Hemo Times is Launching a Mobile App for The Bleeding Disorders Community

Hemo Times

Hemo Times Mobile App

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, April 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hemo Times, a breaking news website about rare bleeding disorders, is launching a mobile application. The app will be available for both Apple and Android devices.

The mobile app will allow users to access breaking bleeding disorder news which will include push notifications to app users of any product safety recalls. The app will also have everything needed for a bleeding disorder patient including a list of nearby hemophilia treatment centers and emergency rooms. The app will allow users to post photos just like in Instagram. The app will also include Clubhouse -like audio rooms for users to discuss various bleeding disorder topics.

“This app is designed specifically for people living with a bleeding disorder” says Jesse John Francis Clark, founder of Hemo Times. “This app was being developed under the Symin project of HemoAware. When I closed HemoAware, I wanted to keep this project alive and build it for the community. We will develop and implement new app features based on app engagement and user retention.” says Clark.

The Hemo Times mobile app is set to launch in June on both Apple and Google app stores.

Jesse John Francis Clark
Hemo Times
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Zorbies announces the arrival of Reusable Washable Incontinence Underwear for Women

Zorbies Washable Incontinence Panties for Women

Zorbies Washable Incontinence Panties for Women

Zorbies Washable Incontinence Underwear for Women

Zorbies Washable Incontinence Underwear for Women

Zorbies Washable Multi-Layer Incontinecne Underwear Protection for Women

Zorbies Multi-Layer Incontinecne Protection

Zorbies announces the arrival of Washable Reusable Incontinence underwear for women. Stylishly and discreetly designed with expanded coverage and absorbency.

We designed Women's Zorbies with wide, tall front protective coverage, and also higher back coverage than most other products. Even with our expanded protection, we didn’t skimp on style and comfort.”

— Michael Alexander Krzyston

ST AUGUSTINE, FL, USA, April 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The newly released Zorbies for Women incontinence product line fills a quality, style and coverage gap in the women’s washable incontinence underwear market.

“While there are quite a few washable women’s incontinence products on the market we didn’t really see any that are high quality and give expanded coverage and look and feel great on. For example, even the high-quality products available have coverage only in the small thin crotch area that, from our tests, can easily be overwhelmed. That’s why we designed Zorbies for Women with wide, tall front protective coverage, and also higher back coverage than most other products. Even with our expanded protection, though, we didn’t skimp on style and comfort. We kept the styling elegantly simple, classic; and for comfort we use soft, premium fabrics with the right amount of stretch to stay snug for security, but stretchable for comfort” a Zorbies spokesperson said.

The extra protective coverage in women’s Zorbies is only one element of the product’s exclusive incontinence protection system called ZorbLock. In addition to extra coverage the system also provides multi-layer absorbency and moisture management. The first layer wicks fluid to quickly move it away from the body, then absorbs and manages moisture to keep it within the system. The moderate absorbent product has 8 thin, high-performance layers that can effectively handle 10-20% more fluid than comparable products. The system is entirely fabric-based and does not use potentially harmful absorbency or stain prevention chemicals like some disposable and washable brands.

Other product features include a Classic fit with the waistband sitting higher than a bikini but below the belly-button. The waistband is wider and that helps it stay put so it won’t roll down into an uncomfortable bulge.

Product benefits include integrated incontinence protection for everyday wear, and women’s Zorbies can also play well as active wear. The technical fabrics used in the products are similar to those used in regular sports clothing so Zorbies give a snug, but flexible, fit. That makes them more secure and comfortable for exercise than other types of women’s pee proof underwear that can gap, bunch up or are less flexible during activities.

Another key benefit is that Zorbies are washable, reusable and can last a year or more with recommended care, so they are easier on the landfills than disposables, and also much more eco-friendly. Zorbies may also be easier on the wallet compared to expensive one-use-only disposables.

Zorbies for Women is available at https://zorbies.com/collections/incontinence-underwear-for-women.

About Zorbies
Zorbies is a premium brand of high-quality women’s and men’s washable protective underwear. Product lines include: Zorbies for Women, Women’s Pad Underwear, Women’s Period Underwear,| Men’s ZorbWear Washable Incontinence Underwear, Men’s PocketWear for Pads, Men’s Incontinence Sportswear. The Zorbies brand and Zorbies.com are owned and operated by Ready to Buy, LLC a US company. Contact orderzandhelp@zorbies.com for more information.

Michael Alexander Krzyston
Ready To Buy, LLC
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Geron Investors Who Have Held Their Stock Continuously Since At Least March 2018 – Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. Investigation

Kehoe Law Firm, P.C.

Kehoe Law Firm, P.C.

Investigation To Determine Whether Certain Officers And/Or Directors Of Geron Corporation Breached Their Fiduciary Duties

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, April 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. is investigating whether certain officers and/or directors of Geron Corporation (“Geron”) (NASDAQ: GERN) breached their fiduciary duties to Geron and the Company’s shareholders.

The investigation concerns whether certain officers and/or directors of Geron, among other things, made false and misleading statements about the effectiveness of the drug imetelstat. Geron's stock price dropped significantly when the company's development partner, Janssen Biotech, pulled out of the imetelstat partnership on September 27, 2018, erasing hundreds of millions of dollars of shareholder value.


Kehoe Law Firm, P.C., with offices in New York and Philadelphia, is a multidisciplinary, plaintiff–side law firm dedicated to protecting investors from securities fraud, breaches of fiduciary duties, and corporate misconduct. Combined, the partners at Kehoe Law Firm have served as Lead Counsel or Co-Lead Counsel in cases that have recovered more than $10 billion dollars on behalf of institutional and individual investors.

This notice may constitute attorney advertising.

Michael Yarnoff, Esq.
Kehoe Law Firm, P.C.

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UT Austin Professor Kevin Dalby Explains How Cancer Research Clinical Trials Work

Kevin Dalby, UT Austin professor comments on how cancer research clinical trials work and why they are so crucial for the future of cancer treatments.

AUSTIN, TEXAS , UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kevin Dalby, UT Austin professor at the College of Pharmacy, knows the ins and outs of how cancer research trials work. He studies the mechanisms of cancer cell signaling to develop targeted therapeutics. Dalby’s efforts were recognized by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and the National Institutes of Health, granting him nearly $5 million to support his research.

Clinical trials are studies with the main focus of research surrounding a specific disease that involves people. These studies use and observe a new treatment approach to diseases such as a type or stage of cancer and compare it to the most effective treatment known at that time. They bring new waves of innovation to the medical world to find better, more effective ways to treat diseases.

UT Austin professor Kevin Dalby works specifically in the field of cancer drug discovery research. Scientists like him can design cancer clinical trials to investigate and assess new ways to treat, prevent, find and diagnose cancer or control cancer symptoms and treatment side effects.

Clinical trials do not just happen overnight. The long process starts in a lab as the research begins, and researchers study new drugs for years in the lab and with animals before having the opportunity for the final steps allowing people’s participation. Clinical trials can focus on a single new drug, several drugs combined, or even another angle or approach to utilizing established therapies.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States requires any new drug or treatment to be tested in clinical trials before approving it for public use. Clinical trials are constantly taking place, especially for cancer, and more beneficial treatments are still to be found.

“Many researchers, myself included, like to view clinical trials as the engine that powers cancer treatment progression. We cannot move forward to find a cure without clinical trials, which is why they are so crucial in the process of medical research and implementation. Clinical trials are essential to successful cancer treatments of the future,” said Kevin Dalby, UT Austin professor and researcher.

Dr. Kevin Dalby
The University of Texas at Austin
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The image is of the five anchors who deliver a mental health awareness podcast that aims to elevate the human spirit.

“The Ascension Show” begins its third season with an embrace of the unique way you process and perceive the world around you.

Ascension is written in purple, Media is written in light blue, the "I" incorporates a DNA strand

Ascension Media’s Marketing Captures Seen and Unseen Energy

Ascension Media Podcasts

Inspirational Podcasts

Themes of “Neurostyle & Beyond, Sacred Sexuality and Agelessness” to Dominate

There are many individuals and many personalities out there —male, female, and young adults — who might have an ‘Ah ha!' moment, an insight, an epiphany from the various segments that we do address.”

— Beverly Bergmann, "The Ascension Show" Anchor

MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The high-vibrational video podcast, “The Ascension Show,” embarks on a third season filled with themes of self-love, sacred sexuality and agelessness. Anchored by five women, the team is relatable due to its diversity, inclusiveness and reverence to the pulse of consciousness.

“We are not afraid to talk about anything; we’re fearless, we’re fierce,” says Ascension Media CEO & Founder Dr. Denise McDermott, MD. Dr. Denise, an integrative adult and child psychiatrist, believes this season will build on the universal truths the show examines by taking a deeper dive on the term she coined: #NEUROSTYLE. “Neurostyle means we all process and perceive the world in our own unique way,” she explains.

The first episode of the new season is titled “Embrace YOU, Your Neurostyle and Beyond.” “And beyond means we’re going to take it next level, bridging that unseen energy from other realms,” says Dr. Denise.

Prose and consciousness writer Beverly Bergmann, who joined the show last season as its fifth anchor, believes a wide audience will be thrilled with all the themes, including Sacred Sexuality and Age Is Just a Number. “There are many individuals and many personalities out there —male, female, and young adults — who might have an ‘Ah ha!' moment, an insight, an epiphany from the various segments that we do address,” says Bergmann.

Dr. Denise and Bergmann are joined on “The Ascension Show” by Dr. Andrea Best, MD, an integrative adult and child psychiatrist and Ascension Media Co-Founder and practicing spiritual intuitive Jennifer Shaffer. Journalist Cathleen O’Toole moderates the podcast.

The team invites viewers to learn that awareness, self-love and altruism are the building blocks of enhanced mental wellness. Through laughter, tears and a few doses of geeky science “The Ascension Show” focuses on the power of reverent relationships. “If you’re loving yourself and embracing your Neurostyle and if everyone was having healthier physical and emotional connections to one another and being more aware of the earth, our bodies and souls can you imagine how much happier the world would be?” says Dr. Denise.

The show is released at www.ascensionmedia.love on Sundays and it can also be found on YouTube under the Dr. Denise Channel. The audio only version of the podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, The Mental Health News Radio Network and more.

Cathleen O'Toole
Ascension Media
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“The Ascension Show” Reflects on a Successful Second Season

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Excellent Brain signs a distribution agreement with SieMarket from Turkey

Train your brain at home!

Excellent Brain – Neurofeedback Platform

Train your brain at home!

Train your brain at home!

Control the Dino with your brain waves!

Control the Dino with your brain waves!

Excellent Brain Ltd., the Israeli start-up has announced today that it signed a distribution agreement with the SieMarket, a solution provider from Turkey.

TAL AVIV, ISRAEL, April 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Excellent Brain Ltd., the Israeli start-up which leads the direct-to-consumer Neurofeedback solutions has announced today that it signed a distribution agreement with the SieMarket, the Turkish leading mind training solution provider located in Istanbul, Turkey.

The new collaboration will help both companies to advance their business development in Turkey. The companies announced that the collaboration is very fit to the business models of both sides.

Excellent Brain developed an innovative brain training platform that utilizes Neurofeedback training protocols using off-the-shelf EEG sensors such as Macrotellect BrainLink Lite and the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2.

Making Neurofeedback (NF) accessible to home users, opens a new world of possibilities for people to train their brain easily, directly from their home. Neurofeedback is a very effective method for training the brain for better focus and better cognitive functions. Excellent Brains Neurofeedback Home Kit enables consumers to train their attention ability at home and is highly recommended for people who are diagnosed with ADHD.
Excellent Brain has been developing its Neurofeedback platform since 2015 and has become a leader in the direct-to-consumer brain training solutions.

ABOUT Excellent Brain
Excellent Brain Ltd. is a developer of top innovative Neurofeedback solutions. The Excellent Brain Neurofeedback platform is considered the top innovative platform, making Neurofeedback accessible in a new and easy way.

ABOUT SieMarket
www.siemarket.com is the sales channel of Seçmen Danışmanlık Limited Company, which has been growing and continuing its activities since 2013.
Webring the best of the world and from Turkey, the latest, mental and your physical development, which helps improve your skills education, psychology, and therapy area; It is in an effort to follow the brands and technologies of books, toys, software and devices and bring them to you.

Media Contact:
Marketing Department

Ofer Lidsky
Excellent Brain Ltd.
+972 77-204-2282
email us here

Excellent Brain – Neurofeedback Brain Training for your Attention (Recommended for ADHD)

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Introducing kybun

Advanced technology for natural movement therapy and recovery now available in the US

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Scottsdale, Arizona, April 20th, 2021 — We’ve all heard that sitting is the new smoking, but standing and walking on hard, flat surfaces is also contributing to the increase in aches and pains in the back, hips, knees and feet. A cutting-edge Swiss company, kybun, offers an integrated movement solution that is now available in the US for the first time. The system features shoes and mats that foster a more natural way to walk and stand, with springy support that mimics a soft cushion of moss rather than hard concrete.

For spas, wellness centers and fitness facilities looking for new ways to support their guests’, members’ and staffs’ overall wellbeing, kybun’s mats, shoes, and holistic exercises offer an innovative concept that can be used both indoors and outdoors, for engaging natural movement therapy. Based on cutting-edge biomechanical research, kybun is designed for anyone who wants to take their exercise performance and everyday movement to the next level or to recover more quickly from an injury. By encouraging the body to make small movements that exercise the tiny stabilizing muscles around the joints and spine, kybun helps to improve balance, coordination, endurance and fitness.

“kybun products are a perfect fit for any wellness-focused business,” says Carolin Gey, Managing Director of kybun USA. “I’m thrilled to be bringing these innovative shoes and mats to the US market, and I can’t wait to share the many benefits of kybun and to help people increase their physical activity while at home, work and in their everyday life.”

At the Park Igls hotel in Austria, one of Europe’s leading medi-spas, kybun is an integral part of the resort’s movement concept, with several group classes offered each week. “We use kybun to promote the interaction between the brain, nervous system and muscular system in prevention, recovery and rehabilitation,” says Andrea Gnägi, Managing Director of Park Igls. “It’s amazing how our guests learn to walk and move naturally with kybun.” Guests at the hotel, which uses the famed Mayr Method, can try out kybun products in the hotel’s fitness studio, and then purchase them in the retail shop to continue their wellness journey at home.

Now that kybun is available in the US, American spas and wellness centers can create kybun exercise programs and one-on-one fitness sessions offered on the mats, or offer outdoor interval walking programs and hikes with rented kybun shoes, providing a unique complementary therapy that also offers an entry-point for retail sales – the floating feeling of kybun shoes is hard to resist once experienced.

For more information contact:
Carolin Gey, Managing Director, kybun USA
(480) 687-9060

Carolin Gey
kybun USA LLC
+1 602-617-0394
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Laser Surgical Solutions selects Nobility RCM to innovate billing processes

We're excited to add Laser Surgical Solutions to the rapidly growing list of healthcare organizations that appreciate the economies and unique service provided by Nobility RCM.”

— Dr. Michael Fossum, CEO

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA, April 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Texas-based Laser Surgical Solutions (LSS) has chosen Nobility RCM to customize a comprehensive billing solution for its rapidly growing practice. LSS joins a long line of recognized healthcare organizations across the U.S. that have partnered with Nobility RCM and benefited from the company's industry leadership. Implementing Nobility RCM’s innovative revenue cycle management solution will advance Laser Surgical Solutions' goals of leveraging organizational efficiencies and redeploying administrative resources to support an optimal patient experience.

"Nobility’s approach has been refreshing, as they've gone to great lengths to get to know us, listen to our needs, and truly understand our goals," said Dr. John Hovorka, founder, Laser Surgical Solutions. "We’re taking full advantage of Nobility’s extensive experience and industry knowledge, and we're confident they have the right team to build a seamless solution we can scale as our practice expands."

Nobility RCM specializes in providing professional medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) services, along with integrated financial and practice management solutions, all with the purpose of improving its clients’ financial and practice performance. Using a four-phase “deep dive” process into a healthcare organization’s existing systems and processes, Nobility RCM formulates an effective and custom solution to optimize revenues and management outcomes. Nobility RCM’s implementation approach is also designed to minimize disruption to ongoing business activities.

"We're excited to add LSS to the rapidly growing list of healthcare organizations that appreciate the economies and unique service we provide," said Dr. Michael Fossum, CEO, Nobility RCM. "Our vision to serve as the leading expert in metrics-driven practice and financial management solutions by delivering exceptional outcomes to our clients aligns perfectly with LSS's vision of providing leading-edge, multidisciplinary health solutions to the Rio Grande Valley community."

About Nobility RCM
Nobility RCM is a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company that offers leading-edge revenue cycle management solutions to medium to large healthcare organizations. Nobility RCM presents a unique value proposition by providing working capital to its clients alongside advanced RCM and back office services. Founded in 2014, Nobility RCM has business operations throughout the U.S., with primary operating sites in Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Florida. Widely recognized for pioneering the Nobility Pre-Funding solution, a billing model that maximizes revenue for healthcare providers, the company delivers exceptional outcomes centered on transparency, communication and reporting. Learn more at www.nobilityrcm.com.


Brian Flynn
Nobility RCM
+1 877-386-9728 ext. 5

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The Peter G. Boone Fund Endowed with a $250,000 Gift

We are incredibly grateful to the Porter and Boone families for their important donation. This endowment will accelerate our mission to find a treatment or cure for CHM.”

— Neal Bench, CRF board president

SPRINGFIELD, MA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Choroideremia Research Foundation (CRF) is thrilled to announce the establishment of The Peter G. Boone Fund to support scientific and medical research studies into finding a cure for choroideremia (CHM), a hereditary retinal-degenerated disease that causes blindness. Given by the Porter & Boone families in honor of Peter G. Boone, the gift of $250,000 has created the first-ever CRF endowment fund.

Peter is a champion and advocate for those living with CHM. He has participated in the foundation’s fundraising efforts and has served on the CRF Research Committee for the past four years. Living with CHM himself, his commitment to CRF is also very personal.

“Peter inspires all those living with choroideremia by fighting to make a difference,” said Mary Porter. “We want to support Peter and all the ground-breaking work done by CRF and its research community.”

The endowment will expand the CRF’s ability to fund critical research into CHM and related inherited retinal diseases. Grants will be exclusively awarded to early career investigators who are working towards, or have recently moved to, fully independent positions as investigators, faculty members, clinician scientists or scientific team leaders. In collaboration with the CRF, the families’ goal is to increase the fund to $1,000,000 by the end of 2023.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Porter and Boone families for their important donation,” said Neal Bench, CRF board president. “This endowment will accelerate our mission to find a treatment or cure for CHM.”

To learn more about the CRF and the research it funds as well as to make a donation to the endowment fund, please visit curechm.org.


Kathleen Wagner
Choroideremia Research Foundation Inc
+1 800-210-0233
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Can Self-Help Techniques Help to Flatten the Mental Health Curve?

Mental health statistics 2021

Mental health statistics 2021

Self-help techniques

Self-help techniques

Even though there is light at the end of the tunnel, it doesn’t mean an end to the mental health crisis we are seeing.

UNITED KINGDOM, April 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s no surprise that recent research reveals that our mental health has taken a toll since the start of the pandemic. Stress about getting ill, job losses, family members’ health, in addition to feelings of isolation and loneliness has impacted many across the globe.

Even though there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we should be able to slowly start getting back to some normality over the coming months, it doesn’t mean an end to the mental health crisis we are seeing.

Current state of affairs

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), more than two-thirds of adults in the UK (69%) report feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect COVID-19 is having on their life. The most common issues affecting wellbeing are worrying about the future (63%) and 56% also reported feeling stressed or anxious.

Similarly, 842 people in the UK participated in a study during a 10-day period in April when the country had entered a national lockdown. Of the participants, 25% said that their anxiety and depression during lockdown got worse, and 37.5% met clinical criteria for generalised anxiety, depression or health anxiety.

Another study by the ONS in June 2020, found that almost one in five adults (19.2%) were likely to be experiencing some form of depression, indicated by moderate to severe depressive symptoms, during the pandemic. This has almost doubled from one in ten (9.7%) before the pandemic. 85% of those experiencing some form of depression felt their wellbeing was being affected by feelings of stress or anxiety.

A study conducted by Holistic Room consisting of 667 participants residing in the UK revealed that almost two-thirds (60%) said that their mental health has worsened since before the pandemic. The two biggest reasons were recorded as missing social interactions with family and friends (60%) and concerns around their own and their family’s health (38%). The top five symptoms felt since the start of the pandemic are anxiety (67%), stress (64%), overwhelm (44%), depression (41%) and fear (22%).

Other issues experienced during the pandemic and lockdowns are increased eating due to stress (47%), sleep problems (46%). 36% had increased cravings for sugar, processed foods and junk food and 33% suffered with headaches or migraines, with some stating this being due to increased screen time.

66% of people who took part in Holistic Room’s survey believe that the Government did not do enough to support people’s mental health during the pandemic. The most common suggestion on what action they believe the Government should have taken was around providing more funding towards mental health services, better communication and more clarity on how people can receive mental health support, such as sharing this information at the same time as delivering televised COVID-19 updates.

Utilisation of support

Holistic Room also reported that of those that didn’t take any action for their mental health worsening, 19% stated this was because they were too overwhelmed to take action or didn’t know where to start and another 19% believe it’s normal to have mental health issues during a time like this.

UK mental health charity Mind reported that people with mental health problems have been struggling to access the support they need in primary and crisis care. Even though many services turned to digital support, 1.9 million people do not have digital access. Many have fallen through the net during the pandemic and mental health services need to find ways to support them.


The world was not set up to respond to the growing mental health crisis before the pandemic, and it is still not now. Despite the scale of the problems, funding is hugely lacking.

The Centre for Mental Health has worked with the NHS to build a model based on the best available evidence to forecast how many people may need mental health support as a result of the pandemic. It predicts that in England, up to 10 million people (almost 20% of the population) will need either new or additional mental health support as a direct consequence of the pandemic. The majority will need support for depression or anxiety or both.

Self-help techniques

Mental health is one of the biggest pandemic issues we’ll face in 2021. In addition, emerging data and numerous online support groups on the effects of long-covid, are making it more apparent that this will add to the mental health crisis long after the pandemic is over.

However, self-help techniques are having a positive impact on people’s mental health and clearer guidelines are needed on what we can do at home to support our mental health. Holistic Room reported that the top three actions people took to enact positive change were talking to friends and family (67%), either start doing, or do more exercise (61%) and either start to do or do more meditation or breathing exercises (40%). Of those that took action to improve the way they feel, 57% reported that the action taken helped with their mental health.

Taking a holistic approach can have a positive impact on both mental and physical health. In the first instance, basic guidelines should communicate about getting some exercise, receiving good nutrition from your diet and about getting enough quality sleep.

Regular self-care and maintaining connectedness are keys in building long-term resilience. In addition to finding ways to connect with loved ones, establishing and keeping up with a consistent routine can also help.

Other self-help measures that have soared in user numbers since the start of the pandemic are meditation apps. Revenue for the top 100 mental wellness apps rose from $771M in 2019 to a whopping $1.1B in 2020. There’s little doubt that the pandemic has accelerated the growth of this market as research has shown that meditation can help to alleviate mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

However, self-help measures are not always the answer. If you are having persistent anxiety or feeling so low you are not able to function, always seek professional help.

Ran Janda
Holistic Room
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