Regenerative Medicine Plus Announces Stem Cell Therapy and Other Regenerative Solutions Using Your Own Body's Cells

Regenerative Medicine Plus, an innovative clinic has added stem cell therapy injections to its menu of non-surgical methods to treat knee and shoulder pain.

We offer a system that researchers have developed and has been approved for use by the FDA under their most recent guidance. It overcomes the limitations of traditional bone marrow harvesting.”

— Dr. David Feld

JUPITER, FL, USA, February 28, 2018 / — Using a safe FDA approved procedure which collects your body’s stem cells and injects them directly into the injured or degenerated joints to reduce pain and restore tissue. It is now possible to harness the healing power of your own stem cells. This is a regenerative non-surgical option in an industry that has relied on degenerative and temporary options.

Dr. David Feld, the clinics' medical director, states “We are offering a system that researchers have recently developed and has been approved for use by the FDA under their most recent guidance. This system overcomes the downside limitations of traditional bone marrow harvesting.” This innovation gives the patient an injection that is so rich in key stem and progenitor cells that the aspirate no longer requires manipulation and use of a centrifuge. Dr. Feld adds “Our patients are looking for regeneration and restoration, most have tried cortisone or other shots and have been told they are candidates for joint replacement but do not want the surgery or the long rehab that follows surgery” This is a wonderful technology that offers an alternative to surgery and medication for pain free living.

About Regenerative Medicine Plus

Formerly Healthier U Jupiter, Regenerative Medicine Plus is a health and wellness practice; offering customized therapies and treatment plans based on the individual’s injuries and symptoms. We have seen success when treating tennis elbow, golfers elbow, peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, chronic shoulder pain, knee pain and chronic foot pain. Regenerative Medicine Plus specializes in regenerative therapies such as bone marrow derived stem cell and PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections, to put a halt to the degenerative process of joints. PRP is derived from the components of the patient’s blood, called platelets, that triggers the body’s natural healing process. This autologous treatment has been used for many years to treat the injuries of professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, and PGA.

Regenerative Medicine Plus is located at 240 West Indiantown rd. Suite 107. The web address is The clinic can be contacted at (561) 250-STEM (7836) or Regenerative Medicine Plus is focused on relieving pain from knee and shoulder joints. They offer a multi-therapeutic approach to pain solutions that include:
· Stem Cells, using your own stem cells
· PRP – Protein Rich Plasma Injections
· Trigenics joint therapy
· Whole Body Vibration training
· Strength and Balance training
· Peripheral Neuropathy solutions

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Source: EIN Presswire