Nutrigenomix launches new genetic test for plant-based personalized nutrition suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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The company is the first in the world to provide a genetic test developed specifically for those following plant-based diets

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 18, 2019 / — Nutrigenomix Inc., a global leader in genetic testing for personalized nutrition, announces the launch of an exclusive new line of genetic tests catering to those seeking plant-based personalized nutrition – designed to suit the dietary needs of both vegetarians and vegans. The new test adds to the broad selection of genetic tests offered by Nutrigenomix and provides actionable genetic information to help healthcare professionals and their clients determine the best dietary approach for optimal health, wellness and performance for those following a plant-based lifestyle.

A growing body of evidence has linked plant-based diets to positive health outcomes and the trend is on the rise around the globe. Insufficient intake of certain nutrients has long been a concern when following a plant-based diet, but with this new test, healthcare professionals can provide personalized recommendations to help clients consume a diet that meets their individual nutritional needs. Similar to other tests that Nutrigenomix offers, this new test includes genetic markers that have been shown to affect nutrient metabolism, gluten intolerance, weight management, eating behaviors, cardiometabolic health and fitness, with the additional layer of advice tailored specifically to vegetarian and vegan food choices.

“Many healthcare practitioners that offer Nutrigenomix testing have clients that follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, whether for health, ethical, environmental or other reasons. Until now, these clients had been overlooked by genetic tests for personalized nutrition,” said Dr. Karen Eny, Director of Clinical Services at Nutrigenomix. “Our new test was developed to enable those individuals following a plant-based lifestyle to customize a diet that considers both food choices and their unique metabolic needs.”

According to a 2019 Mintel survey, most consumers are interested in DNA-based dietary advice, and studies show that personalized information is a powerful motivator to improve individual adherence compared to population-based recommendations. Nutrigenomix is at the forefront of research in this field and is one of the only genetic testing companies worldwide to fund and conduct original research in nutritional genomics and health and performance at several universities.

“This new test is a truly unique product in the personalized nutrition industry, and yet another example of how Nutrigenomix sets the standard for the field,” said Dr. Joel Kahn, a Michigan-based Cardiologist known as “America’s Healthy Heart Doc” by Reader’s Digest Magazine. “It's exciting to have this genetic test to personalize the plant-based nutrition recommendations I give to my patients.”

Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, Founder and Chief Science Officer of Nutrigenomix, presented the latest research on nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition at the American College of Nutrition Conference in Seattle last year. During this award lecture, Dr. El-Sohemy shared findings of the first randomized-controlled trial of DNA-based dietary recommendations and its influence on eating behaviors by his research team at the University of Toronto. “Individuals who received DNA-based dietary advice were much more likely to follow the dietary recommendations they were given,” said Dr. El-Sohemy. “This results in greater improvements to their diet, which directly impacts several indicators of health.”

“Our genetic tests are based on the latest scientific discoveries in the field of nutrigenomics.” said Dr. Bibiana Garcia-Bailo, Director of Research and Development. “We focus on targeted, action-oriented nutrition and lifestyle genetic information. Nutrigenomix uses only the highest quality studies and most rigorous scientific standards to select the genetic markers that go into our tests.”

With offices in Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil and the United States, Nutrigenomix is expanding rapidly to meet the growing demands by healthcare professionals and consumers for a high-quality genetic testing service. As the only nutrigenetics testing company worldwide that was established at a major university, the University of Toronto, Nutrigenomix is regarded as one of the most trusted sources of genetic information for personalized nutrition.

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Nutrigenomix Inc. was founded in 2011 as a University of Toronto start-up biotechnology company that is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and their clients with comprehensive genomic information for personalized nutrition, with the ultimate goal of improving health and performance through precision nutrition recommendations. The company now has offices in Toronto, Chicago, London, Sydney and São Paulo with a network of over 8,000 healthcare practitioners in 35 countries plus exclusive distributors in 10 other countries. The personalized nutrition reports are available in 8 languages and the current 45-gene test panel is available for health, sport and fertility. Earlier this year the company launched a genetic test for weight management and continues to invest in research and development. For more information visit or email

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