Predicting Injuries with Technology-Based Statistical Models is expected to expand at a steady CAGR through 2023

These prediction markets also attracted many sports companies as well as sports prediction markets into it.

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, September 14, 2018 / — In recent times, a relatively new technique for information accumulation has gained prominence in the area of forecasting, precisely prediction markets. These prediction markets also attracted many sports companies as well as sports prediction markets into it. Forecasting the chances of injuries taking various parameters into consideration such as players’ injury history, strength, immunity power has dragged many investors into the market, including sports franchises. This market, being nascent, is expected to see a huge growth as more and more techniques are found to predict and reduce the chances of injuries to players.

Though this market has huge scope in the near future, there are still many obstacles to overcome. Sports injury investigation normally uses analytical approach in which the cause of an injury is broken down into minor issues. Later these minor issues are checked separately to find the relation among them. This analytical thinking is done using statistical techniques such as correlation, regression analysis to figure out a few number of predictive factors that are responsible for the injury.

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It is a fact that a number of human health conditions are complicated. In this way, the multifactorial complicated nature of sports injuries comes out not from the linear interaction of isolated and predictive factors, but from the complex interaction among various web determinants. The real complexity for the market is to identify the patterns of relationships among factors, regularities. In sports practice, these factors will help to find out patterns of injury occurrence and its adaption.

Factors like a massive adoption of technology which solves complex statistical models, increasing number of awareness campaigns regarding sports injuries, injuries mitigation centers, increasing sports enthusiasm among organizations are driving the sports injury market. Investors, such as sports companies, sports franchises play huge role in injury prediction as they want to estimate their chance of winning to their profits.
The set parameters to predict the chances of injuries sometimes may not be attained due to technological failures, improper analysis of data collected, sensors failing to capture players’ movements. These parameters sometimes bring down the accuracy of injury prediction resulting in wrong results that effect the league.

These drivers, in turn, also leave many opportunities for the market to occupy a major share. Countries which conduct sports tournaments, leagues require sports injury predictor. Hence, these countries act as the major areas for the injury prediction market to capture major share. Technology players which use statistical models are a key area of growth for the injury prediction markets.
If all the parameters that effect the chances of sports injuries are noted, there will be high chances of accuracy in prediction. These accurate predictions will result in huge profits for the sponsors, such as countries, team franchisers. Technology run predictors are easy for the sports injury analyst to estimate the probability of winning by isolating the risky players from safer ones. The sports injury prediction market is expected to have a huge demand with the increasing number of sports leagues and improving technology based statistical models.

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Sports Injury Prediction Market report is segmented as indicated below:
1. Sports Injury Prediction Market – By Systems
1.1. Hardware
1.1.1. GPS Systems
1.1.2. Accelerometers
1.1.3. Gyroscopes
1.1.4. Wireless Ad-Hoc Systems for Positioning (WASP)
1.1.5. Heart Rate Monitors
1.1.6. Body Temperature Monitors
1.1.7. High Speed Cameras
1.1.8. Others
1.2. Software Solutions

2. Sports Injury Prediction-By Technology
2.1. Motion Capture
2.2. Player Activity Tracking
2.3. Vital Sign Monitoring
2.4. Sensor Based Technology
2.5. Image Based Technology
2.6. Machine Learning
2.7. Others

3. Sports Injury Prediction Market- By Application
3.1. Performance Assessment
3.2. Injury Risk Analysis
3.3. Activity Monitoring
3.4. Recovery & Post Injury Care
3.5. Biomechanics
3.6. Others

4. Sports Injury Prediction Market-By Sports Type
4.1. Cricket
4.2. Cricket
4.3. Football
4.4. Soccer
4.5. Rugby
4.6. Basket Ball
4.7. Baseball
4.8. Racing
4.9. Others

5. Sports Injury Prediction Market – By Market entropy
6. Sports Injury Prediction Market – By Geography

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