Bestselling Health Author Recommends New Supplement To Reduce Hunger And Make Healthy Weight Loss Easier

No need for dieting or exercise

Learn The Little-Known Secret To Reduce Hunger And Make Weight Loss Nearly Effortless

This is the only biologically correct way for a human to lose weight and become healthier without dieting or exercise and it has never before been taught in America. This will change everything.”

— Gordon Filepas

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2019 / — Health researcher Gordon Filepas wrote the Amazon Bestseller Lean And Healthy To 100 that was released in 2012. The book teaches people the real root cause of weight gain and other ailments and shows people how to lose weight and heal themselves nearly effortlessly without the need for dieting, hunger, deprivation or exercise.

Filepas believes the approach he uncovered in his book is the only biologically correct way for a human to become lean and healthy to 100 and has NEVER been taught before in America. He believes this is why over 95% of diets fail and America has the fattest, sickest people on Earth despite having the most physicians, health foods, weight loss methods and exercise programs.

If you've already read his book, you know that one of the key points Filepas found in his over 5,000 hours of research over 20 years was that the human body needs far more essential and trace micro-nutrients each day than the 52 the Government recommends. Most Americans are said to only ingest less than 30 micro-nutrients each day. But, health experts he researched recommend that over 100 micro-nutrients are needed by the body each day. Getting all these micro-nutrients is one of the five key points Filepas found that are necessary to balance internal body chemistry to become lean and healthy to 100. Balanced internal chemistry is required for both physical and mental health.

Filepas admits that getting over 100 micro-nutrients a day can be difficult and several products were required to achieve this goal in 2012 when he released his book.

But, there's a new product on the market that was not available when his book was released. This single supplement contains more micro-nutrients that the human body needs each day than any product Filepas has ever found. It's also convenient and affordable for almost anyone. His own family takes this new supplement daily. You can learn about it at

Getting all these micro-nutrients each day fills your 100 Nutrient Buckets(TM) and allows you to eat far fewer calories without being hungry. This relationship between micro-nutrients and reduced hunger, cravings and caloric intake are clearly explained in his book.

See the testimonials on his Amazon book page or at regarding how people lost weight and become healthier and more energetic – even if all diets have failed them in the past.

Filepas believes if every American took this new all-in-one supplement at, losing weight effortlessly would become so much easier. Again, why this happens is clearly explained in his researched-based book.

Filepas also believes if every diet company added this single product containing over 100 micro-nutrients to its program, it would instantly transform their 95% failure rate to a 95% success rate. Micro-nutrients are that essential and powerful for weight loss and health.

People can try this new all-in-one supplement without risk as the manufacturer currently offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

If you have not yet read Lean And Healthy To 100 you can obtain the first 96 pages for free on and no email address is required. Filepas encourages everyone to send this free 96 page PDF file around the world so we can make the people of this world lean and healthy to 100 without dieting, deprivation, hunger or exercise – especially our children.

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