Ray W. Mettetal Explains How Going Back to School Can Help Increase Quality of Life

Ray W. Mettetal

Consultant and life educator, Ray W. Mettetal explains how going back to school can help achieve the life you want.

JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Education is the key to attaining many things in life. Of course, there is also a sense of pride that icons with such an accomplishment. However, going back to school is far more than the pursuit of a piece of paper and a life status.

Ray W. Mettetal explains that going back to school is the first step in building your life the way you want. The degree that you will attain opens doors for your future. However, in addition to that, Ray W. Mettetal insists that it will help increase your quality of life today. The process in and of itself is gratifying. Graduation is only a perk of the abundance of benefits going back to school can reap.


Humans are social creatures. People, for the most part, crave unique interactions. Meeting new people helps to relieve the tension of the life a person has become accustomed to. Ray W. Mettetal explains that many people have become complacent in their lives. The opportunity to meet new people and experience new things rejuvenates us. Even if a person is not particularly social, given a certain situation, they may surprise themselves. Having a varying array of friends and acquaintances offers a different perspective. It helps people empathize with others and jump starts creativity. Going back to school socializes people emphatically, by having classroom discussions and projects. However, if people put even the slightest bit of effort into socialization, they will find new, lifelong friends.


For someone to go back to school, it takes a lot of tenacity and perseverance. Going back to school, especially for an adult, who has already done so much with their lives, is brave. Essentially, it is giving yourself another chance at becoming who you truly want to be. Therefore, this assurance of working toward your future instills self-confidence. From the decision to the first exam, all the way through to graduation, there are thousands of accomplishments. These accomplishments reinforce the decision you made, which helps to boost self-confidence. Learning that you are good at something you never thought you would even try is an excellent way to boost confidence. That way, when you do graduate and go into the workforce, you will know that you truly can do anything.


Colleges are a wonderful place to network. While this includes networking with professors and eventual colleagues in your chosen field, you will also make other connections. These connections could eventually, tangentially mold into work connections. However, you are not going back to school for work. You are going back to school to better your life. You are here to find happiness in your life and that is what these connections can give you. Whether it is a friendship, or the introduction to your new hobby, network with everyone you meet.

To close, Ray W. Mettetal knows the quality of life benefits start at the decision to go back to school. The opportunities and the future that is built through going back to school is only a portion of the reward. There are so many other perks to going back to school, that will help make your life better today. All you do is make that decision, give it your best, and watch your quality of life skyrocket.

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