Project Hercules Gets Stronger

With Phase I results cleared, Phase II trials now in company's sights

LAWRENCE, MA, USA, October 31, 2017 / — Today Rubix LS announces that the initial study results of the Phase I trials for Project Hercules has now been accepted by the FDA to move towards Phase II trials. Project Hercules, the flagship product for Rubix LS, is an amalgamation of merging a physical bio-absorbable implantable device with macro-protein compound fibrous nano-matrix tissue to spurn regeneration from tissue and bone cavitation.

Compared to traditional surgical osteogenesis techniques, Project Hercules has yielded a heralding 98% patient yield in the regeneration of bone cavitation stemmed from per-trochanteric & intertrochanteric hip fractures. With the current osteogenic procedures needing plates, screws, nails and accessories; Project Hercules has proven to mitigate the need for multi-assembly procedures and any adverse re-insertions. Under patient interaction, Project Hercules has decreased time the time for normal human factor function by 110 days.

“We’re absolutely amazed how far Project Hercules has transitioned to a patient interface by way of a Department of Defense Innovation Fund. To know that the impact that this combination device can make, for future patients so that we can move toward a world where everyone will walk normally is astounding,” said Reginald Swift, Founder & CEO of Rubix LS. “Our humble beginnings and vision will help to permeate the vision we’ve been looking for”

Stacy Arrazcaeta
Rubix LS
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Source: EIN Presswire