The 40 years history of dental implantation at the S and Z Beautiful Teeth Clinic

Implants used in our practice 40 years ago

Bone grafts, implants and abutments

Upper-jaw screw implant, sinus lift, lower jaw all-on-4

From the blade implants to the zygomatic implants

HEVIZ, ZALA, MAGYARORSZáG, June 26, 2019 / — The change in the treatment methods has gone hand in hand with the change of the success rate of different dental implants, the surgical load, the time needed for completion of the treatment.

In the early days of the dental implant history well -trained specialists needed to place the blade implants. The necessary X-ray technology could be found in limited surgeries, prosthetic treatment was not sophisticated enough for different cases. The screw-retained bridgeworks could not be made.

The spread of the modern screw-type implants started on the basis of research work of Per-Ingvar Branemark made in 1965. In the first period of the screw implants, the crown and bridge works were connected to the abutment with a screw. The advantages of the method were the removability of the crowns anchored bridgeworks. The Branemark implants made possible a relatively simple surgical method so after a short training the general dentists could use the method.

The fast-growing number of the implant retained restorations made it possible to collect clinical information for the development of better implants and abutments. More and more attention turned to the gum around the implant beside the integration of the implant surface and bone. The lack of necessary bone inspired the development of bone grafts. The permanent development of periodontal, prosthodontic and surgical methods could describe this period.
The number of appointments and the cost of the treatment has been increased.

The next step of the development of dental implantation was the launch of rapid dentistry. The clinical research work of Paulo Malo started the complex restoration of oral tissues using the all-on-4 and zygomatic implants. Similar to the early days of blade implants these methods require well-trained specialists and the screw-retained restorations.

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