Mission 2X: reduce food waste and increase food safety. It is possible.

Mission 2X: reduce food waste and increase safety

One person in six get sick for foodborne diseases in the USA: a solution was found by an engineer after reading a geology magazine in the dentist's waiting room

TORBOLE SUL GARDA, TRENTO, ITALY, October 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Magnetic decay smart label, Innovative Technology Protecting Heat Sensitive Food and Medicine.

Now seeking community support via crowdfunding, magnetic decay smart labels are an innovative technology to protect the integrity of heat sensitive products as they pass through domestic or global supply chains.

Do you know what the cold chain is? The cold chain is the best natural food preservative and protects nutrients and our health. CDC estimates 48 million people get sick, 128000 are hospitalized and 3000 die for foodborne diseases each year in the United States. Marco Mandelli, an (italian) engineer, says: when I was studying at university I helped my father in his tiny "supermarket" in Torbole, on Lake Garda, in northern Italy. Often the transporters delivered us perishable products that evidently had not been kept at the right temperature. I was used to contact the food producers directly, but unfortunately no one cared about my reports (e-mails, phone calls). As a material science engineer, I started to study a system to solve this problem, characterized by having a very low cost and the capability to store the results. The idea came to me when I read a geology article while waiting in the dentist's waiting room and it was about a label with two small dashes printed on it, with no electronic or other components.

Today, temperature monitoring for food and medicine in modern supply chains is inadequate. Data-loggers and digital thermometers that store temperature data are unsustainable for individual product monitoring. While nearly 30 percent of perishable foods and medicines are wasted due to exposure to unsafe temperatures, magnetic decay labels, an innovative new technology, is prepared to restore supply-chain integrity and make conservation quality data more readily accessible.

These scannable labels to be produced for as little as one cent, are to be used by “insiders”, logistics operators and consumers in nearly any setting. Fastened to food, medicine, or other perishable and heat sensitive products, labels retain crucial information for the product’s temperature conditions. Upon scanning, data related to the proper storage of the item is transmitted to the user and stored in a web application, which tracks data in real-time and can transmit alerts if temperature controls fail.The first public appearance dates back to 2014 where data was available to consumers thanks to a QR code banner on refrigerated shelves.
Gone are the days of questioning the integrity of products as they flow through the supply chain.

Generous contributions will be used to develop and distribute labels and its associated technologies, including ink, and reader hardware, and the web application.

About This Project
Developed in Italy by Marco Mandelli, PhD, magnetic decay labels seeks to restore integrity to supply chains by preserving heat sensitive foods and medicines and making data more readily available to consumers. Passionate about preventing the loss of perishable foods or life saving medicines in hot climate regions of the world, Mandelli has won numerous academic and industry awards for his pioneering research and engineering.

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