Vaffle APP Releases News that Half of California Tobacco and Vape Shops Fail to ID Teens

Vaffle APP Releases News that Half of California Tobacco and Vape Shops Fail to ID Teens

In California, half of tobacco and vape shops fail to ID teens.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2019 / — According to a research published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatics, almost half of tobacco and vape shops illegally sold nicotine-containing products to teenagers. While the legal age to purchase tobacco products, e-cigarettes and e-liquid containing nicotine is 21 in California, it appeared that during an undercover operation 18 and 19-years old teens were not asked to show their ID.

This published research letter claims that 49.8% of tobacco and vape shops failed to check ID for their under aged decoys and that 44.7% of tobacco and vape shops sold vapor products to them, which is higher than other tobacco retailers.

The research also showed that shops were more likely to sell vape products over traditional cigarettes, which could be caused by the fact that vape products cost more and they might have a higher profit margin for retailers, so the temptation is greater to sell.

The increase of vape products amongst teens have raised significantly, with over 40% of 12 graders saying they now own a device, according to a report released last year. Apparently, raising the age to 21 isn’t working enough if vape and tobacco shops don’t check for ID’s. 

98% of the vape shops were aware of this new legal age law, which was introduced in 2016 in California. The country's leading vape manufacturer, Juul Labs, has considered opening private retail stores that would check customers' IDs at the door. The move came amid heightened scrutiny of the company, including a lawsuit from North Carolina's attorney general accusing the manufacturer of marketing products to children.

This “epidemic” raise of vaping teens may result into more restrictions on the retailers of nicotine containing products. Actually, San Francisco has already banned vaping products. However, cigarettes are still sold with no more restrictions. 

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Neurological Symptoms of Vaginal Mesh Injuries Ignored as AUGS Does Nothing

TVM devices have caused 1000s of women neurological injuries including ilioinguinal, pudendal, & obturator neuralgia, as well as complex regional pain syndrome.

Without AUGS requiring mandatory CME women are left to the internet to figure out their diagnosis.”

— Dr. Greg Vigna

SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 16, 2019 / — Polypropylene transvaginal mesh (TVM) devices have been in the US market for over two decades causing neurological injuries to thousands of women. Unfortunately, the symptoms of the neurological injuries that include ilioinguinal neuralgia, pudendal neuralgia, complex regional pain syndrome, and obturator neuralgia remain ignored and poorly understood by urologists, gynecologists, and urogynecologists because of a lack of warning by the manufacturers of the specific nerves the devices injure, the magnitude of harm, and frequency of injuries, along with the embarrassing lack of affirmative action by American Urogynecological Society (AUGS) to ensure the safety of women they are entrusted to protect.

The focus of Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff, President of AUGS, is misguided to the detriment of women as evidenced by ‘President’s Perspective’ on the front page of AUGS’ website as it focuses on the ethics of Expert Witnesses who offer testimony based on their individual skill, knowledge, experience, and training. AUGS is attempting to limit the testimony of the growing ‘substantial minority’ of its members that have concluded that certain devices are unreasonably dangerous by making Plaintiff Experts subject to disciplinary action by AUGS that it views as ‘deliberately erroneous, deceptive, misleading or without scientific basis.'

AUGS is entrusted to protect women and to date has not required its members to perform mandatory Continued Medical Education (CME) on the symptoms of neurological injuries associated with the devices and the treatment options available understanding that timely diagnosis and treatment of neurological injury can limit the harm caused by these devices.

Dr. Greg Vigna, a practicing physician, national pharmaceutical injury attorney, and Certified Life Care Planner states, “Without AUGS requiring mandatory CME women are left to the internet to figure out their diagnosis. The symptoms of neurological injuries include burning, shooting, numbness, and stabbing pain. Women can’t wear tight pants because of allodynia and have vivid description of feeling a foreign body such as a golf ball in their anus or vagina. Pain may be referred to the medial aspect of the thigh, painful bladder filling, numbness of the clitoris or hyperarousal, and tail bone pain.”

The FDA has acted to remove the Boston Scientific Uphold device and the Coloplast DirectFix Anterior device used in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse on April 16, 2019.

Dr. Vigna adds, “Dr. Cundiff and Board Members of the AUGS need to take a hard look at its past failures instead of focusing on activities of testifying experts because the transobturator slings are marching down the same path that led to the FDA banning the transvaginal mesh devices used for pelvic organ prolapse as AUGS did nothing to protect women from unreasonably dangerous devices. Clearly, the FDA will soon determine that the transobturator and minislings on the market are Class III devices (higher-risk) that will lead to the removal of the Boston Scientific Obtryx and Solyx slings, Ethicon TVT-O sling, and the Coloplast Altis and Aris slings to extinction as they offer no benefit when compared to the retropubic sling with severe risk of permanent neurological injury.”

For articles, video resources, and information on the neurological complications of TVM visit the Pudendal Neuralgia Educational Portal or We also have a new eBook discussing the consequences of sling implantation.

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Stonehill CEO Elected Vice Chairman of Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research

Stonehill announced today that its CEO, Doug Pace, has been elected Vice Chairman of the Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research.

The organization is extremely innovative and positioned to do meaningful work”

— Doug Pace, CEO of Stonehill

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2019 / — Stonehill announced today that its CEO, Doug Pace, has been elected Vice Chairman of the Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research. The Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research, Inc., (LEITR) is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to the recovery, evaluation and distribution of eye tissue for transplantation, research and education. LEITR’s Eye Bank, located in Tampa, Fla., is one of the largest combined eye bank and ocular research centers in the world. Since its inception, it has brought the “Gift of Sight” to more than 130,000 men, women and children worldwide.

Prior to Mr. Pace’s election as Vice Chairman of Institute, he was Chairman of the Lions Eye Institute Foundation.

Mr. Pace has held several leadership and board positions with organizations across Tampa Bay. He is currently Chairman of the Town of Belleair Infrastructure Committee and serves on the boards of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce and the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation. His past affiliations include the University of Florida’s College of Engineering, the Hillsborough County Film Commission, Tampa Bay Partnership, St. Petersburg Grand Prix, Pinellas County MPO, and Leadership Tampa Bay.

In addition to his community endeavors, Mr. Pace is actively involved in driving the growth of Stonehill as CEO of the company. During his tenure as CEO of Stonehill, the organization has been recognized as United States Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business of the Year Finalist, Greater Tampa Chamber Startup of the Year Finalist, a Great Agencies Top Analytics & Business Intelligence Agency, and CIO Review Magazine 20 Most Promising Performance Management Providers. Mr. Pace was recently recognized as the 2019 American Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year.

“I am very excited to extend my commitment with the Lions Eye Institute” said Doug Pace, CEO of Stonehill. “The organization is extremely innovative and positioned to do meaningful work.”

About Stonehill
Stonehill is a strategy and innovation consultancy. They help companies to identify opportunities, create change, and accelerate growth. Our teams consist of an innovative blend of experts in design thinking, customer experience, business intelligence, and change management – providing the ability to unite the functional silos of business in the common objective of creating differentiated models and experiences. Stonehill has been recognized by the US Chamber of Commerce as a Finalist as Emerging Business of the Year, Great Agencies as one of the Top Business Intelligence Consultants in the United States, and CIO Review Magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Performance Management Providers.

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American Association of Suicidology Applauds Netflix & 13 Reasons Why Creators for Removing Graphic Suicide Scene

There is more work to be done throughout the entertainment industry, but it is an encouraging step to see a high profile show making changes for the safety of viewers. ”

— John Ackerman, PhD

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, July 16, 2019 / — The American Association of Suicidology (AAS) applauds both Netflix and the creators of the popular series 13 Reasons Why in their decision to remove a graphic suicide depiction from the first season. This is an example of a major player in the entertainment industry responding to research and expert consultation and attempting to mitigate further negative effects. Suicide remains the second leading cause of death for youth ages 15-24, the target demographic for this television series. For those experiencing thoughts of suicide, especially in this age range and those who are already vulnerable, graphic depictions of suicide can significantly increase risk of an attempt.

“Our ongoing conversations with Netflix suggest that they are listening to feedback from the suicide prevention community about what works and doesn’t work in their programming,” says Jonathan Singer, PhD, LCSW, AAS President and Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at Loyla University Chicago. “Some will say that Netflix’s actions are too little too late. I believe that it is never too late to do the right thing in suicide prevention. There are thousands of suicide prevention expert members of AAS who are willing and able to provide consultation to Netflix and other media companies around issues of suicide. We look forward to continuing to work with them, with individual creators, and the entertainment industry to help solidify and strengthen the standards of depicting suicide and related risks in popular content.”

Recent research has shown increases in both suicide attempts in adolescents as well as an increase in emergency department visits of youth in the US following the release of 13 Reasons Why in 2017. While these associations don’t necessarily imply direct causation, the phenomena was concerning to many suicidologists, researchers, and parents across the country. While this decision on the part of Netflix is very welcome, these conversations regarding mental health and suicide messaging certainly need to be prioritized in the creation of future content.

“Partnering with the media to help them portray suicide accurately and in a way that provides hope and resources for those impacted by experiences related to suicide can make a positive difference,” says John Ackerman, PhD, member of AAS’s Communications Committee and Suicide Prevention Coordinator for the Center for Suicide Prevention and Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. “There is more work to be done throughout the entertainment industry, but it is an encouraging step to see a high profile show making changes for the safety of viewers. We hope even more research and more media collaboration results from this decision.”

For the Media: Responsible reporting on suicide, including stories of hope and resilience, can prevent more suicides. Please visit the Suicide Reporting Recommendations for more information.

About AAS: Founded in 1968 by Edwin S. Shneidman, PhD, AAS promotes the research of suicide and its prevention, public awareness programs, public education and training for professionals and volunteers. The membership of AAS includes mental health and public health professionals, researchers, suicide prevention and crisis intervention centers, school districts, crisis center volunteers, survivors of suicide loss, attempt survivors, and a variety of lay persons who have in interest in suicide prevention. You can learn more about AAS at

Chris Maxwell
American Association of Suicidology
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10th annual NY #LymphWalk to be held in Riverside Park, NYC, 10/19/19

Fun Run graphic

Join LE&RN for this 10th anniversary Fun Run in NYC, 10/19/19

LymphWalk participants in California, 6/19

LymphWalk participants in California, 6/19

LymphWalk participants in Colorado 2019

LymphWalk participants in Colorado, 6/19

Participants will come together in recognition of 10 years of walking to fight lymphedema and lymphatic diseases.

This year’s Walk in New York is a milestone. We not only mark 10 years of walking for a cure, but we also look back with pride on how far we have come.”

— William Repicci, LE&RN President & CEO

NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 16, 2019 / — The very first Walk to Fight Lymphedema & Lymphatic Diseases was held in 2010 on Long Island. It was attended by a small but fiercely committed group of activists, led by LE&RN (then the Lymphatic Research Foundation). Since then, the New York #LymphWalk has been held in New York City, this year in Riverside Park, Manhattan. The event has spread to cities around the country, with dozens of Run/Walks being held over the past decade, drawing thousands of participants and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for education, research, and advocacy.

“This year’s event will be a 5K Fun Run,” said LE&RN Outreach Director Colleen McGuire. “At the June California LymphWalk, chapter members and attendees sported unique teal clothing and accessories to celebrate our years of accomplishments, and we are looking forward to that spirit infusing this 10th anniversary New York LymphWalk as well.”

LE&RN's Walks provide crucial funding for our programs and research. Just as importantly, they provide an opportunity for our community to come together in support of one another and our common cause. It is also a way to educate the public about LE and LD.” said LE&RN President and CEO William Repicci. “This year’s Walk in New York is a milestone. We not only mark 10 years of walking for a cure, but we also look back with pride on how far we have come. This year, we are thrilled that Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care, one of the nation’s leaders in conducting cutting edge research and delivering outstanding clinical care, has joined us as a Co-Presenting Sponsor.”

To sign up, join a team, form a team, or support a team, just visit and click on the New York Run/Walk.

LE&RN thanks National LymphWalk Series Sponsors: Jobst and Tactile Medical (Premier Presenting Sponsors), ImpediMed/L-Dex, medi USA, Bio Compression Systems, Herantis Pharma, Juzo, Lympha Press, Sigvaris Group (Platinum Sponsors), AIROS Medical, L&R USA, LympheDIVAs, and Wear Ease (Emerald Sponsors). LE&RN also thanks Local Sponsors: Mount Sinai, Shecter Care, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin, and BioSupport MD. Opportunities for local businesses and corporate sponsorships are available.

About LE&RN
Founded in 1998, the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (formerly LRF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to fight lymphatic disease and lymphedema through education, research and advocacy. LE&RN provides valuable educational resources for the millions of people who suffer from lymphedema and lymphatic disease. LE&RN fosters and supports research that can deepen the medical community's understanding of the lymphatic system. For more information about lymphatic diseases or the Lymphatic Education & Research Network, please visit or call (516) 625-9675.

Laura Farrell
Lymphatic Education & Research Network
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In the Know and International Council of Nurses Join Forces to Provide Free Caregiver Training in Developing Countries

Caregivers in developing countries lack critical access to the basic, practical training they need to deliver safe and effective care to the clients they serve.

DURHAM, NC, USA, July 16, 2019 / — People over the age of sixty are the fastest-growing demographic across the globe. This group is projected to increase to 1.4 billion by 2030. And since increasing age often comes with an increased need for healthcare services, the McKinsey Global Institute predicts, “Globally, health care and related jobs from aging could grow by 50 to 85 million by 2030.”

Developing countries are not immune to this phenomenon. Traditionally, care of the elderly in these regions fell on female family members. But as developing nations continue to grow their economies, more women seek work outside of the home, shifting the burden of elder care to outside sources.

Who will fill these jobs, and how will they acquire the necessary training?

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) recently entered into a partnership agreement with The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) to create a global network of continuing education courses to distribute education in developing regions.

In the Know contributed an entire library of courses to the ICN to provide free caregiver training in the developing countries that need it the most.

Through this initiative, caregivers around the world are completing In the Know courses, 100% free of charge. Learners hail from South Africa, Rwanda, Philippines, Kenya, India, Bangladesh, and more.

The most popular In the Know courses completed include:
• Infection Control
• Handwashing
• Understanding Common Medications
• A Vital Signs Update
• Various disease process topics (i.e., diabetes, heart disease, COPD, cancer, etc.)

“We believe in giving back to caregivers everywhere,” remarks Linda Leekley, founder and CEO of In the Know. “Over the years, In the Know has donated thousands of caregiver courses to healthcare organizations in need—whether because of the devastation of a hurricane, the impact of domestic violence, or the growing demand for training in developing nations.”

Linda believes it’s not enough to just run a successful business. She understands that being part of a project that helps train caregivers across the globe has even farther-reaching benefits. It shines a much-needed light on the importance of caregivers by assisting them in growing and developing professionally. And it means the clients in their care stay safer and healthier—and in their own homes for as long as possible.
In the Know plans to maintain its relationship with ICN and the WCEA for years to come to provide much-needed training to the caregivers who work so hard for the world’s most vulnerable seniors.

ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF NURSES: The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is a federation of more than 130 national nurses associations representing the millions of nurses worldwide. Operated by nurses and leading nursing internationally, ICN works to ensure quality care for all and sound health policies globally.

ABOUT IN THE KNOW: In the Know is a nationally recognized training provider with over 20 years of experience in helping the aging care market train, engage and RETAIN caregivers. What makes In the Know unique? All their training materials are written by registered nurses who have trained and supervised caregivers in every environment—from the college classroom to the client’s kitchen table. And every course is developed by a skilled team of instructional designers who know how important it is for learning to be interactive, engaging—and frankly—fun!

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85% of online blockchain news is noise

As an angel investor interested in Blockchain I found that tracking news about blockchain is like drinking from a fire hose.I liked the idea so much that I invested in the company””

— Tad Witko investor

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 16, 2019 / — Blockchain as a topic that is still filled with hype today much of it is driven by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In our conversations with business leaders, they are confused about what to believe and how to filter out the noise to find what matters to them. There are many news articles that imply to readers that blockchain must be used with bitcoin and that bitcoin is blockchain. Both are false.

For a novice business manager who enters this space, the very first challenge is to know what to look for, what questions to ask and who to believe. Given the high volume of daily news and articles published, readers find it extremely difficult to determine who to believe and what information is true. At we conducted a recent study to understand this landscape and found that 85% of news about blockchain news is noise. See chart below for breakdown of findings.

A sample of 3,500 blockchain news feed items was analyzed over a period of 3 weeks with the intent of identifying announcements of businesses using blockchain technology. Such information as new companies exploring blockchain solutions, new business products, pilot installations and deployments of blockchain in healthcare, payments, fin-tech, supply chain and others was sought in order to assess what is real about blockchain in business enterprise.

In our analysis we found high volumes of daily confusing information crowded with; many repeats of the same news, considerable hype about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency topics, opinions of many writers on the same topic, future predictions on blockchain adoptions, and bitcoin debates. Finding real news about actual blockchain deployments and pilots is like drinking from a water house.

These findings should alert readers that they should be diligent in accepting all news content about blockchain as true. There are many self proclaimed experts on blockchain who mislead the readers to believe that blockchain without bitcoin is not blockchain. This is completely false. But how does the reader know that not everything they read is true about blockchain?

In technology evolution stage terms, blockchain is a very new technology promising to revolutionize how we conduct business. However, blockchain still has to prove that it will revolutionize our businesses. There is still much work to be done to validate this. In the meantime, it’s important to alert and guide readers to be diligent about what they read and accept about what blockchain is and what it can do for them.

At a recent Blockchain Revolution conference held in Toronto Canada, we had the opportunity to speak to many conference attendees who were business leaders looking for evidence on what is really happening with blockchain in their industry. A common response from most business leaders who attended this conference was “I am here because I hear so much about blockchain but don’t really understand what it can do for us and don’t want to be left behind. It’s nice to hear several presenters here sharing what they are doing with blockchain.”

They were looking for evidence that blockchain is real and that other businesses were actually using it. They were also looking for trusted source of information about blockchain. Given today’s blockchain hype and not wanting to be left behind, business managers and leaders are under pressure to do something about blockchain in their business. And they are looking for help.

Blockchain technology is real and businesses are engaging in pilots, trials and some deployments. Adoption of blockchain technology is not without its challenges. Some companies are finding successes in their pilot results and some find that blockchain is not yet ready for their business. Blockchain is not a panacea and may not be valuable to all businesses.

“In our study, we were looking for information that a business manager would want to learn about and to find a way to help them find the gems they seek” said Jerry Witkowicz founder of To help those who seek to understand how blockchain technology is being used by businesses today, here are some tips and principles to follow:
• Blockchain vs Cryptocurrency – Remember one rule, blockchain is not cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency is not blockchain. Cryptocurrency was one of the first uses cases of blockchain technology and that’s it.
• Blockchain pilots – In the enterprise environments blockchain pilots are typically piloted without the use of cryptocurrency.
• Blockchain pilot announcements – There are many articles where vendors announce that they are introducing a blockchain solution for specific businesses. Some news posts lead the reader in believes that they are announcement a pilot. Look for a business/customer name which is actually launching the pilot. Otherwise it may be a vendor announcing their blockchain product for a specific category of businesses.
• Confirm – Verify the business/customer website to confirm that the business which is piloting blockchain solution has also stated this on their company website. Otherwise it may be a vendor promoting early stage discussions with potential customer/s.
• Self promoting experts – Be alert about self-promoting blockchain experts. Remember, blockchain technology may have been around for many years, and its rise in popularity driven by cryptocurrenmcy in 2018, does not make blockchain a mature technology. Therefore there are still few blockchain experts with real experience in blockchain deployments.
Use these points as your guide when reading news about blockchain. Look for the evidence which confirms who is using blockchain in a pilot, trial or deployment mode. Remember that blockchain holds a lot of promise to revolutionize how we do business in the future but it still needs to prove its value in order to reach mass adoption levels.

Jerry Witkowicz
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HCTTF Report Promotes Innovative Payment Strategies to Address Maternal Health Crisis

The new report examines the evidence from existing efforts to transition away from fee-for-service care, categorized into three outcomes-driven maternity payment levels with increasing provider accountability for cost and quality.

Members of the Task Force also call on CMS to test a maternity care APM

This report encapsulates the current evidence from value-based maternity models and the learnings of experts at the vanguard of maternity payment innovation.”

— Clare Pierce-Wrobel, Senior Director, Health Care Transformation Task Force

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2019 / — The Health Care Transformation Task Force (HCTTF or Task Force), a group of leading health care payers, providers, purchasers and patient organizations, today released a report which highlights the importance of expanding value-based payments to increase outcomes-driven maternity care. As the rate of maternal mortality in the United States continues to rise despite reductions globally, the Task Force has identified value-based payment as a critical mechanism to drive improved maternal health outcomes and reduced disparities.

“This report encapsulates the current evidence from value-based maternity models and the learnings of experts at the vanguard of maternity payment innovation,” said Clare Pierce-Wrobel, Senior Director at the Health Care Transformation Task Force. “It also provides a candid assessment of the key barriers to adopting a value-based payment paradigm for maternity care.”

The new report, Expanding Access to Outcomes-Driven Maternity Care through Value-Based Payment, examines the evidence from existing efforts to transition away from fee-for-service care, categorized into three outcomes-driven maternity payment levels with increasing provider accountability for cost and quality: (a) perinatal fee schedule changes; (b) value-based maternity payments which link reimbursement to maternal outcomes and total cost; and, (c) comprehensive payments for mother and newborn which link reimbursement for both maternal and infant quality outcomes and total cost.

“We are encouraged by Task Force members’ commitment to learning from this work and implementing effective value-based models for maternity care within their organizations,” said Debra L. Ness, president of the National Partnership for Women & Families. “Innovative delivery and payment systems are key to encouraging care that fosters a healthy perinatal process for moms and babies. This innovation is urgently needed to address our country’s maternal health crisis and reduce the troubling disparities in maternal mortality and morbidity affecting Black and Native women.”

An accompanying Health Affairs blog post, “To Help Fix The Maternal Health Crisis, Look To Value-Based Payment,” authored by Pierce-Wrobel and HCTTF Senior Associate Katie Green, further outlines the opportunity for policymakers to advance outcomes-driven maternity models. Task Force members also issued a call to action for the CMS Innovation Center to drive additional adoption by testing a comprehensive, multi-payer maternity care model.

“Improving health outcomes for women and their newborns will be strengthened by greater alignment in value-based incentives for maternity care across payers,” said Dr. Sree Chaguturu, Chief of Population Health at Partners HealthCare. “Appropriate financial and quality incentives allow us to better focus on the unique health needs of different populations.”

The report’s development was overseen by the HCTTF’s Implementing Value Models Work Group with contributions from a broader advisory group of maternity care experts both within and outside the Task Force membership. The Work Group draws upon the Task Force’s six guiding principles to evaluate payment models, identify improvements to value model design and implementation, and assess market factors and provider/payer characteristics that impact success under value-based payment arrangements.

Health Care Transformation Task Force is a unique consortium of patients, payers, providers and purchasers working to lead a sweeping transformation of the health care system. By transitioning to value-based models that support the Triple Aim of better health, better care and lower costs, the Task Force is committed to accelerating the transformation to value in health care. To learn more, visit WWW.HCTTF.ORG.

Aetna • agilon health • Aledade • American Academy of Family Physicians • Anthem, Inc. • ApolloMed • Archway Health • Ascension • Atrius Health • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan • Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina • Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina • Cambia Health Solutions • CareCentrix • ChenMed • Clarify • Cleveland Clinic • Community Catalyst • ConcertoHealth • Dignity Health • Encompass Health • Evolent Health • Families USA • Geisinger • HRHCare • Kaiser Permanente • Mark McClellan • Mental Health America • National Health Law Program • National Partnership for Women & Families • OSF HealthCare • Pacific Business Group on Health • Partners Healthcare • patientping • Premier • Remedy Partners • SCL Health • Sentara Healthcare • Trinity Health • Tucson Medical Center • Washington State Health Care Authority • UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust

Megan Zook
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Media Advisory: CEA Opioid Task Force has Pushed Forward with Litigation Against the Opioid Industry

County Executives of America Opioid Task Force to Announce Role in National Opioid Litigation and Class Action Settlement Initiative.

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2019 / — On July 18, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. E.S.T at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the Chairman of the County Executives of America (CEA) Opioid Task Force and Albany County, NY County Executive, Dan McCoy, will announce the role the CEA has played in the national opioid litigation, why municipalities are involved in the litigation and why the litigation is critical to securing the aid so many of the country’s municipalities need.

Over the last two and a half years, the task force has pushed forward with litigation against the opioid industry and worked with legal counsel to provide input to legal counsel for issues they encounter in their communities related to the opioid epidemic and their goals in bringing the litigation, including reform suggestions to help prevent future similar epidemics and what types of potential resolutions would be most beneficial. Leadership from the CEA Opioid Task Force also is serving as a class representative in the proposed Negotiation Settlement Class, an innovative class action approach with the goal of encouraging settlement negotiations with defendants.

Counties are some of the hardest hit municipalities in the U.S. and are on the front lines in responding to the epidemic as they provide essential community services such as emergency services and child welfare care. Such services and County personnel have shouldered the burden in providing for their residents. During the press conference, the leaders of the task force will be present to highlight the dilemma of counties.

Additionally, Motley Rice LLC co-founder, CEA Opioid Task Force Counsel and one of the co-leads for the National Prescription Opiate Multidistrict Litigation, Joe Rice, will discuss the current status of the opioid litigation. He will also provide details about the proposed Negotiating Class that would create a cohesive group of cities, counties, towns, parishes, villages and boroughs for the sole purpose of negotiating a settlement with opioid defendants, plaintiffs in the National Prescription Opiate Multidistrict Litigation.

Michael Griffin
County Executives of America
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Endless Summer Breeze at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

Endless Summer Breeze with premium wines

Matua Sangria, fresh berries combined with Pinot Noir

Toast to a delicious drinks over sunset

Matua Frose

Frozignong Blanc

NUSA DUA, BALI, INDONESIA, July 16, 2019 / — Luxury beachfront resort, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, is introducing chiled event, Endless Summer Breeze to usher in the weekends from 26 July right through till the end of August. The sessions will take place on Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm onward at Breezes Tapas Lounge where emerald lawns meet the golden sands of the resort’s private beach. Guests are invited to enjoy the sparkling ocean vista from the comfort of deluxe beanbags. A soundtrack of ambient house music comes courtesy of live DJ sets from talented local DJs.

Special promotions on highly-acclaimed Matua Wines from the Marlborough Region of New Zealand will be a highlight of the sessions, with the winery’s legendary Sauvignon Blanc, Rose and Pinot Noir served by the glass or bottle or as delightful sangria. Chefs have also created a selection of perfectly paired tapas, including Snapper chips with guacamole and tomato salsa, Fritto misto with prawn, calamari, octopus, barramundi and aioli, and Montaditos with crab mayo, gorgonzola pecan nut candy, Iberian ham and onion marmalade.

Guest from outside of the resort are welcomed to join the highly memorable Sunset Sessions and experience the ambience and views that The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is famous for. As day turns to night the sky will be illuminated by a blazing bonfire and guests are invited to linger and enjoy signature cocktails from the talented team of mixologists at Breezes Tapas Lounge, or to stay for dinner. A Mediterranean and western-inspired menu includes tapas as well as casual beachside cuisine such as Gambas Al Ajillo, Seared Baramundi, or Ravioli. Atmospheric beachfront cabanas can also be reserved and provide a wonderfully romantic setting for those in search of privacy.

For more information on the Endless Summer Breeze, please contact Breezes Tapas Lounge at +(62) 361 849 8988 or email the resort’s restaurant reservation at .

# # #

About The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

Located on a stunning beachfront combining with a dramatic clifftop setting, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is a luxurious resort offering an elegant tropical ambience. Featuring tranquil views over the azure waters of the Indian Ocean the resort has 279 spacious suites and 34 expansive best villas in Bali, providing the sheerest of contemporary Balinese luxury. Along the foreshore are The Ritz-Carlton Club®, six stylish dining venues, an indulgent and exotic marine-inspired Spa, and fun, recreational activities for children of all ages at Ritz Kids. A glamorous beachfront wedding chapel, makes an idyllic setting for destination weddings, while a range of outdoor event venue and extravagant spaces provide the perfect scene for celebratory events and wedding reception in Bali. Well-appointed conference venues, luxurious meeting spaces, customizable residential packages and experienced organizers also entice those looking to create inspired MICE Tourism events in Bali. Whether work, pleasure or romance is on the agenda, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is the place to make memories that last a lifetime. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, wechat id: ritzcarltonbali

Prhativi Dyah
The Ritz-Carlton, Bali
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The Ritz-Carlton, Bali Mixologist Journal

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