (menstrual underwear) take away the hassle of constantly worrying about changing and allow women to about their day uninterrupted.

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The market that period panties target are women. The industry has bifurcated women into two categories:
• Women between the ages of 25-50.
• Young girls between ages 15-24.

The audience group mentioned above is most likely to use a product like period panties. Most women start being extremely conscious of the time of their month in terms of clothes they wear, how they sit, how to deal with extremely painful period cramps, etc. This is where period panties (menstrual underwear) aid them.
From being a fashion statement, period panties (menstrual underwear) have become sustainable and efficient when it comes to period management. It's an economical solution that'll allow women to carry on their everyday activities as they do every day.
Its target audience is working women and teenagers who experience a lighter flow. The aim of targeting such a diverse audience is to provide different types of women with the option of managing periods easily without worrying about the hassle of changing and checking for stains.
Period panties (menstrual underwear) come in various styles and types from boxer shorts to hipsters to meet the comfort needs of different women.

Regional Overview
Region-specific growths and trends are easy to notice. China is believed to have a large population that heavily depends on feminine hygiene products. But due to the low birth rate, they are on course to be surpassed by India in the near future. The Asian Pacific is believed to be the second-largest consumer of feminine hygiene products.
The US and European regions are expected to have modest growth. Many international brands line THINKX and PantyProp surfacing the market countries like the US and Europe are capturing a stronger target base.
The Indian market is still a budding space where feminine hygiene products are yet to reach their potential. In India, most women reach out for sanitary napkins (also known as pads) when it comes to period management.
With a better assessment of the market, a common trend that will impact the market is that young women will start looking for eco-friendly options that also provide a seamless period experience. This, in turn, will characterize market growth while disseminating information of various feminine hygiene products including period panties (menstrual underwear).

Industry News
Period panties (menstrual underwear) are being identified as an eco-friendly option for period management. The media space identifies certain key characteristics to period panties like absorption rate, durability, reusable nature, leak-proof technology, etc. It aims to inform women about what period panties have to offer.
According to a global study conducted, the period panties (Menstrual Underwear) industry is expected to grow on a global scale within the next five years. This will, in turn, contribute to the wider spectrum of the feminine hygiene market. Currently, the media aims to provide information on the functioning, size, design, and feature of period panties (menstrual underwear) while also informing the audience about the top players in the market.

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Source: EIN Presswire