Dunn Healthcare Center is Moving to a New Location

At their new location, walk-ins will be welcome. The facility will also have new operating hours. The doors will be open from 7AM to 7PM Monday through Friday

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA, July 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — As of August 1st, 2019, Dunn Healthcare Center will be operating out of its new location at

5552 Franklin Pike
Nashville, TN 37220

At their new location, walk-ins will be welcome. The facility will also have new operating hours. The doors will be open from 7AM to 7PM Monday through Friday and 9AM to 12PM on Saturday. After hours and weekends, visits will be by appointment only. The facility is moving to its new location so that it can provide a higher quality of care to the patients it serves on a regular basis. With this move and the continued care offered at the two satellite locations, the ultimate goal is to ensure that each patient can get the care and treatment they need when they need it the most. This includes scheduling appointments after hours and on weekends, when other facilities may be closed or otherwise unavailable.

The Franklin Pike location will offer a comprehensive list of services and will be considered our primary healthcare clinic. The focus at this location will be on urgent care as well as a variety of other services designed to provide generalized healthcare. The following list of services will also be available at this location:

• Treatment of injuries
• X-ray and ultrasounds
• Diagnosis of illnesses
• Preventative health and wellness
• Lab work
• Flu shots

Urgent care and the treatment of both illnesses and injuries are a large part of what makes Dunn Healthcare Center one of the best in the Nashville area. With the addition of preventative health and wellness services, the staff at the center can offer patients an opportunity to maintain good health and reduce their overall risk of illness and disease. By providing positive lifestyle options, the hope is that patients will stay healthier longer.
Conventional forms of healthcare make up the core treatment options at Dunn Healthcare Center. By including chiropractic care, massage therapy and other alternative forms of therapy, the staff at the facility are intent on offering to their patients the most popular, as well as the most beneficial forms of therapy possible. By blending modalities, patients receive the best of both worlds and are able to play an active role in the healthcare they receive.

The following services will be offered at the primary location as well as both of the satellite locations where only chiropractic-related services are offered:

• Chiropractic Care
• Massage therapy
Spinal Decompression
• Physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation

Chiropractic care, massage therapy, and other treatment options related to this type of care are beneficial because of the treat the patient as a whole. Body, mind, and spirit are all treated as integral parts that make up the person as a whole. These treatment options encourage the body's healing responses to kick in, therefore hastening its ability to repair injured tissues. As the body continues to heal, it also starts to regain strength and increase mobility. The reason for this is that each treatment option supports the other, creating a unified healing effort.
Dunn Healthcare Center will also offer two satellite clinics that will only offer chiropractic care and the treatments associated with it. The two satellite locations are as follows:

#2 Satellite Clinic Specializing in Chiropractic Care Only
4809 Trousdale Dr
Nashville, TN 37220

#3 Satellite Clinic Specializing in Chiropractic Care Only
3872 Cleghorn Ave
Nashville TN 37215

All three of Dunn Healthcare Centers' facilities are dedicated to providing each patient with a level of healthcare that meets and exceeds their expectations. Appointments can be made at any of the three locations or patients can walk in during normal business hours and be seen on a first come, first served basis.

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Dunn Healthcare Center
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Source: EIN Presswire