Loop Genomics Launches New First of its Kind Transcriptomics Service Combining Probe Capture, Single-Cell and Long-Reads

Loop Genomics to provide new insight into single-cell transcriptomic research leveraging their ability to perform long-read sequencing on Illumina sequencers

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Loop Genomics, the long-read sequencing company with a hardware free solution, has expanded its services capabilities to provide researchers with a new combination of technologies to deliver targeted, long-read single-cell transcriptomics data.

Single cell RNASeq using Illumina sequencers is limited to short reads sequencing that only identifies genes, not splicing isoforms. Loop Genomics long-read sequencing technology uses Illumina sequencing instruments coupled with, probe capture and cDNA from single cell experiments to generate long-read data, allowing researchers to gain significant additional insights into their transcriptome research.

The technology enables focusing on transcripts of interest in single cell transcriptomics by performing long-read probe capture and long-read single cell transcriptome sequencing on Illumina sequencers.

“It used to be the case that these single-cell long-read experiments were only able to be performed by a few very well funded labs. Not any more. Loop is leveling the playing field.”, says Dr. Zohar Shipony from Stanford University.
The sequencing service includes Loop’s computational pipeline, that reconstructs the long-read transcripts from clouds of barcoded short reads and also provides actionable reports so researchers can quickly figure out the next experiment they’d like to perform.

According to Tuval Ben Yehezkel PhD, CEO and founder of Loop Genomics, “With early adopters of the new service spanning industry and academic labs like Stanford University, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and Oslo University Hospital this new service is solving immediate needs and generating some very interesting data. We are proud to continue to leverage our core synthetic long-read technology to bring this brand new highly innovative service, the first of its kind in the single-cell space to market, and we will continue to translate the latest advances in synthetic long read sequencing into products for researchers in their pursuit of getting better genomic data.”

Notes to editors:

Founded in late 2015, Loop Genomics is a San Francisco bay area company that offers a novel technology for hardware-free synthetic long-read sequencing. In addition to its transcriptome offerings, the company offers various kits and services for long read microbiome sequencing and long read microbial genome assembly.


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