Mouthwash Industry Market 2019: Global Analysis, Share, Trends, Application Analysis and Forecast To 2026

Mouthwash Market: Global Analysis,Share, Trends, Application Analysis And Forecast To 2026

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, October 15, 2019 / — Mouthwash Industry


Mouthwash is used after brushing or flossing to assist rinse off food particles from the teeth. It is also regarded as a protection against oral illnesses for gum and teeth Mouthwash may have a range of bacteria-fighting components in the mouth, including cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), a secure and efficient germ-fighting ingredient, although a tiny proportion of individuals have reported temporary unpleasant aftertaste. 

Rinsing with a fluoride-containing mouthwash authorized by ADA will assist to decrease cavity risk. Cavities are one of the major dental issues, and fluoride is one of the best ways to reduce cavities and demineralize your teeth. As such, to avoid any surprise cavities use of a fluoride mouthwash as part of daily oral hygiene regimen should be considered. 

Market Dynamics 

Increasing awareness of oral hygiene is mainly driving the worldwide market in Mouthwash. In the United States, 8.52 percent of adolescents aged from 20 to 64 years old have periodontal disease according to the (1999-2004) National Health & Nutrition Survey. Periodontal illnesses are primarily caused by infections and inflammation in gums and bone that surround and support the teeth, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Untreated early forms of periodontal illness (i.e., gingivitis), can lose the bone supporting the teeth and infect the gums. Teeth may become loose and ultimately have to be extracted with small bone assistance. The increased Internet penetration in developing nations is another significant factor in stimulating development on the Mouthwash industry. In 2017, the number of Internet users in India was 461.35 million. As a result, sales of oral care goods have risen, such as mouthwash, via e-commerce. 

Moreover, increasing awareness of natural and organic goods will fuel development on the market for mouthwash. For example, Desert Essence's Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash is sugar-free that decreases plaque growth by frequent use, leading to a refreshed breath of the mouth and gums. The availability of falsified products and laws on oral care product's packaging and labeling could however hinder the market growth during the forecast period. 

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Market Segmentation 

Global Mouthwash Market: By Product 
• Cosmetics products 
• Therapeutic products 

Global Mouthwash Market: By Distribution Channel 
• Offline distribution channel 
• Online distribution channel 

Segment Analysis 

The global market for mouthwash is divided into cosmetics and therapeutic by product. Due to the increasing demand in organics over the counter (OTC) mouthwash, the cosmetics segment accounted for the largest market share in 2018, and should dominate the market through the forecast period. However, during the prediction era, the therapeutic section will increase more than 6% at a CAGR. This development is mainly fueled by freshly started mouthwash combined with increasing numbers of dentists advising patients of therapeutic mouthwash. The world mouthwash market is divided into the offline distribution channel and the online distribution channel via a distribution channel. Offline distribution represented a ~90 percent market share in the worldwide mouthwash industry in 2018. During the forecast period, however, the internet channel is anticipated to grow by two digits. 

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Regional Analysis 

Geographically, North America, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe, South America and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) are divided into global mouthwash markets. The majority of its market share in 2018 was in North America and Europe and will probably dominate the market during the forecast. Over the last five years, global Mouthwash's manufacturing and consumption have also risen considerably. With progress in chemical technology, a more comprehensive and improved range of functions is being developed for future mouthwashes. The population of Mouthwash users has grown considerably in developing countries in regions like APAC, MEA, and South America. The medium-age population opted for Mouthwash due to the factors of aging anxiety, concerns about the changes in face appearance and a sense of motivation to look younger. Factors such as these will thus influence the global Mouthwash market during the forecast period. The increased awareness of natural ingredients that protect from gum diseases is expected to boost market growth, particularly in areas such as North America and Europe. 

Competitive Analysis 

Strengthened competitors on the market include strategies for acquisitions and mergers, regional expansion, partnerships, and product launches. The Global Mouthwash Market focuses on a number of global and local market players. Creating customer consciousness through aggressive marketing strategies and increasing product visibility throughout the retail area is another step that market players take to create demand.

A strong competition among market players has begun at different paces to develop a new product, to set low prices, to drive aggressive marketing strategies, and to start up new products according to the preferences of customers. Major players operating in the market are GlaxoSmithKline, Colgate-Palmolive Company, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, and Procter & Gamble. Other prominent players in the market are SmartMouth Oral Health Laboratories, Uncle Harry's Natural Products, Lion Corporation, Desert Essence, Alticor (Amway), and The Himalaya Drug Company. 

The new product launches and recent developments in companies will boost the market growth over the forecast period.
For instance: Unilever announced in December 2018 that it had entered into a contract to acquire GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK HFD) portfolio for health food drinks in India, Bangladesh and 20 other mainly Asian markets. On the other hand Listerine Nightly reset with a less intense taste and a new flavor, with fluoride and no alcohol recently launched by Johnston & Johnson Services: Twilight Mint. It has been designed to improve compliance in the night by means of a powerful new formulation which works hard while patients sleep. Such prominent activities by the major players in the industry will significantly drive the market over the forecast period.


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Source: EIN Presswire