Reusing Electronic Health Records Data for Clinical Research

Providing services for reusing electronic health records data for clinical research is profitable and sustainable in Europe

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, November 30, 2016 / — The results of a new study published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics suggest that the exploitation of a new technological platform which enables the reuse of hospital-based electronic health records (EHR) data for clinical research appears profitable and sustainable for service providers in Europe. This innovative platform was developed by the Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research (EHR4CR) project funded by the European Commission and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), under the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).

Dr Danielle Dupont, Chief Scientific Officer at Data Mining International, the independent research agency which has led this study, stated: “For the first time, using advanced simulation modelling, our study shows that the exploitation of the EHR4CR platform appears profitable and sustainable for service providers, in addition to generating added value and benefits for all stakeholders. These new operational solutions being scaled up across Europe, further robust value assessment studies are warranted in real-world settings.”

Professor Dr Georges De Moor, Head, Medical Informatics and Statistics Department, Ghent University, explained: “By reusing EHR data for clinical research, protocol feasibility assessments, patient identification for recruitment in clinical trials, and clinical data exchange can be processed much faster, and with greater precision. Resulting from the EHR4CR and other successful European Research and Development projects, the secure InSite® platform services are now being deployed. They will significantly enhance and speed up the conduct of clinical trials.”

Professor Dr Dipak Kalra, President of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (I~HD) added: “The EHR4CR platform will transform the clinical research landscape by enabling the re-use of hospital-based EHR patient-level data. Given the governing role of the I˷HD in this emerging multi-stakeholder ecosystem, EHR4CR and equivalent service providers will be well-positioned and supported to deliver trustworthy innovative solutions to facilitate and accelerate the conduct of clinical trials.”

Advanced financial simulations have established that the exploitation of EHR4CR solutions appears profitable and sustainable for EHR4CR service providers, in addition to generating substantial added value for clinical trials sponsors. This business model confirms that tangible benefits and value will be delivered by this new technological platform, to all clinical research stakeholders, in a sustainable manner.

Reference: Dupont D, Beresniak A, Sundgren M, Schmidt A, Ainsworth J, Coorevits P, Karla D, Dewispelaere M, De Moor G. Business analysis for a sustainable, multi-stakeholder ecosystem for leveraging the Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research (EHR4CR) platform in Europe. International Journal of Medical Informatics 2017 (97): 341–352.

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Source: EIN Presswire