New Anti-aging Serum Hailed as Skin Care Miracle

Molecular Biologist’s Discovery Proven to Reverse the Aging Process – RevolutionaryTAM-818 molecule is rocking the multi-billion-dollar anti-aging industry.

I have been involved extensively in the skin care industry for over twenty years and I can say, without a doubt, that One Truth 818 is the closest thing to a true miracle that I have ever seen—ever.”

— Sherry Moxley Seaman

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2018 / — Internationally-acclaimed molecular biologist Dr. Bill Andrews, Ph.D.—founder of Sierra Sciences in Reno, Nevada—recently introduced the TAM-818 molecule, his latest invention that is rocking the multi-billion-dollar worldwide anti-aging industry. It has been proven in extensive laboratory testing to significantly slow down and even reverse the shortening of our telomeres, the caps on the end of our chromosomes that shorten as we age.

Introducing One Truth 818

One Truth 818 anti-aging skin serum is formulated in New Zealand using the TAM-818 molecule as its active ingredient. Clinical trials on 100 volunteers at the renowned Abich Scientific Laboratories in Italy showed the most dramatic improvements in skin texture, firmness and elasticity ever discovered by the scientists who have tested many hundreds of other skin products.

That clinical testing was backed up by a series of tests on volunteers in New Zealand over a period of two months. Just like the Abich Labs tests in Italy, the New Zealand trials produced remarkable results. Abich Labs also tested One Truth serum for toxicity and adverse reactions. It found One Truth 818 produced zero adverse reactions.

More about TELOMERES

There is one primary reason why One Truth 818 anti-aging serum is so effective at real anti-aging. It all comes down to telomeres, the ‘caps’ on the end of our chromosomes. A telomere is like the little plastic tips on the end of a shoelace. As our cells divide, our telomeres get shorter and shorter. Eventually, our chromosomes can no longer replicate themselves. And we die. However, the human body can produce an enzyme called Telomerase, the miraculous enzyme that can slow down and even completely stop the shortening of our telomeres. But it needs help to be activated. That’s where TAM-818 comes in. TAM-818 is the strongest Telomerase-Inducing Molecule so far discovered by science. And One Truth 818 is the only skin serum in the world to contain TAM-818.

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Rachael D’Aguiar shares the One Truth 818 story on how it came to be.

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