International Dental Arts Opens State-of-the-Art Lab in Oklahoma City Offering Computer Controlled Laser Technology

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Avadent Digital Dentures

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ZircHT – High Translucency

International Dental Arts announces the opening of a 2nd laboratory in OKC, offering dental services from removable dentures, crowns, bridges, or implants.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, June 12, 2019 / — Fully equipped with the latest in digital CAD/CAM design and computer controlled milling machines, International Dental Arts in OKC offers unbeatable accuracy, custom shading, affordable pricing, and conveniently fast turnaround times – as fast as three days when dentists utilize laser scanning instead of conventional modeling techniques.

International Dental Arts in OKC is highly experienced in fabricating dentures that can be removed by the patient for daily cleaning, as well as dentures that are affixed to implants for longer term placement. They also fabricate permanent crowns and bridges.

Because their fabrication process is highly digitized, accuracy is unparalleled. When dentists utilize a chair side laser scanner, sources of appliance inaccuracies – which are unavoidable when molding material is placed into the mouth and left for a time to harden – are mostly eliminated.

Laser scanning is not only more accurate, it’s far more comfortable for patients, with a laser probe about the size of a toothbrush that needs only a minute or two to capture accurate sizing data for use in fabricating whatever appliances the patient may require.

The accuracy is so precise that in some cases laser scanning can lead to fabrication of an appliance that can work just as well as a permanent implant into the jawbone, and which can cost far less with significantly less discomfort for the patient.

In addition, appliances fabricated by International Dental Arts in OKC are eight times stronger than conventionally manufactured ones from competing labs. This allows their fabricated appliances to work far better and last far longer.

What’s more, having a digital record makes re-fabrication extremely fast and reliably accurate.

Already, nearly 20 percent of dentists in the OKC area have begun to utilize chair side laser scanning, and more are updating their offices with this technology every month.

International Dental Arts in OKC is also adept at fabricating Night Guards to eliminate grinding during sleep and so protect a patient’s teeth.

Family-owned and operated, International Dental Arts has a 35 year track record as a highly-skilled team of qualified and experienced industry experts, continually proving their dedication to serving and satisfying dental professionals who insist on even the most exacting standards.

With their expansion from Tulsa into OKC, IDA is now able to provide their “100 percent guaranteed fit” services to a much wider area.

Whether a dentist is strengthening a damaged tooth, improving overall oral appearance, fitting a special shape or trying to achieve the perfect alignment, dental appliances with custom shading from IDA will impress and satisfy even the most sensitive patients.

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